Don’t Let Me Let You Go

62: The Longer You Leave It

“I can’t believe that you have a bump, Lala” Pilar teased as she sat down beside the blonde, offering her a warm smile. It had been a while, since Viola had discovered her pregnancy, Pilar had only seen her fleetingly, but she was pleased to see that the blonde girl looked so good. Pregnancy was clearly something which agreed with her.

Viola, who’d been flicking through the magazine which sat in her hand, looked up, smiling a little at Pilar. “It tends to happen, Pilar” she mused “I thought if anyone would sympathize, it would be you. Where are the boys, by the way?” she posed, noticing the lack of the two children from her friend’s side.

It had been a couple of weeks and with Spain having reached the final of the Euros, Viola, along with the rest of the squad’s families, was on her way to Paris, something which meant she would see Iker face to face for the first time in a month. It had been a little tense, even if she hadn’t said anything about the other man, she knew that Iker knew there was something on her mind, and she doubted that she would be able to hide it once they were alone. Iker could sense when there was something on her mind just by looking at her.

“Paqui is watching them” Pilar noted “She said I should come and say hello” she enthused.

Viola nodded before she flicked her attention back to her magazine, something which made Pilar shake her head. “What did you do?” she posed.

“What makes you think it was me?” Viola mumbled, not looking away from the magazine.

“Because if it was Iker, you’d not have gotten on the plane, you’d be packing your stuff back in Porto” Pilar replied knowingly “So, what did you do?” she repeated.

“Do you remember Alex?” Viola murmured, folding her magazine closed.

“Your ex-boyfriend” Pilar replied “The moron” she added.

Viola nodded. “He showed up a couple of weeks ago in Porto” Viola murmured “He was spouting all this crap about me being the one that he wanted and then…”

“Viola, if you have cheated on Iker…”

“I haven’t” Viola insisted “I would never do that to him, but Alex did kiss me and I know I have to tell Iker, something I’m dreading. He didn’t like him, Pilar, he couldn’t stand him, and I just worry” she murmured gently.

Pilar, who’d relaxed a little into the seat beside her friend, sighed. “He kissed you?” she posed.

“I pushed him back” Viola assured her gently “But I know Iker’s going to tune that part out and fixate on the idea that Alex and I kissed. He’s going to freak, Pilar, I know it, and I am a little worried. I don’t want to drop the news before the final, but he’ll know something’s not right the second he sees me” she murmured gently, her hand subconsciously rubbing her bump.

Pilar nodded. “He’s always been remarkably observant when it comes to you” she noted gently.

“You think I should just tell him?” Viola posed.

“I do” Pilar noted “He’s going to be pissed, Lala, any guy would be, but the longer you hide it, the worse it will be. He’ll think you were trying to keep him in the dark and he will not take that well. You should tell him, Lala, bite the bullet and get it done. Maybe he’ll be alright” she noted gently. She knew it wasn’t likely, even from the outset of their relationship, Iker had been remarkably protective of Viola and the idea that she had kissed another man was bound to irk him, but Pilar doubted that hiding it away would make it better.

The longer Viola left it, the more upset Iker would be.

Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, Viola peeked up at the hotel ahead of her, nerves kicking in her stomach. She knew that Pilar was right, telling Iker right away was going to be preferable, but still the notion of telling him unsettled her. She knew him, she knew how he’d react, and the idea of him being upset or angry stung her.

“Are you going to come inside or are you just going to stand there?”

Viola jumped a little at the sound of Sergio’s voice but nodded, offering him a small smile. “It’s good to see you, Sergio” she mused.

The defender smiled. “And you” he enthused “You can’t imagine how much whining your fiancé has gotten through in the last month” he added, rolling his eyes dramatically.

Viola shook her head. “He can’t have been that bad” Viola mused as she followed Sergio into the foyer of the hotel.

“The day you had your 20 week scan he was like a toddler. He pouted all day” Sergio noted “He’s been insufferable” he added.

Viola shook her head. “I am sure you’re exaggerating, Sergio” she mused.

Sergio snorted and opened his mouth to quip something else, but was cut off as Iker stepped up behind Viola, his arms wrapping around her waist which made her squeak a little in surprise. “I’m going to leave you to it” Sergio muttered before he padded away.

Iker watched the defender go before he pressed a kiss to Viola’s cheek, moving to stand ahead of her. “Hola” he grinned.

“Hola” Viola mused “It’s been a while” she added.

“Too long” Iker returned “You look amazing, Lala” he fussed, his hand gently brushing over her cheek.

Viola leant into his touch and smiled. As silly as it was, she had missed it.

“You have a room?” Iker posed softly.

“Me and Pilar are sharing one” Viola mused “We figured it could count as a girly weekend away” she added.

“If you exclude the final and the fact she has two children, then sure” Iker teased “But I’d like to get out of this foyer. Do you think we could get to your room?” he posed, his fingers messing with her blonde hair.

Viola studied the expression on his face and nodded, offering him a small smile. “I’d like that” she noted gently.

Iker flashed her a warm smile and took her hand, leading her towards the elevator, something which made Viola swallow a little, slightly nervous about being alone with him.

“Lala?” Iker posed, his hand gently squeezing hers “Are you alright?” he posed.

Viola closed her briefly, something which made Iker frown. “Viola” he pressed.

“Alex kissed me” Viola babbled out.

Iker tilted his head. “What?” he posed.

Viola sighed. “Alex, he showed up in Porto, and he kissed me. Nothing more happened, and I pushed away instantly, but I knew you’d want to know and that you’d be more upset if I said nothing” she babbled out.

Iker blinked a little, trying to keep pace with her words, before he nodded. “OK” he mumbled.

Viola frowned. “Ok?” she posed.

Iker nodded. “OK” he repeated.

“You’re not going to say anything else?” Viola squeaked.

Iker shook his head. “You told me the truth, didn’t you?” he posed.

“Yes, but I was…”

“Then OK” Iker shrugged, cutting her off “Viola, I really have nothing else to say. The guy kissed you, you insist you pushed him back, and that’s enough for me. I trust you, Lala, and if you say that’s what happened, then OK. Am I irked? A little. Do I wish I could punch him in the face? More than anything. But I am glad you told me. You expecting more?” he posed, carefully leading her out of the elevator.

“I was” Viola spluttered, more than a little caught off guard by his reaction.

Iker quirked a sideward smile. “I trust you, Viola, and if anything more had happened, you’d have told me, but me yelling isn’t going to do either of us any good. You’re pregnant” he mused, his hand gently brushing against her bump.

Viola blinked a little.

Iker chuckled and leant down, kissing her softly. “I’ve missed you, nena” he mused softly.

Viola stared at him, her eyes a little wide, before she smiled, wordlessly musing over how wonderful he was.
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