Don’t Let Me Let You Go

60: You’ll Be My First Call

“You’ll call me, won’t you?”

Viola, who was rested back on her bed, smiled a little, her mind imagining the pout which was sure to be fixed on Iker’s face. It had been a couple of weeks, after their run-in with Alex, Iker had had to head to France ahead of the start of the European championships, and Viola knew it had irked him a little, even if he did insist that he was excited at the prospect of defending their title, she knew he was a little upset by the notion that his time in France coincided with her 20-week scan.

“Why wouldn’t I call you?” Viola teased, stretching her legs out.

“I don’t know” Iker replied “But I want to know, Lala, and I want to be the first. No calls to your madre or Amelia, I am first, alright?” he insisted.

“What makes you think I am going to ask Vanessa to know the sex?” Viola posed, closing her eyes a little. It had been a bad morning, with a bout of unexpected nausea and a few aches and pains, Viola had taken to lying in bed, something which made Iker’s phone call a little untimely. A large part of her merely wanted to crawl back beneath her duvet and sleep until she was due to see her midwife.

“You promised me that you would” Iker countered “It was what we agreed on” he added.

“Only because you wouldn’t shut up about it” Viola giggled “I might not want to know” she added.

“Viola” Iker warned.

“You can’t ask” Viola mused, rubbing her bump gently “You’re in France” she teased.

“I’ll call Vanessa if I have to, Lala” Iker refuted “I’m going to know if we’re having a boy or girl, even if you won’t” he added.

Viola smiled. “I’ll ask her” she mused “And then I will call you. You’ll be my first call, I promise” she insisted.

“Good” Iker enthused “How are you this morning?” he posed, his voice softening a little.

“Pretty shitty” Viola replied, pushing her hand back through her hair “I spent a lot of the last 2 and a half hours puking and I’ve got some aches and pains, but I will manage. Don’t you worry” she replied knowingly.

Iker chuckled softly. “You could always ask someone to come over and stay whilst I am away, you know” he offered gently. It wasn’t the first time, for weeks he had been trying to convince Viola to invite a relative over to keep an eye on her, but every time she shot him down, insisting that she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

“I’m fine” Viola mused “It’s nothing too bad right now and I am capable of handling it. Don’t you have training to be getting to?” she posed.

“I do” Iker confirmed gently “I’ll hear from you in a little while?” he posed.

“My first call” Viola reassured him gently before she hung up the phone, stowing it in the pocket of the oversized sweater she wore. Yawning a little, she tossed onto her side and closed her eyes, hoping for a little more sleep before she was due to visit her midwife.

“No Iker this morning, Viola?” Vanessa mused as she swanned into the cubicle, greeting the blonde with a small smile.

“He’s in France with his national team” Viola noted, her hands messing with the front of her bag “He wanted to be here, but his first game is in a couple of days” she added.

Vanessa nodded. “Do you think they’ll do well?” she posed. She knew that Viola was nervous, the way she messed with her bag had always made it obvious to Vanessa, and she wanted to relax the blonde. From what her tests were saying, things were progressing well and she had no reason to be concerned.

“Iker does” Viola noted “He’s determined to ensure that they do a better job than they did at the last world cup” she added.

Vanessa smiled. “I hope that they do. My boyfriend will never let me hear the end of it if they don’t” she mused.

Viola spared her a small smile before she placed her bag down in the chair beside her, allowing Vanessa to push up her shirt. “You’re looking to find out the sex today?” she posed.

“We are” Viola confirmed.

Vanessa nodded her head and moved to start the scan, allowing the sound of the baby’s heart to fill the air, relaxing Viola slightly.

“They’ve got a good heartbeat, Viola” Vanessa reassured her gently “They’re a good size too, in anything, a little on the big side, but we can talk about a birth plan at a later date. They look good” she mused, squeezing the blonde’s hand gently.

“And the sex?” Viola posed.

Vanessa smiled. “It’s a boy” she revealed gently.

“A boy”

Viola smiled a little and nodded, her blue eyes admiring Iker’s face on the screen of her laptop. “That’s what Vanessa said. She was fairly adamant” she enthused.

“You’re having a boy?” Iker repeated.

“We’re having a boy” Viola corrected gently.

Iker nodded, a small awed laugh falling out of his mouth.

“I figured we could tell our families together” Viola noted “I’d hate to do that without you” she added.

“I’d like that” Iker replied “He’s alright?” he posed.

“Vanessa was very happy. I’ve got another appointment in a couple of weeks, but she’s very happy. He’s a healthy little one” she enthused brightly.

Iker smiled at her gently before the sound of Sergio’s voice resonated from behind him, something which made him shake his head. “I’ve got to go” he noted “I’ll call you tomorrow?” he posed.

Viola smiled and said her goodbye before she rested back into the couch, her hand resting contently over her bump. “A boy” she murmured softly. Closing her eyes, she brushed her thumb over the bump once more before the sound of the doorbell echoed, causing her to sit up. Frowning a little, she carefully moved back to her feet and padded towards the door, pulling it open.

“Viola” Alex breathed.

Viola blinked a little. “What are you…how did you…?” she spluttered.

“I had my mama get the address from yours. Can I come inside?” Alex posed.

Viola stared at him. “What do you want?” she posed.

“To talk to you” Alex replied simply “Please, Lala” he insisted.

Viola eyed him for a second before she stepped back, allowing him to step inside.
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