Don’t Let Me Let You Go

51: I Want To Celebrate Us

“You know” Iker noted as he stepped into the bedroom of their hotel suite, his dark eyes settled on Viola who stood in front of the mirror “If you wanted to, we could still duck out of tonight” he offered gently. It had been a few days, after speaking to both sets of parents, Elena had insisted on throwing a small get together to celebrate, and Iker knew that it unsettled Viola, something he wanted to alleviate.

He knew that she was happy, he’d caught her smiling to herself more than once whilst she twisted the ring he’d given her around her finger, but he also knew that she wanted to keep things low key for a little while, something he was more than happy to help her with, even if it did mean underplaying his own excitement, he wanted to ensure that she was as comfortable and as happy as she could be.

Viola, who’d been smoothing out the dress she wore, shook her head. “My madre’s been talking about it non-stop all week” she mused “I am not going to let her down now” she added as she turned on her heel, offering him a small smile.

“You don’t have to go if you really don’t want to, Lala” Iker noted gently “I am sure if we explained it…”

“I want to go” Viola interrupted, offering him a small smile “We’ve not exactly had a chance to celebrate this yet and I think we should before we go home. I kind of want people to make a little fuss” she explained gently. She knew why he was worried, since he had proposed, she had been a little distant, but she wanted him to have the chance to show off a little, something she knew he’d been itching to do since he’d placed the ring on her finger. He had been patient with her, since he had proposed, he had only brought their engagement up in passing, and Viola wanted to give him the night. She wanted to give him the chance to celebrate something that he had been itching to celebrate since she had said yes.

“You do?” Iker posed as he stepped towards her slightly, his arms settling around her waist.

“We’re engaged” Viola noted “It’s something a lot of people have been waiting for and I know you’re at the top of that list, so why don’t we make a fuss tonight?” she posed softly.

“I don’t want to worry you” Iker replied “I don’t want you getting scared like you did when I asked” he added.

“And I promise that I won’t” Viola mused, her nose lighting nudging his “Iker, I want to celebrate this, us, and this night is the perfect opportunity” she reasoned.

Iker studied her expression for a moment, looking for any sign of uncertainty, before he nodded his head, a grin playing on his lips. “Then I would love to go tonight” he enthused.

Viola grinned back at him before she moved to kiss him, something Iker was more than happy to reciprocate. Pulling her a little closer, he shifted one of his hands into her hair before the buzz of his phone echoed, causing him to groan.

Viola, who’d moved to pull away, giggled. “I thought you wanted to go?” she teased.

Iker offered her a small glare before he moved to collect his jacket. “You ready, fiancée?” he posed.

Viola grinned at the word ‘fiancée’ and nodded. “I certainly am” she agreed.

“Look at this” Amelia grinned as she pulled her sister’s hand onto the table “I mean, I know the man is a footballer, but this…you’re a lucky girl” she added, admiring the ring which sat on Viola’s finger. It had been a quiet night, as they had agreed, the gathering that Elena had thrown was small and subdued, and Viola was pleased with it. The last thing she had wanted was too many people all asking the same set of questions over and over.

“How did he do it again?” Aurelia posed.

Viola, who’d been sipping on a glass of white wine, smiled. “He did it on Valentine’s Day” she mused gently “He’d set up this lovely picnic in the park and we were sitting under the stars when he told me that he wanted to ask me something” she enthused. She knew that it wasn’t the whole truth, when she spoke of the way Iker had proposed, she tended to omit the part when she had freaked out on him, but she knew that he preferred it that way. The last thing he wanted was people thinking that their engagement wouldn’t last.

“Who knew he was so romantic” Emma teased.

“I would love someone like that” Aurelia mused “I mean, I love my husband, but do you know how Lucas proposed?” she posed.

“It was at the site of your first date, wasn’t it?” Viola posed.

Aurelia scoffed. “He proposed in our living room in the middle of the day” she noted, earning a few giggles from the other women.

“He told us that it was hugely romantic” Amelia mused “Not quite Valentine’s Day Picnic romantic, but still” she added, nudging her little sister who blushed gently.

“Oh look at that blush” Emma giggled, her finger poking Viola’s cheek gently “I miss Henry being able to make me blush like that” she added.

Viola shook her head and peeked down at her feet, something which made the other women around her coo.

“You’re not upsetting her, are you?”

Viola, who’d been watching her feet, smiled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice, something which Amelia noted in an instant. It had been coming for a while, for a few months, Amelia, like her parents, had been sure that Iker would eventually propose or get Viola pregnant, but she was pleased that he finally had. He was the best thing for Viola, he had been for a while, and she was pleased that her little sister wasn’t going to let him go easily. The chances of her finding another one like him were slim to none.

“We wouldn’t do that” Aurelia mused “We were merely extending our congratulations to your lovely bride-to-be” she added.

“She’s pretty lovely, isn’t she?” Iker smiled as he pressed a kiss to the top of Viola’s head.

“Iker” Viola whined.

The keeper chuckled gently and kissed the top of her head again, something which had the other women fussing gently.

“Your madre would like a little of your time” Iker mumbled gently.

“I will go and see her in a bit. I’m sort of enjoying this” she mused, her blue eyes peeking at the other women.

Iker nodded. “Alright” he agreed “But I would also like some time with my fiancée at some point. Can we guarantee that?” he mumbled, kissing her shoulder gently.

Viola’s cheeks warmed a little before she nodded her head, smiling a little.

She had enjoyed it, that night had been a good one, and it had her feeling a little better, something which had relaxed her a little.
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