Don’t Let Me Let You Go

57: Why Wouldn’t We Be?

“How long are you in town for, Iker?” Max mused as he helped the keeper load the suitcases that he and Viola had bought with them into his car. It had been a couple of weeks, since their appointment with Vanessa, the season had ended for Iker and as a result, he had arranged for him and Viola to travel back to Madrid, even if it was only for a few days, he wanted to break the news of Viola’s pregnancy before he was ushered away to France ahead of Spain’s defence of the European Championships.

“A few days” Iker noted “Viola’s got a week off of work and it’s been while” he added, pushing the trunk closed.

Max nodded. “It has” he agreed “Elena tends to complain about it whenever we all get together for dinner” he added.

“We’re only a plane ride away” Iker noted “You’d all be welcome any time” he added.

“Don’t say that to Elena or Amelia” Max teased “You’ll never get rid of them. They’ve been itching to get their hands on your wedding day for months” he enthused.

Iker, who had moved to climb into the car, shook his head a little before he sat down beside Viola, flashing her a small smile. “You feeling Ok?” he murmured. It had been a long morning, the pair had been up early in order to catch their flight, and he wanted to make sure that she was alright. He didn’t like the idea of her being uncomfortable.

Viola nodded. “I’m fine” she assured him gently “I think this morning is going to be a good one in terms of…you know, and I am glad. I will need to take a nap soon, though. I feel awfully tired” she murmured, trying to stop Max and Amelia who sat ahead of them from overhearing. She wanted people to know, with her being safely into her second trimester, it was only a matter of time before the bump she hid beneath her shirt became noticeable, but the last thing she wanted was Amelia to overhear. Her sister had never been the most subtle and would surely ruin the surprise as soon as they stepped foot into her parents’ home for lunch.

“I will make sure that you’re allowed to sleep” Iker mused gently as he lifted her hand, kissing her palm softly.

Viola smiled at the little romantic action before she moved to rest his head on his shoulder, allowing him to settle his arm around her waist.

“Are you two ever going to grow out of this incessantly adorable phase of yours?” Amelia posed as she admired the pair via the rear-view mirror.

“We’ve been doing it for nearly 18 months” Viola mused, stifling a small yawn into her hand “What do you think?” she added, poking her tongue out at her sister.

Amelia rolled her eyes, not quite sure whether she loved or hated just how sweet her sister and her fiancé were.


Viola stirred a little at the sound of her name, but didn’t wake up, too content beneath the warm blanket to consider moving.

“Viola, your mama has made lunch” Iker noted gently as he sat down beside her, making a dent in the mattress “And your brothers are here, little Mollie too as well as my parents. They’re dying to see you” he added, kissing her shoulder gently.

“I really don’t want to move” Viola mumbled.

“Come down for a little while” Iker mused “We can spend a little time with them and then tell them the news and then I will ensure that you’re allowed to come back up here if that is what you want to do” he assured her.

Viola blinked a little before she sat up, offering him a small frown. “You still want to tell them?” she posed.

“We’re going to have to eventually. That bump’s not going to go unnoticed forever” Iker replied, his hand gently slipping beneath her shirt, resting against her warm skin.

“It will do for a little while” Viola murmured “We could send them an email or something” she added.

Iker shook his head. “They’re our families, Lala, we should tell them face to face. You’re scared?” he posed.

“It’s not like we planned this” Viola pointed out.

“Doesn’t mean it can’t work out” Iker smiled “This little bump’s only 17 weeks old, but it’s already so loved, Lala, and when we tell those people downstairs, that’s only going to increase. I know it’s a lot to take in, but we’re going to be good at this and even if we’re not, we’ve got a load of people downstairs that are going to be itching to help. We’re going to be OK, Lala” he assured her gently.

Viola admired his face for a moment, studying his earnest expression before a tap at the door filled the room, causing her to startle a little.

“Are you two going to join us at some point?” Henry posed as he pushed the door open.

Viola nodded her head and carefully pushed herself to her feet. “We’re on our way” she noted.

“Are you ready?” Iker posed as he sat down next to Viola, offering her a small smile. It had been a pleasant lunch, Elena had gone through a lot of effort to make sure that she made a fuss of the pair of them, and Iker had to admit that he had enjoyed it. It had always pleased him how well Viola’s family had taken to him.

“You’re sure we can’t leave it?” Viola mumbled, cuddling into his side a little.

“They’re going to find out eventually, Lala” Iker noted, kissing the side of her head “It may as well be now” he added.

Viola heaved out a little sigh, but nodded, something which caused Iker to carefully pull her to her feet. “Can we have you attention?” he posed as he stepped into the dining room, capturing the attention of the people that filled it.

Viola, who followed along behind him, stood a little away from him, fiddling with the front of her shirt nervously.

“A few weeks ago, Viola told me a piece of news that I think we ought to share with you. It’s been a little secret that we’ve been keeping for about month now and we think that the time has come to share it with the most important people to us. Viola?” Iker noted as he turned back to her, offering her his hand “You want to do the honours?” he added with a warm smile.

Viola nibbled on her lip for a second before she took his hand, allowing him to pull her closer. “A few weeks ago we found out that we are…we’re expecting our first baby” she spluttered.

“You’re pregnant?” Amelia spluttered.

Viola nodded. “About 17 weeks now” she murmured “We found out a little before my birthday” she added.

“You’re going to be a papa?” Carmen spluttered.

Iker nodded his head, a proud grin on his face. “I am, mama” he confirmed before he placed his spare hand into his pocket, fishing out the sonogram photo that he had been carrying around since he and Viola had visited Vanessa.

Carmen blinked a little before she took it out of his hand, showing it off to her husband and Viola’s parents who had gathered around to see it.

“This is yours?” Gerardo murmured.

“It is” Viola confirmed “That’s our little blob” she added, the slightest of smiles on her face.

Gerardo eyed the sonogram for a moment longer before he shared a look with Elena, something which made Viola shift a little.

“We’re doing this, Senor Garcia” Iker noted, not quite able to read the expression on the older man’s face “Me and your daughter are going to have a baby” he added.

Gerardo nodded. “I know” he mused “And I know you’d do it even if I was upset, which I am not. Viola, mi hija, I am so happy for you” he enthused as he padded towards his daughter, pressing a kiss to her head.

“You are?” Viola squeaked.

“Of course we are” Elena contributed “This is fantastic news. How could we be unhappy about the idea that you and the man you’re so clearly in love with are about to give us our second grandbaby?” she fussed, moving to hug her youngest tightly.

“I…I…uh, I don’t know” Viola spluttered.

“We’re so thrilled for you, Viola” Gerardo grinned.

Viola blinked a little before she wrapped her arms around her father, relishing the firm hug he’d offered to her.

“We should celebrate” Carmen mused as she pulled away from Iker, wiping her eyes a little “You two are around for a little while, aren’t you?” she posed.

“A few days” Iker noted.

“Then we should head out to dinner one night, all of us, and make a fuss of the pair of you” Carmen smiled “This is another wonderful step” she added, patting her son’s cheek gently.

Iker smiled bashfully, more than glad that the news had gone down as well as it had.
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