Don’t Let Me Let You Go

42: Say Something

Yawning a little, Viola adjusted the strap of her holdall on her shoulder, her feet dragging her through the airport. It was early, after spending 4 days in Madrid catching up with her family and friends, she had gotten on the earliest flight she could find back to Porto, and she was tired, something she had been for a few days. She had enjoyed herself, the time she had spent in Madrid had been fun, but she was glad to be home, even if it did mean having a mildly awkward conversation with her boyfriend, she couldn’t wait to hug him or kiss him.

Adjusting her bag, she padded through the terminal before she spotted a piece of card with her name scrawled across it, a sight which had a small smile on her face. Picking up the pace, she padded towards the card and grinned, her blue eyes marveling at Iker who smiled back at her. “It’s 7 in the morning” she pointed out “You didn’t have to come and get me” she added.

“Like you’d let me hear the end of it if I hadn’t” Iker returned.

“I would have understood” Viola noted “But as it is, I am glad you’re here” she added.

Iker offered her a soft smile before he stepped towards her, his arms wrapping around her tightly. Viola smiled at the contact and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him against her for a moment as a small silence fell over them. It was silly, it had only been 4 days since they had last seen one another, but they had missed each other, no matter how silly it seemed, and were grateful to be back together. “Do you want to go home right away?” Iker mumbled as he pressed a kiss to the top of Viola’s head.

“What did you have in mind?” Viola posed.

“Breakfast?” Iker offered “I know a little café not too far away from here and I figured we could grab something to eat. You can catch me up on your trip” he added as he took a pace back, offering the blonde a small smile.

Viola admired the warm expression on his face before she nodded her head, offering her hand out to him. “I’d love to get breakfast” she noted.

Iker grinned and placed his hand in hers, glad that she was home.

“How are Lucas and Aurelia coping now that little Mollie is here?” Iker posed as he sipped on his coffee, his dark eyes glancing towards Viola who was sat opposite him, playing with a piece of food on her plate. She had been quiet, since they’d sat down to breakfast, she had only spoken to respond to his questions, and it irked Iker a little bit. He had assumed that she would be happy to be home.

“They’re amazing with her” Viola noted, messing the last of her bacon and eggs “Lucas is smitten” she added.

“I bet he is” Iker noted “From the picture you sent, you can tell she’s a beautiful baby and I bet they’re over the moon” he insisted.

“Not as much as my madre” Viola mused “I was there for 4 days and all she did was talk about Mollie. She’s in her element now that there is a new baby around” she added.

Iker nodded his head. “She likes being a grandmother?” he posed.

“Adores it” Viola replied “She loved wedding planning, but being a grandmother? She’s been waiting for that since Lucas was born” she enthused.

Iker nodded his head once more before he reached his hand out, stopping Viola’s from messing with the fork she held. “Lala, why do I get the feeling that there is something you’re not telling me?” he murmured softly. He didn’t want to start a fight, after 4 days apart, he wanted to enjoy the time he had with his girlfriend before he headed to training, but he was a little irked with her. She was quiet, a little distant, and Iker wanted to know why.

Viola glanced at his hand for a moment before she shook her head. “You have to promise not to get upset with me” she mumbled.

Iker frowned. “Lala?” he pressed.

“Promise me, Iker. I don’t want you freaking out or yelling. Promise me” she insisted.

Iker offered her a little look, but nodded his head. “Alright, I promise” he agreed “Now are you going to tell me what’s up or do I have to guess?” he added, his thumb gently brushing over the back of her hand.

Viola watched the movement of his thumb for a moment before she sighed, trying to find the right words. She knew that her mother had a point, deciding to have a child was a huge decision and one that couldn’t be rushed, but still Viola couldn’t quite find the words to tell Iker that she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to upset him, things between them had been good for a little while and she didn’t want to ruin it, but she knew that she had to say something. Whilst Iker was ready to take the step forwards, she wasn’t, and she didn’t want to feel backed into something she wasn’t ready for.

“Viola” Iker noted “What’s going on up here?” he posed, his finger gently nudging the side of her head.

“I…you remember what we talked about the other day?” she spluttered.

Iker nodded. “Trying for a baby” he noted simply.

Viola swallowed a little, but nodded her head. “I was talking to my madre the other day” she started softly “She was asking about me and you and our relationship, and I asked her for some advice” she murmured.

“Advice?” Iker posed, his eyebrow cocked a little incredulously “Lala, I think you and I are capable of having sex without…”

“Iker, I don’t know that I am ready to try for a baby right now” Viola interrupted.

Iker blinked a little, caught off guard by her interruption, before a small frown appeared on his face.

“I know that you’re ready to move forwards” Viola babbled “And I know you’re ready to start moving towards our future, but right now…I am not so sure. I’m only 25, we’ve only been together for 10 months, and I don’t quite know that right now is the perfect time for me and you to start taking those huge steps. I’m sorry, Iker” she spluttered, her blue eyes studying his unmoving expression.

Iker looked over at her for a moment before he nodded his head, stuck for anything else to do.

“Say something, Iker” Viola murmured.

Iker shrugged. “I don’t know what to say” he murmured, his hand scratching his chin.

Viol sighed. “Anything would do” she persisted.

“And I can give you is that I am disappointed, Lala. I thought we were in the same place, but clearly not. I’ll grab the check and we can get out of here” he noted before he moved to wave towards the waitress who’d been serving them.

Viola watched him, her blue eyes scanning his face for a moment before a small sigh fell out of her mouth.

She doubted that they were done talking.
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