Don’t Let Me Let You Go

53: Whatever You Want

“Viola, are you home yet?” Iker posed as he padded through their apartment, setting his training bag down beside the door. It had been a few weeks, after their time in Madrid, Iker and Viola had vaguely started to make a few plans for the summer as well as for their wedding, and the keeper was pleased, even if the plans were only tentative, he was pleased to see her interested in making a start.

“Living room” Viola’s voice returned.

Iker nodded his head and padded towards the living room, frowning a little at the state of the room. “What are you doing?” he posed, his eyes scanning the array of papers and magazines that sat around her.

“Looking” Viola replied.

“Looking for what?” Iker noted as he stepped a little further into the room “When I left you, you were reading your book” he added, gesturing to the book which sat over the arm of the chair.

Viola offered him a slight smile before she scooted away a few of the magazines, making room at her side for him. “I was looking for ideas” she noted “I know we’re not looking for a date that’s any time soon, but I still want to have an idea of the sort of thing I want and when this came in the mail from my sister, I figured there was no harm in it” she commented, placing the wedding magazine that Amelia had sent into Iker’s lap.

The goalkeeper admired the magazine for a moment before he tilted his head. “You’re serious?” he posed.

“You don’t want to start looking?” Viola countered.

“I do” Iker insisted, a small smile playing on his face “But I am just a little amazed that you’re the one making the first move. Only a few weeks ago I was convinced that you didn’t want to do this” he explained.

“You’re not happy that I do?” Viola posed, an amused smile on her face.

Iker chuckled gently and pressed a kiss to the side of her head. “I am thrilled, nena” he insisted softly.

Viola smiled at the small amorous action before she turned back to the list which sat in her lap. “I’ve only come up with the basics” she noted gently “Things like I thought you’d want to do it in Madrid, probably in the summer” she added.

“I had thought of that” Iker agreed “You’re alright with that?” he posed. He knew that it was a big day for them both, a wedding was a big deal, but he wanted to ensure that she was happy. He wanted to give her a day that she wouldn’t forget easily.

“I’m from Madrid too” Viola noted “And I like the idea of a summer date. It opens up the possibility of doing it outside” she enthused.

Iker watched her talk, noting the way in which her blue eyes lit up, before he smiled to himself, a little amazed by the change in her.

“Are you listening to a word that I am saying, Casillas?” Viola noted, her finger poking his side.

Iker startled a little, but nodded, something which made the blonde shake her head. “You’re staring at me” she noted.

“Can you blame me?” he countered “You’re very beautiful” he added with a grin.

Viola shook her head. “Do you know what I was talking about?” she posed.

“I am sure it was fascinating” Iker noted.

Viola rolled her eyes, something which made him laugh. “You’re mad?” he teased, shuffling a little closer to her.

“No” Viola noted.

“You sure?” Iker posed “You look a little mad” he teased, pressing a kiss to the side of her face.

“You’re annoying” Viola pointed out, pushing him back a little.

“You agreed to marry me” Iker countered “You must like it” he added, offering her another boyish grin.

Viola admired the smile on his face and shook her head, a slight laugh falling out of her mouth. It had been good, since their engagement party and the talk that had followed it, they had seemed better than ever, and it reassured Viola, who was still a little concerned about the pace with which they were moving, that they were doing the right thing.

“You were talking about wedding planning” Iker noted after a couple of seconds of quiet “You were talking about Madrid and the summer. Did you have a date in mind?” he posed, moving to flick through the magazine which sat in his lap.

Viola shrugged. “I don’t have a particular one, do you?” she posed.

“I like the idea of June, more than July” Iker noted “That way, I would have the time to take you on a honeymoon without having to worry about getting back to training. I’d want to take two weeks to spoil my bride” he enthused.

Viola shook her head, a small hint of pink on her cheeks. “You don’t have to do that” she murmured.

“I want to” Iker noted “Your papa has already volunteered to split the costs of the wedding with me and I want to make a fuss of you. It might be our day, Lala, but I want to make sure it is perfect for you” he added, offering her a small smile.

Viola shook her head. “I will pay for my share” she insisted “I have some money saved up and I will help. I don’t want you carrying the can for it” she insisted.

Iker shook his head. “I am not going to let you blow your savings” he insisted “Me and your papa, we’ve got this. All you have to do is tell me what it is you want and I will get it done” he added before he kissed the side of her head.

“I don’t want you to do that” she murmured “I want to help” she added.

“Let’s not talk about it now” Iker mused, sensing a small amount of tension in her voice “We’re at least a year away from the big day” he mused.

Viola nodded her head gently. “So, next summer” she noted.

“Next summer” Iker agreed “We’ll narrow the date down later, but this is good, Lala, we’re getting started” he enthused before he moved to pad towards the kitchen, mumbling about needing something to eat.

Viola watched him go and shook her head a little, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

She was more than a little excited at the prospect of wedding planning.
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