Don’t Let Me Let You Go

58: We Should Catch Up Sometime

“You’re glowing, Lala” Iker noted as he stepped into the bedroom that Gerardo and Elena had leant to them, his eyes appreciatively scanning the frame of his fiancée. It had been a quiet day, after the excitement of telling their families the day previous, Iker had wanted to ensure that Viola had a quiet and stress free day, and it appeared to have done her the world of good. She was glowing, for the first time, Iker could see what people meant when they talked about pregnant women, and it had him in awe of her. She looked amazing, even more so with her bump displayed proudly by the cream dress she wore.

Viola, who’d been finishing up her hair, shook her head. “I doubt that highly” she commented “I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying on every piece of clothing that I packed for this trip and this is the last thing suitable for dinner that would fit me” she mumbled, tugging at the material a little.

Iker smiled a little and padded towards her. “You look amazing, Viola” he assured her gently as he pressed a kiss to her neck “You look stunning, beautiful, every other word you can think of, and that’s only enhanced by this” he added, his hand resting contently over her bump.

“You have to say that” Viola argued.

“I don’t have to say a thing” Iker mused “I mean it, Lala. You are beautiful, you always have been to me, and now it’s only enhanced. Stop fretting and come on, your papa sent me up here to get you” he enthused, kissing her cheek gently.

Viola leant into him a little, a small smile on her face, before she pulled away. “We should go” she murmured “My papa will storm up here otherwise to ensure that we’re not doing anything we shouldn’t be under his roof” she added.

“I got you pregnant” Iker pointed out “How does he think that happened?” he teased as he helped her into her cardigan.

Viola shook her head. “Don’t ask me” she noted “But I always remember after Amelia and Max got engaged, they spent the night here and Papa insisted that they were in separate rooms. He knows we’ve slept together, but he will not let it happen in this house. The only reason he let you stay in here last night was because Henry and Emma stayed too” she explained.

Iker shook his head, quipping something about Gerardo being a strange man.

“You won’t be saying that if this baby is a girl. You want your daughter sharing a room with man, Iker?” Viola teased.

Iker offered her a look before he shook his head. “Fair point” he mused.

Viola grinned triumphantly before she stepped out of the room, moving to greet her parents in the hall.

“You two are finally ready?” Gerardo teased.

Iker nodded. “We are, and we’d like to thank you for this. We were a little worried that our news wouldn’t be well received” he noted. It hadn’t been his concern, as far as he was concerned, the news that they’d shared was good, but he knew that Viola had been concerned. The last thing she had wanted was for her family to react badly to news that she was still trying to process herself.

Gerardo scoffed. “How could it not be?” he noted as he collected his car keys “I’ve always wanted to be a grandfather and now it is happening. We’re thrilled, Iker, even if it is a little earlier than we had been expecting it, we couldn’t be happier” he enthused.

Iker nodded his head before he reached his hand back to Viola, offering her a small smile. He could see that she had relaxed a little, with the news out in the open, she seemed a little calmer, and he was pleased. They were almost 4 months into the pregnancy and he wanted it to be as easy as it could be.

“So, do you have a preference over the gender?” Emma posed as she smiled at her sister-in-law. It had been a jovial night, even Viola, who couldn’t drink, seemed to be enjoying herself, and it was relief. Part of her had been concerned that a celebratory dinner would make her a little uncomfortable.

“I’d love a boy” Iker grinned “But I’d been happy either way, just as long as they are healthy when they come along” he enthused.

“Lala?” Henry posed, nudging his little sister slightly.

“I’d like a boy” Viola mused, sipping on her glass of water “Someone who’s as handsome as his papa” she added earning a few coos from her slightly tipsy sister-in-law.

Iker shook his head. “I was sure you’d want a girl” he mused, slipping his arm around the back of her chair protectively.

“Maybe if we have another, but for the first one I’d love a boy. Of course, I’d be thrilled either way just as long as they came along happy and healthy, but I think I would want a boy” she mused softly.

“Another?” Iker teased.

“We’ve got to have this one first, mi amor” she mused.

Iker smiled and kissed the side of her head gently before Viola shifted away. “I need the bathroom” she murmured gently “I’ll be right back” she added before she pecked his lips.

Iker nodded his head and watched after her for a moment before Henry stole his attention, talking animatedly about Spain’s upcoming defence for the European Championships.

Fixing her blonde hair, Viola smiled a little at her reflection, feeling mildly good about herself. It had been a little while, since she had noticed the bump, she had felt a little self-conscious, but that night she felt a little better, something she knew was undoubtedly connected to her affectionate boyfriend. He had been good to her, from the moment she had told him about her pregnancy, he had been supportive and thoughtful, and it merely reaffirmed Viola’s feelings for him. He had been amazing to her and it confirmed what she had thought since the outset, that she was lucky to have him.

Offering her reflection another gander, she pushed the blonde hair off of her face before she padded out of the bathroom, accidently bumping into a man who’d stepped out of the men’s room beside it. “Lo siento” she mused “I should have been looking where I was going. Are you Ok?” she posed.

The man startled a little at the sound of her voice and lifted his head. “Viola?” he posed.

“Alex” Viola spluttered “I…I didn’t mean to” she babbled.

“It’s Ok” Alex smiled “I didn’t know you were in town. The last I heard, you’d moved away” he added.

“It’s a visit” Viola noted, her voice a little shy. It had been a long time since she had seen her ex-boyfriend.

Alex nodded. “You look good” he enthused “In fact, you’re glowing” he added, offering her a boyish grin.

Viola smiled feebly at the compliment, her cheeks a little warm.

“My madre says that you’re getting married” Alex noted “She and your mama, they’re still close and Elena mentioned a fiancé” he added.

“I am getting married” Viola squeaked.

“It’s a shame” Alex mused “A little part of me had hoped if we ever crossed paths again, you’d be single” he noted, his hand pushing through his blonde hair.

Viola merely stared at him, a little stuck for what else to say to him. It had been a long time, since the night that they had broken up 3 years previous, Viola hadn’t set eyes on her ex-boyfriend, and it left her feeling a little unsure. Alex looked good, he had always been a handsome man and the years had been kind. If anything, he was more attractive than he had been when they’d been dating.

“What’s this guy like then, Lala?” Alex grinned “He must be something” he added.



Viola startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she wheeled around, her blue eyes not missing the expression that the goalkeeper wore as he looked over at the other man

“I was starting to think you’d gotten lost” Iker noted.

“I…uh…” Viola spluttered.

“So, you’re the boyfriend, are you?” Alex posed.

“I am” Iker returned, his voice a little sharp “And you are?” he added.

“Alex Romero” Alex grinned, sticking his hand out “The last guy to date your very beautiful fiancée” he added, his tone deliberately smug as a smirk filled his face.

Iker tensed his jaw.

Viola noticed the change in his expression and reached her hand out, brushing it against his arm in an attempt to capture his attention. “Iker” she murmured.

The goalkeeper startled a little at the feel of her hand against his skin.

“We should go back to our table” Viola murmured “People will think we’ve ditched them otherwise” she added.

Iker glared at Alex for a moment before he nodded his head. “Ok” he murmured.

Viola offered him a small smile before she laced their fingers together, offering his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“It was good seeing you, Lala” Alex grinned, not missing the way Iker’s face tensed as her nickname fell out of his mouth “I’d love to catch up sometime” he added before he stepped towards her, pressing a kiss which was deliberately close to her lips to her cheek.

Iker’s entire body tensed as the blonde man touched his fiancée’s skin.

“You’re still as beautiful as ever, Lala” Alex grinned before he skittered away, leaving Iker with his girlfriend.


“Not now” the keeper noted gruffly “We’ll talk later” he added before he led her back towards their table, fixing a grin on his face.

Viola followed after him and shook her head, knowing that any conversation about her ex-boyfriend would be less than pleasant.
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