Don’t Let Me Let You Go

65: You’re Going To Be Fine

“You’re sure that you don’t need any help?” Viola posed as she rested against the door frame of the spare bedroom, her blue eyes watching as Iker removed the slats of wood from the box which sat on the floor. It had been coming, with a few weeks off before he was due to start training ahead of the new season, Iker had decided it was about time to get a start on their nursery, something which amused Viola a little. She had offered to find a decorator, to find someone who was familiar with decorating, but Iker had insisted otherwise, something which had led to him spending hours on end sat in the middle of the small bedroom, trying to make it presentable.

Iker, who was staring aimlessly at the instructions, shook his head. “I’ve got it” he insisted.

Viola nodded. “You’re sure?” she mused “Because I think this is the 3rd time you’ve tried to build that crib” she pointed out.

“Are you here to needlessly insult my DIY skills?” Iker countered, a small pout on his face.

Viola shook her head. “They do that themselves” she teased.

“Viola” Iker grumbled.

“Sergio and Pilar are here” Viola noted, offering him a smile “They’re in town for a few days and they wanted to take us out to lunch. Are you going to be able to tear yourself away for that?” she posed.

Iker offered her a slightly sarcastic look before he pushed himself to his feet, dusting off his shorts.

“You know, we could have someone come in and help you” Viola noted as she offered her hand to him. She knew it meant a lot to him, decorating the nursery was something he had talked about frequently since they had discovered it was going to be a boy, but she wanted to help him out. His decorating skills were not the best and with a little over 3 months separating them from the birth of their son, she wanted to hurry it along a little.

“I don’t want that” Iker noted as he followed after her.

“We’re going to have a baby in a little over 13 weeks, I really think you should consider it” Viola noted as kindly as she could.

Iker shook his head. “I want to do this, Lala” he mused gently as he greeted Pilar and Sergio with a soft smile “You’re the one who’s carrying him around, doing all the work, and I want to be the one who does this. It means something to me, Lala” he insisted softly.

Viola studied the earnest expression on his face for a moment before she sighed. “Fine” she agreed gently “But if you’ve not made solid progress by the time you go back to training…”

“I will hire the professional myself” Iker interjected.

Viola offered him a slightly firm look before she moved towards Pilar, something which allowed Sergio to step towards his friend. “She’s still the one in charge then” he teased, nudging Iker’s ribs a little.

Iker rolled his eyes. “She’s just worried. My DIY skills leave something to be desired and our nursery is not exactly taking shape, something which I know worries her. She’s convinced he’s going to be early whilst I am almost certain that he will be late” he explained gently.

“I could give you a hand” Sergio offered “We could skip out on a lunch which will consist of Pilar fussing over Viola’s bump or talking about your wedding, something neither of us really want to listen to” he insisted.

“It’s my wedding” Iker pointed out.

“And it’s not due for another year. Please, let me help” Sergio pleaded.

Iker chuckled but nodded his head. “Alright” he agreed gently.

Sergio offered him a bright grin before he bounded over towards the two women, insisting that he and Iker wouldn’t be able to join them for lunch.

Iker watched him and shook his head, a small smile playing on his face. It had been a while, with the football season having been prolonged by the Euros, Iker hadn’t spent too much time with the defender, and he was pleased to have a little time, even if it was just one afternoon. He wanted to make up for the couple of months he had spent avoiding the defender, and any talk of Madrid.

“So, a boy?” Sergio commented as he painted the wall.

Iker, who was cutting wallpaper, nodded. “A boy” he confirmed.

“Is Lala excited yet?” Sergio teased “I remember when Pilar got towards the end with Junior, she just wanted it over with” he enthused.

“I think Lala’s more nervous than excited” Iker commented, moving to paste the back of the paper “Neither one of us has a lot of experience when it comes to looking after a baby and I think that that gets at Lala more than it does at me. She’s forever reading baby books when she thinks I am not looking” he mused. They still had a way to go, they were in late July and Viola’s due date wasn’t until the end of October, but Iker knew that she was nervous, something which explained her determination to get the nursery ready. She wanted things in place, for everything to be perfect, and Iker merely wanted to go along with her, not wanting to upset her.

“You’re not nervous?” Sergio posed, dipping his paintbrush into the pot which sat beside him.

“Intensely” Iker noted “But I know that everyone is that way and I know we’ve got a load of people of who would show up at the drop of a hat to help us with him. Lala’s more…uncertain than me” he added.

Sergio smiled. “You’re going to make a wonderful papa, Iker” he enthused.

“I doubt that” Iker commented.

Sergio scoffed. “You’ve got years of practice. You had to captain us, Iker” he insisted.

Iker laughed. “I don’t think that that counts as experience, Sese” he teased.

“It certainly does” the defender grinned “And you had to captain Spain when the dressing room was divided. You’ve got loads of experience and when your little boy arrives…”

“Viola wants to call him Arthur” Iker interjected.

Sergio tilted his head. “Arthur?” he posed.

“I’m coming around on it” Iker noted with a small shrug “And I was sort of hoping you’d like to be his godfather” he added.

Sergio blinked.

“And my best man” Iker added.

“Wow” Sergio mused “I was expecting you to beat around the bush more” he added.

“You’re one of my closest friends, you’re the reason I found Viola, and I’d trust you with my life, let alone that of my son. It couldn’t be anyone else, Sergio” Iker insisted with a grin.

Sergio mulled the keeper’s words over for a moment before he pushed himself to his feet, quickly pulling the older man into a tight hug that caught Iker off guard. “Ok, ouch” the keeper squeaked.

“I’d love to, Iker” the defender enthused.

Iker chuckled brightly and patted the defender’s back, glad that he had agreed.
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