Don’t Let Me Let You Go

46: All Of The Time

“How do you walk in those things?” Iker commented with a small smile as he watched Viola settle into the passenger seat, her feet sporting one of her most favourite pairs of shoes. It had been a couple of weeks, after their anniversary, Iker and Viola had enjoyed spending time together, and the keeper was content. Their relationship was good, since they’d talked about their future, they’d been more content to be together, and Iker was pleased. He doubted that a year was going to ever be enough for him.

Viola, who’d moved to stow her bag in the foot well, smirked. “I’m well balanced” she noted.

“I’ve seen you trip over your own feet when you’re wearing no shoes” Iker commented “I’m more than a little amazed that you can walk in those things” he added, gesturing to the heels that she wore. It wasn’t uncommon, Viola tended to dress well when it came to going to work, and Iker was always impressed. She managed to carry off almost anything that she attempted to put on.

“Does it matter how I walk in them?” Viola commented “I spend most of my day sat behind the counter” she added.

“For what it is worth, you look great this morning” Iker commented as he steered the car out onto the road “You look great every morning, but I in particular love those shoes” he added.

Viola smiled. “Thank you” she mused.

Iker offered her a small sideward smile before he flicked his attention towards the road, wordlessly musing to himself over how beautiful he found her.

“Viola, I need you to check the back to see if we have this in another size” Tiago mused as he padded towards the counter, placing the sweater down onto it.

“You can’t go?” Viola mumbled.

“I’m with a customer” Tiago noted “And I don’t know where Esther got to, so if you could” he added with a grin.

Viola offered him a playful scowl before she padded towards the stock room, quickly locating the box which housed the shipment of sweaters that they had received a few days’ previous. Glancing up at it, she contemplated calling to Tiago who easily stood over 6 foot tall before she shook her head, moving to collect the step stool which stood a little away from her. Shifting it so that it stood ahead of the shelf, she carefully climbed up the couple of steps before she set her hand on the box, offering it tug. “Come on” she mumbled, tugging at the cardboard once more.

Noticing that the box had barely shifted, Viola rolled her eyes a little before she gripped it again, offering it a sharp tug that caused her to lose her footing, slipping off of the step stool with a thump.

“Viola?” Tiago squeaked as he padded through the door.

Viola, who was sat on the floor, glanced up at him. “I think I need to see a doctor” she murmured as she peeked down at her foot, noting the small lump which had formed just above her foot.

Tiago glanced at her leg too before he shook his head. “I’ll find Esther. She can hold down the fort and we can get you to a doctor. What were you doing up there in those things?” he posed, gesturing to her shoes.

“In hindsight, it was not the best plan” Viola commented.

Tiago shook his head a little before he padded away, mumbling about needing to find their other co-worker.

“Where is she?”

Tiago, who had been sat in the waiting room, stood up, his blue eyes admiring the man who had made his way into the room. “You’re looking for Viola?” he posed.

Iker, who’d been making his way towards the reception desk, turned, his expression tight. “You know her?” he muttered, his dark eyes wandering over the other man.

“I do” Tiago smiled “I’m Tiago, I work with her. You must be the boyfriend she never shuts up about” he enthused.

“Iker Casillas” Iker noted, sticking his hand out.

Tiago shook it before he moved a little away, Iker following after him. “What happened?” the keeper muttered.

“She was in the stock room and she tripped and fell. The last I heard, they were getting x-rays done” he noted.

“How did she fall?” Iker posed.

“Those shoes probably didn’t help” Tiago noted “She seemed fine though, when I last saw her, she seemed bright” he insisted, not missing the expression of concern that the keeper wore.

Iker nodded.

“So, you’re the boyfriend” Tiago noted, offering the other man the seat at his side.

Iker eyed it warily, but sat down, nodding. “I am. Viola talks about me?” he posed. He knew that it was unlikely, regardless of how attractive Tiago was, Viola didn’t strike Iker as a cheat, but the notion that she talked about him at work relaxed him slightly. He knew it left little room for her to deny their relationship and that reassured him. A small part of him was still stuck on the idea that she would eventually find something better.

“All of the time” Tiago noted “She says you’re the best thing that’s ever happen to her” he enthused.

“She said that?” Iker chuckled bashfully.

“More than once” Tiago mused “You mean a lot to her” he added.

“She means a lot to me too” Iker admitted gently.

Tiago nodded. “I don’t doubt that. You looked like you were going to kill someone when you walked in here” he teased.

Iker offered him a small half smile before the door which stood a little away from them was pulled open, allowing Viola, who was on crutches, to pad out, a nurse at her side. Iker took one look at the sight of her on crutches and stood up, shaking his head. “How bad?” he posed.

“A severe sprain” Viola noted “A little bruising, but it will be fine” she assured him.

Iker offered her a stern look, before he looked up towards the nurse. “We’ll need to see her in a couple of weeks for a check up. You should help her keep her weight off it for the next fortnight” she explained.

Iker nodded his head. “Gracias” he noted.

The nurse smiled dutifully and stepped away, allowing Iker to flick his attention towards his girlfriend.

“Please spare the ‘I told you so’” Viola mumbled, shifting a little on the crutches.

“I will save it for next time” Iker mused “Right now, I am glad that you’re Ok” he added.

Viola smiled up at him shyly, something which caused him to press a kiss to her forehead, glad that she was alright.
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