Don’t Let Me Let You Go

47: You’ll Know When It’s Right

“I thought your doctor told you that you were to avoid putting weight on that foot of yours”

Viola, who’d been stood ahead of the kitchen counter, shook her head, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. “You weren’t supposed to be home yet” she countered, not turning around “You’re usually home later after an away game” she added.

Iker, who’d padded into the kitchen, smiled. “I made sure that we got back sooner. Someone’s got to check on you” he mused “How’s the foot feeling?” he added gently before he stepped a little closer, his arms wrapping contently around her waist. It had been about a week, with Viola limited in what she could do, Iker had taken to looking after her, and he had to admit, he had enjoyed it, even if she did complain endlessly about being bored, he liked being the one who took care of her.

“The same as it did yesterday when you left” Viola mused “It’s still aches, but I can get around on it, without the crutches” she insisted.

“You still need them” Iker pointed out “Your doctor was quite specific” he added, pressing a warm kiss to the side of her neck.

“I don’t like them” Viola complained softly.

“You shouldn’t have hurt your ankle then” Iker countered his nose softly butting against her jaw “You need them, Lala, at least for a little while longer, and I would appreciate it if you used them. I want you to get better” he insisted, kissing the bottom of her jaw gently.

Viola leant into him a little before she nodded her head. “Fine” she conceded with a sigh.

Iker chuckled. “You’re impossible, you know that?” he mumbled, kissing her skin softly.

“You know that you love me for it” she mused, leaning back into him.

“I do” Iker commented “You’re the best kind of annoying” he teased, kissing the side of her head.

Viola made a small sound, not liking the word ‘annoying’, before she heard the sound of the doorbell, something which made Iker shake his head. “You should go and sit down” he commented, kissing her head again “I’ll get the door” he added before he padded away, pulling the door open the sight of Amelia and Max.

“Amelia” he mused “I didn’t know you…”

“It was supposed to be a surprise” Amelia smiled “We had a couple of days away from work and we figured we’d pop by. My mama wanted someone to come by and check on Lala” she enthused softly. They didn’t plan on staying long, the visit to her sister and keeper was only supposed to be a flying one, but Elena had wanted someone to check up on Viola. She wanted to make sure that her youngest was still thriving in Porto.

Iker nodded. “You should come inside” Iker noted, stepping out of the door way “I am sure that Lala would be happy to see you” he added with a grin.

Amelia offered him a small smile before she stepped into the apartment, padding towards the living room where her sister sat, her foot rested on the coffee table. “What the heck did you do?” she squeaked.

Viola startled at the sound of her sister’s voice and glanced up at her, not missing the smirk on Amelia’s face. “Don’t start” she mumbled.

Amelia giggled and shook her head. “You’ve always been clumsy” she teased.

Viola shook her head. “I would rather not talk about my leg. What are you doing here?” she posed.

“Mama likes to keep an eye on you” Amelia shrugged as Max and Iker padded into the room “Max and I had a couple of days off and we were passing through. I figured I could check in on my favourite couple” she added.

“I’m 25” Viola pointed out “Does mama really need to keep an eye on me?” she added.

“She likes to make sure that you’re alright” Amelia shrugged “She doesn’t see the two of you enough and she likes to make sure that things are still as rosy as they appeared at Christmas. You two should visit her more” she added.

“I’m due for internationals next month” Iker noted “Perhaps we could go then?” he suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” Viola noted.

“She’ll be thrilled” Amelia enthused “But, right now, do you think you can get a shoe on that foot?” she posed, nudging her sister’s leg.

“I can” Viola noted “Why?” she posed.

“Because I want to take my baby sister and her lovely boyfriend out to dinner” Amelia smiled “We’re due off in the morning and I want to be able to say I spent more than 5 minutes with you” she added.

Viola nodded her head. “I’d like that” she admitted.

“I’ll get you some shoes and your crutches” Iker noted as he pushed himself to his feet.


“You need them, Lala” Iker interjected over his shoulder, something which made the blonde pout.

“I need to visit the little girl’s room, will you wait for me?” Viola noted as she adjusted the crutches beneath her arms. It had been a pleasant evening, she had enjoyed spending time with her sister and brother-in-law, and she was pleased that they had surprised her, even if she didn’t like the notion of her mother checking up on her. She had enjoyed having Amelia and Max around.

Iker, who’d moved to pay the bill, nodded. “Of course” he smiled “Be careful” he added.

Viola offered him a slight glare before she hobbled away, leaving him with Amelia.

“You’re going to ask her soon, right?” the other woman posed.

Iker, who’d been checking the receipt, looked up. “Ask who what?” he posed.

Amelia shook her head. “You can play coy in front of her, Iker, but I can see it all over your face. You’re going to propose to my sister soon, aren’t you?” she posed.

Iker shook his head. “We’re in no hurry” he mused “I’ll do it when the time is right” he added.

Amelia scoffed. “What are you waiting for?” she posed.

“I don’t want to rush her” Iker shrugged “We’re still new, 13 months isn’t a long time, and I don’t want to make her feel as though I am putting too much on her. Things are good, Lia, really good, and I like it like that. I want to marry her, you’re right about that, but Lala… I don’t want to rush her” he insisted gently.

Amelia admired the look on his face for a moment before she shook her head. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to her, you know” she mused.

“You’re not the first member of your family to say that” Iker replied “Your papa offered me his blessing when you were here at Christmas” he added.

“Wow” Amelia mused “He doesn’t tend to do that lightly. He made Max ask four times before he agreed” she marvelled.

Iker tilted his head. “He doesn’t?” he posed.

“My papa is the protective sort, Iker” Amelia enthused “He’s always been protective of me and Lala and for him to have offered you his blessing, without you asking…that’s huge” she explained with a small smile.

Iker smiled a little bashfully, something which made Amelia grin. “You’ll know the right moment” she enthused, patting his hand gently “And when you find it, take it, because you’re lucky to have my sister and she’s lucky to have you” she added.

Iker nodded. “Gracias, Amelia” he enthused.

Amelia flashed him another grin, knowing that her sister had found someone to keep a hold of.
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