Don’t Let Me Let You Go

05: You Have My Word

“You want me to give you what?” Pilar squeaked as she looked up at Iker, her forehead furrowed.

“I want Viola’s phone number” Iker replied gently. He knew that Pilar would be reluctant, after the way his date with Viola had ended, he didn’t entirely blame her for being unsure about giving him her contact details, but he didn’t want to leave things as they were. He’d upset her, even if he hadn’t meant, and he wanted to put it right. He didn’t like the idea that she thought she had been an inconvenience to him.

Pilar, who’d been trying to soothe her son, shook her head. “I don’t think Viola would forgive me for giving you that, Iker” she noted softly “She was pretty upset with the way the other night went” she added. She had only spoken to Viola briefly after the date a few days previous, but even in their short conversation, it had been made clear that she was embarrassed. She felt as though she had been an inconvenience to Iker, something he had little interest in, and Pilar had promised to make it up to her, something keeping the goalkeeper away from her fitted into. She was embarrassed, she felt silly for thinking that she could start dating again, and Pilar wanted to break her out of the funk she found herself in, something which allowing Iker near her wasn’t going to help.

“I want to apologize to her” Iker noted “I messed up and I want to set it right” he added.

“I can pass on your apology, but I doubt she’s going to have much interest in seeing you again” Pilar noted “She’s pretty upset after the other night and I don’t think sending you back to her is going to help” she added.

“I messed up, Pilar” Iker insisted softly “I know I did, but I really want to set it right. Can’t you let me do that?” he posed, his voice insistent. He knew that it didn’t really matter, the chances of him seeing Viola again were slim to none, but he hated the idea that he had left her with such a bad impression. He’d not been himself, for some reason, he’d been nervous and quiet, and he didn’t want Viola thinking poorly of him. He wanted to show her that he wasn’t as bad as he made himself out to be that night.

Pilar quirked an eyebrow. “Why does it bother you so much?” she posed “Chances are, you and Lala aren’t going to cross paths again, so why are you so set on trying to make this up?” she added.

“I don’t want her thinking poorly of me” Iker noted “I wasn’t myself the other night, Pilar, and I want to show Viola…”

“You like her” Pilar interjected with a squeak.

Iker blinked, his cheeks warming a little.

Pilar grinned. “You do” she mused “Iker, why didn’t you just say so?” she added.

Iker sighed.

“That explains why you were so awkward” Pilar enthused as she moved to set her son down beside his toys “You were smitten with her” she gushed.

“I think smitten might be a little strong” Iker refuted softly.

Pilar shook her head. “It’s alright” she enthused with a kind smile “Viola’s a pretty girl and you’d not be the first guy to be taken with her, but I didn’t exactly picture you as the nervous type, Iker. You didn’t exactly make the best impression on her the other night” she explained softly. It was a change, from what she knew of the keeper, bouts of nerves with him tended to be few and far between, but she couldn’t help but find it adorable. She’d never seen him so nervous before and, even if their date had been less than perfect, it merely affirmed the idea that Iker and Viola would be good together.

“I know” Iker agreed gently “I don’t quite know what came over me” he added.

“She’s a very beautiful woman” Pilar suggested with a small shrug.

“She is” he agreed “But I acted poorly the other night and I just want a shot at making it up to her. I barely spoke to her and when I did, I ruined her dress, and I’d really just love to make it up to her” he insisted softly.

“She’s not going to make this easy on you” Pilar noted with a small knowing nod “Viola’s shier than you were the other night” she added.

“I don’t care if she shoots me down. I just don’t want her thinking that that…that idiot she met the other night is me” Iker refuted. He knew that it was stupid, but he wanted a second chance at making a first impression on a girl who’d he’d taken a liking to almost as soon as he’d seen her.

“She did think you were an idiot” Pilar teased “But she also said you were cute” she added.

Iker perked up. “She said that?” he pressed.

Pilar giggled. “She did” she confirmed.

Iker smiled a little at the thought, something which made Pilar coo, fussing about how sweet she thought he was.

“Please, Pilar, just give me a chance with her and I will do a better job of it this time around. The other night was a fluke and I can assure you that if I take her out again, I will do a better job” Iker insisted after a few moments of quiet.

Pilar thought for a second before she sighed, moving to collect her phone, jotting Viola’s number onto a scrap of paper. “You get one more shot at this, Iker” she noted as she moved to step back towards the goalkeeper “You scare her off again, I am not helping you again. She’s not looking for something that’s hard work” she added, offering him a slightly stern look. She could see that she wasn’t going to deter him, one Iker had his mind set on something, he tended to achieve it, but she wanted to make it clear. He had one more shot with Viola and if it didn’t pan it, she wanted him to back off. Viola didn’t need complicated, she needed something straightforward and comfortable.

“You have my word” Iker insisted.

“She’s a really lovely girl, Iker” Pilar noted gently “And she deserves a lovely guy. Try to be that for her, would you?” she posed gently.

Iker nodded his head, wordlessly vowing to try and make things simple for Viola.
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