Don’t Let Me Let You Go

64: The Proudest Girlfriend

Biting down on the side of her thumb, Viola leant forwards in her seat, her blue eyes watching the game which was unfolding ahead of her. It had been a good one, both Spain and Germany had shown up with the intention of attacking from the outset, and with the score level at 1-1, it had Viola on edge. It hadn’t started well for Spain, a mix up between Sergio and Gerard Piqué had seen Mesut Ozil slip the ball past Iker within the first 10 minutes, but after that, it had been all Spain, culminating in Diego Costa’s equalizer, a sight that had made the blonde squeal a little.

“You know, you really ought to calm down, Lala” Pilar teased “The way it is set, we’re going to extra time and I don’t think you’re going to have company for it if we do” she added.

“I’m just supporting the team” Viola countered.

“And scaring a lot of the WAGS in the process” Shakira, who Viola had met that morning, quipped.

“You can’t be doing any good for baby boy Casillas either” Pilar pointed out.

Viola rolled her eyes before she turned back to the game, something which made Pilar giggle. “You’re so Iker’s girlfriend” she teased.

“Just because I am watching the game?” Viola posed, chewing on her lip as Juan Mata slid a chance wide.

“Not only that” Shakira mused.

Viola lifted an eyebrow.

“You chew the inside of your cheek when Germany are attacking” Pilar noted “And you get this little half smile when Spain are. You mumble to yourself, like you’re giving them instructions, and those are only the things I’ve noticed. You’ve picked up his little habits” she enthused.

Viola offered the two women a look before she shook her head, turning her attention back to the game, watching as Iker rolled the ball wide to Jordi Alba. “You’ve never watched a final?” Shakira posed.

“No” Viola mused “At least not one where I was interested in the winner. You have?” she posed.

“Too many” The singer quipped “Gerard and Barcelona tend to do well and I was in the Ukraine when they won the Euros for the second time. Gerard loves to celebrate on the pitch after the game” she enthused.

Viola nodded her head but didn’t shift her stare away from the match as Alba fed the ball forwards towards Cesc Fabregas who rolled it wide, aiming for the forward run of Dani Carvajal. The Real Madrid right-back sprinted up the line, avoiding a couple of challenges before he neatly squared the ball, finding the run of Fabregas who had continued into the box, neatly slotting the ball to the right hand side of Manuel Neuer.

Viola watched the ball hit the back of the net before she jumped up to her feet, cheering brightly before she turned to Pilar, hugging her tightly. It had been coming, since they’d equalized, Spain had looked like scoring, but Viola was pleased that they had. As much as she was enjoying the game, she didn’t know that she had another 30 minutes left in her.

“So, Captain, how does it feel to have that medal around your neck?”

Iker, who’d been completing an interview, smirked a little at the sound of Viola’s voice, his dark eyes peeking over his shoulder at her. It had been a while, after the match, Iker had been swept up in celebrations and press work, but with things winding down, he had been looking to escape, a little desperate to find his girlfriend. Offering the reporter a smile, he excused himself quickly and padded towards her, quickly pressing a kiss against her lips.

Viola giggled and happily wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tightly. “Congratulations” she mumbled softly.

Iker smiled gently. “Did you enjoy it?” he posed.

“I did” Viola confirmed “But if I were you, I’d steer clear of Pilar who will only tell you how annoying I was. Apparently. I scared off a lot of the other girls” she mused.

Iker laughed. “How?” he posed.

“A lot of them didn’t seem too interested in the match and I was. I shouted when you scored, cursed when Germany did and when you saved the ball…I couldn’t have been prouder” she grinned.

“Proud?” Iker posed.

“The proudest girlfriend” Viola replied “I almost cried when you lifted the trophy” she added.

Iker smiled a little bashfully before he ducked his head, kissing her once more. Viola held onto him, relishing the soft kiss for a moment before the sound of someone clearing their throat echoed, causing her to pull back a little.

“We’re waiting for you, Captain” Sergio commented.

Iker nodded. “You want to come with?” he posed, glancing at Viola.

“Into the changing room?” she posed, her nose wrinkled a little.

“They’re all decent” Sergio commented “Even Piqué, though he put up a fight” he added.

Viola nodded at the defender before she peeked up at Iker. She knew why he wanted her there, since the match, he’d not had a moment alone with his teammates to tell them that they had decided to retire from internationals, but part of her wanted to stay away. It was his moment and she didn’t want to intrude.

“Come on, Lala” Iker mused, taking her hand “I want you to” he added.

“You sure?” Viola posed.

Iker offered her a small smile and nodded.

Viola nodded her head gently and followed after him, her cheeks tinting pink at the few wolf-whistles that echoed.

“Calm it down” Iker grumbled, his hand settling on her waist protectively.

“I didn’t realise we were inviting wives and girlfriends in, Iker” Gerard teased from his spot on the bench.

“We’re not” Iker countered, stressing the word ‘we’re’ “I am and I’d like you attention, if you could spare that, Gerard” he added, smirking a little.

The Catalan defender rolled his eyes a little, but moved to his feet, gathering around the keeper who held Viola to his side. “Before the game tonight, I did some thinking and I figured, before I let anyone else know, I should let all of you know” Iker mused softly.

“If you’re telling us that Viola is pregnant, I think you’re a little late” Sergio teased.

Iker shook his head. “I’m not” he noted “I decided that, win or lose, tonight would be the last match I played for Spain” he announced, his hand carefully rubbing up and down Viola’s side.

“You’re quitting?” Sergio posed.

“I prefer the word ‘retiring’” Iker noted “But it’s something I want to do. There are younger keepers, more able captains, and I am sure that you will all be fine without me. I want to spend my international breaks with my family, not playing qualifiers, and I think now is the right time to go. I want to thank you, those who made the world cup possible, the last Euros and this, and I want to express how proud I am to have captained you all. Gracias to all of you” he mused with a wide grin.

The room was quiet for a moment before a small ripple of applause echoed, something which made Viola smile as she cuddled into Iker’s side. She knew that it was a big moment for him, one of the biggest of his career, and she was pleased by how well he was handling it. Retiring from internationals was a step towards the end of his career and Viola was pleased that he had taken it so well.
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