Don’t Let Me Let You Go

06: Let Me Make It Up To You

Staring at his phone which sat in his hand, Iker let out a small sigh, his mind whirring with words that he could say to Viola. He knew that he had to call her, after the disaster that was their date, he knew he had to, at the very least, offer her an apology, but the thought of speaking to her deterred him slightly. He didn’t quite know what it was, but even the thought of the blonde woman seemed to make his throat a little dry and made the idea of calling her almost impossible. Swallowing a little, he carefully reached out for the scrap of paper that Pilar had given to her and dialed the number, listening for a few seconds to the irritating dial tone before it flicked over to Viola’s voicemail.

“Hola, Viola” he breathed out a little unsurely “It’s Iker, the idiot from the other night, I had Pilar give me your number” he babbled, his face warming as every word falls out of his mouth. He feels stupid, he’d never been one to babble or blush, but he couldn’t seem to help it. Viola had left an impression on him and it was going to take more than a little time for him to get comfortable around her or the idea of speaking to her.

“Pilar told me that I upset you the other night-“

“Iker?” Viola’s soft voice interjected

The keeper stiffened at the sound of Viola’s voice.

“Pilar gave you my number?” she enquired gently.

“Uh, yes” he noted “I asked her to give it to me. I know I upset you the other night” he added.

“It’s OK” Viola noted softly “It’s not on you. I thought I was being set up with a guy who was looking to start dating, but it’s alright. Pilar and Sergio have apologized more than enough” she explained, her voice wavering slightly.

Iker swallowed. He didn’t like the upset tone of her voice. “It is on me” he replied gently “I was an idiot the other night, I didn’t speak enough and I ruined that beautiful dress of yours, and I feel like the biggest moron on the planet. I wanted to be there, I don’t know what came over me” he explained softly. He could hear that she was reluctant, her tone was tentative and unsure, but he wanted to explain himself, even if she didn’t want to give him another chance, he wanted her to know that the man that she had met a few nights previous was not his normal self.

“You wanted to be there?” Viola posed.

“At first, when Sergio asked, no, but the more he talked about it, the better an idea it sounded. I needed the other night, I’ve not been on a date in a long time, but it doesn’t excuse my behavior. I acted like a complete idiot and I only wanted to call to apologize. I didn’t want you thinking that that guy you met the other night was me” he babbled.

Viola was quiet for a few seconds before she spoke up once more. “You really called to apologize?” she posed softly.

“I did” Iker confirmed “I really am sorry for the way that things went” he added earnestly.

“I appreciate that” Viola replied “A lot of people wouldn’t have called” she added.

Iker smiled a little. “I didn’t like that I had upset you” he admitted.

“It’s alright” Viola assured him gently.

“It isn’t” Iker refuted softly “I…I was a complete idiot and I am so sorry for that” he added.

“Iker, it’s really OK” Viola assured him “It’s not even like it was the worst date I’ve been on. You’re fine” she assured him gently. She thought that it was sweet, the idea that he was beating himself up over their date, and she had to admit that it made her think a little differently about him. A large part of her had expected to never hear from him again and she was slightly touched that he had gone out of his way to call her, even if he had been just trying to leave a message on her voicemail, she was a little impressed that he was so keen to try.

“It wasn’t?” Iker spluttered.

“No” Viola assured him “And you really don’t have to worry about apologizing” she added gently.

“You’re sure?” he spluttered.

“You’re good, Iker” she assured him lightly.

Iker nodded to himself, a little pleased that she wasn’t upset with him. “I know this is going to sound stupid, but I was wondering if you’d let me take you out again sometime? The other night was not my finest moment and I would really like a chance to make it up to you” he explained thoughtfully. He knew that it was a long shot, after the disaster that was their first date, he couldn’t have blamed her if she wanted to run a mile in the other direction, but he wanted a chance to do-over their first date. He’d not made a good impression and he wanted a shot at making a better one.

“You’re asking me out?” Viola spluttered.

“I…I was trying to” Iker stammered “You really don’t have to agree, I just wanted a chance to make up the other night to you. It was a stupid idea” he babbled.

Viola spared a little giggle, something which made him perk up. He liked the sound of her laugh immensely.

“You ramble” she pointed out “It’s kind of cute” she added.

Iker merely grinned.

“You really want to take me out again?” she posed.

“I do” he confirmed “I want to show that that idiot you met the other night, he couldn’t be further from me” he explained.

“It means a lot to you?” Viola posed.

“Yes” Iker replied without hesitation “I’d love to make this up to you, Viola, please?” he insisted.

Viola was quiet for a moment before she let out a small sound that confided to Iker that she was smiling, an idea that made the grin on his face slightly wider. “Alright” she agreed gently “Text me with the details and I will give you a shot” she mused before she mumbled a goodbye, hanging up the call.

Iker set the phone down and smiled to himself, determined to make sure that their second first date turned out a lot better than the first one had.
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