Don’t Let Me Let You Go

67: We’ll Pick It Up As We Go

Letting out a small groan, Viola tossed onto her side, her blue eyes glaring at the alarm clock which sat on the dresser. It was early, a little past 5 in the morning, but with the baby’s kicks pelting her stomach and a strong pang of cramps, she doubted that she would be able to get back to sleep. It had become frequent, with Viola’s due date having been and gone, the bouts of aches and pains seemed worse than ever, but she knew that there was no forcing it. The little boy would make his appearance when he was good and ready and she didn’t want to work herself up worrying or becoming frustrated.

Glancing at the clock once more, she spared a yawn into her hand before she peeked over her shoulder, glancing at Iker’s sleeping face. He had been good, since the due date had past, he had taken extra care to ensure that she was comfortable and looked after, and Viola appreciated it, even if it did mean being babysat by her mother and father, and she appreciated the idea that he wanted to take care of her. Smiling a little, she pressed a kiss to the side of his head before she swung her feet out of bed, pausing as a warm fluid sensation moved down her legs. Squeaking a little, she carefully slipped her hand down the material of her pyjama shorts before she shook her head. “Now?” she mumbled.

“Lala?” Iker snuffled.

Viola startled a little at the sound of his voice. “We need to move” she murmured.

Iker frowned a little. “What?” he posed as he sat up, his hand ruffling his dark hair.

“My waters just broke” Viola murmured “We need to find the baby bag, get dressed, call our families…”

“Lala” Iker interjected softly, his hand gently rubbing her back “You need to take a deep breath and calm down” he murmured, kissing her shoulder softly.

Viola sighed a little. “I’m scared” she murmured.

Iker nodded. “I know you are” he mused softly “But you need to be calm. You getting worked up isn’t going to do any good for him” he added, carefully brushing her bump gently “Now, I am going to find you something to change into and then I will get the bag and we will get to the hospital, Ok?” he posed gently.

Viola looked at him, her blue eyes a little tearful, but nodded her head. “Ok” she mused.

Iker flashed her a soft smile before he carefully kissed the top of her head, mumbling soft reassuring words to her. He knew it was going to be a little difficult, for a little while, he had been aware that Viola was starting to get a little worried, but he wanted to reassure her. Regardless of anything else, he was going to take care of her and their little boy when he came along.

“You’re doing so well, Viola” Vanessa smiled as she jotted something down onto Viola’s chart. It had been a few hours, Viola had been in labour for almost 6 hours, but Vanessa was pleased with how things were moving along, even if they were going along at a leisurely pace, she was happy with how both Viola and the baby were doing.

Viola, who’d been sipping at a glass of water, nodded. “How far along are we now?” she posed softly.

“We’re at 6cm now, so we’ve still got a little way to go, but I am happy. He’s doing well, Viola” Vanessa assured her before she placed the chart at the end of the bed, stepping out of the room and past Iker who’d moved to step back inside.

“How are we doing?” the keeper posed as he sat down beside Viola’s bed.

“6 out of 10” Viola noted softly “He’s taking his time” she added, her hand gently brushing her bump.

“Like his mama” Iker teased.

Viola laughed a little before she rested back in the bed, resting her head tiredly on the pillow. “Did you get a hold of your parents?” she posed.

“I did. They were at breakfast with your parents. They’re going to come by as soon as I give them the nod” Iker noted gently.

“And my madre?” she posed.

“She literally screamed” Iker noted “But I convinced your papa to have her hold off for a little while. I thought this could be something for just me and you” he mused gently.

Viola nodded her head gently. “She’s going to stay for the first couple of days” she murmured softly.

Iker tilted his head. “She is?” he posed.

“I wanted her to” Viola murmured “I am scared, Iker, I have no idea what we’re going to do with him once he’s here, and I asked her to stay for a couple of days, just to help out” she explained gently.

“We’ll be fine” Iker noted gently, his hand finding Viola’s.

“You don’t know that” Viola countered.

Iker nodded. “I do” he mused “Lala, you’re right, it is going to be a little strange at first, but we’re going to cope. We always do, Viola, and this will be no different. He’s going to be adored from the second he comes along and we’ll learn to look after him. I am sure of that” he assured her softly.

Viola looked up at him, not missing the warmth of his expression, before she closed her eyes, sniffling a little. “I’m sorry” she whispered.

Iker shook his head and pulled her a little closer, hugging her gently. “You have nothing to be sorry for” he reassured her gently “You’re tired and you’re hormonal, and I get that, but we’re going to be fine, Lala, I promise you” he whispered softly.

Viola sniffled and cuddled into him, glad that he was there.

“Come on, Viola, as soon as the next contraction hits, I need you to push with everything you have” the doctor instructed from the foot of the bed. It had been another few hours, Viola’s labour had lasted almost 12 hours before she had been given the OK to start pushing, but it had been smooth, something which pleased Iker. He didn’t know what he would have done if something had gone wrong.

“I can’t” Viola squeaked, her eyes tearful.

“You can” Iker countered softly “You know you can” he added.

Viola offered him a slightly dubious look before she closed her eyes, screaming through the contraction that pushed through her.

“Come on, Viola” the doctor encouraged gently “He’s coming” he added.

Viola let out another shout before she rested back, sniffling a little as the room sat quiet, mesmerized by the slight croaky cries which emanated away from the other end of the bed. “He’s OK?” she spluttered.

Iker, whose eyes had moved towards the tiny baby, quirked a sideward smile. “He’s OK” he confirmed.

“Congratulations, Viola” Vanessa mused as she skirted around the bed, carefully lowering the baby into Viola’s arms “He’s perfect” she added, brushing the blanket away from the infant’s face.

Viola blinked a little, trying to get rid of a few loose tears, before she tilted her head, smiling softly at the little boy who rested on her chest, snuffling and whimpering gently. “Hola” she squeaked softly, her fingertip brushing his tiny hand “Hola, little one” she mumbled.

Iker, who leant at her side, smiled a little, not wanting to burst the little bubble that had settled around them.
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