Don’t Let Me Let You Go

68: Our Son

“Our parents are on their way” Iker mused softly as he stepped back into the hospital room, quietly closing the door behind him. It had been a little while, after the labour, Iker had wanted to give Viola and the baby a little time to recover, but he knew he couldn’t keep the awaiting grandparents at bay much longer. His phone was already full of messages from Elena and his own mother asking for an update and he knew that, eventually, they’d show up, even without an invite.

Viola, who was cooing softly to the baby who sat on her chest, nodded. “I’m surprised they’re not here already” she murmured “I was sure that my mother would be beating down the door by now” she added.

“She was close” Iker noted “But your papa calmed her down. How’s he doing?” he fussed, moving to sit down beside the bed.

“He’s still as amazing as he was the last time you asked” Viola smiled tiredly “I just can’t stop staring at him” she added. It felt strange, the notion that she was a mother wasn’t one she was going to wrap her head around easily, but it was a good feeling. The little boy was almost 3 hours old and she still couldn’t quite believe he was finally with them.

Iker smiled softly. “He’s a beautiful baby, Lala, and that’s all you” he fussed.

Viola shook her head. “He’s got your looks” she murmured “Dark hair” she added, her fingers softly moving through the small tuft of brown hair which sat on the baby’s head.

Iker smiled gently before he carefully stretched his arm out, brushing his fingers up the baby’s back, causing him to whimper a little.

“You should hold him” Viola murmured.

“He seems pretty comfortable where he is, Lala” Iker countered softly “I don’t want to wake him” he added.

“You’ll be Ok” Viola murmured softly “It’s not hard. Just make sure you watch his head” she added as she sat up a little, carefully moving the baby into her arms. Iker offered her a slightly unsure look before he nodded, allowing her to settle the little boy into his arms. The baby stirred a little, his feet kicking gently, but settled quickly, something which soothed the goalkeeper. The last thing he had wanted was for his son to burst into tears the first time he held him.

“See?” Viola mused softly, offering him a small smile.

“He’s a lot smaller than I thought he would be” Iker murmured as he moved to sit down “I mean, I knew he’d be tiny, but he seems so little” he fussed.

Viola nodded. “He’s healthy though” she pointed out “Vanessa seemed very happy when she bought him back after his checks” she enthused.

“You did an amazing job, Lala” Iker noted.

Viola smiled bashfully.

“We still need to give him a name” Iker murmured after a few seconds’ of quiet.

Viola nodded her head softly. “You have any preference?” she posed, her finger gently brushing the baby’s hand.

Iker watched the smile fill her face as she touched the little boy’s hand before he leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead. “How about Arthur?” he murmured.

Viola lifted her head. “You’re sure?” she posed.

Iker nodded. “I like it” he enthused “Arthur James” he added, turning his eyes down towards the little boy who stretched slightly, a tiny yawn falling out of his mouth.

Viola smiled at the sight of his yawn before she leant down, pressing a kiss to the back of his head. “Arthur” she murmured “Our little Arthur” she fussed.

“Iker, you look dead on your feet” Gerardo teased as he padded towards the goalkeeper, patting his shoulder gently. It had taken them a while, after Iker had called to inform them that the baby had arrived, Elena had insisted on buying something for Viola and the baby, but he was glad to be there, even if they were cutting it close in terms of visiting hours, he couldn’t wait to meet the little boy that his youngest daughter had bought into the world.

“I’m pretty tired” Iker noted “But I’ve got enough coffee to keep me going. Where are the others?” he posed.

“Your papa is parking the car and the cooing grandmothers are on their way. How’s Lala?” Gerardo posed.

“Tired” Iker noted “But, she’s happy, at least I think she is” he added.

“I am sure she is” Gerardo mused, patting his shoulder once more “And the baby?” he posed.

“A healthy and handsome boy” Iker enthused “He’s amazing, Gerardo” he added.

Gerardo smiled at him gently before Elena and Carmen appeared, something which made Iker swallow a little. “You’re ready to go in?” he posed, smiling at the two older women.

“We are” Elena mused.

“I’d like to ask you to be quiet. Viola had been dozing when I stepped out and the baby was napping too” Iker noted softly before he turned on his heel, leading the trio into Viola’s small private room.

“Come in” he murmured softly “There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to” he added before he carefully stepped towards the bed, offering Viola a small smile.

“Lala?” Elena posed.

“Hola, mama” Viola mused, yawning a little.

“How are you feeling, Viola?” Carmen fussed “It was a long labour, no?” she added.

“12 hours” Viola confirmed as she sat up a little, allowing Iker to lift Arthur off of her chest “But I’ve had a little sleep. They want to keep me in overnight, but they’re pretty happy that I could go home tomorrow” she insisted.

Carmen nodded her head gently before Iker sat down on the side of Viola’s bed, his arms wrapped around the baby who stretched his little arms. “Mama, Papa, Carmen, this is our son” Viola whispered.

Elena, who stood beside her husband, squeaked a little, something which made Viola giggle. “Words, mama” she teased.

“He’s yours?” Gerardo posed, taking a few steps towards the bed.

Viola nodded. “He is” she enthused “All ours” she added, sharing a smile with Iker.

“Have we got a name?” Elena posed.

“We do” Iker confirmed “This is little Arthur” he added, shifting his hands a little.

“Arthur?” Elena squeaked.

Viola nodded her head. “Arthur James Casillas Garcia” she mused “Would you like a hold, madre?” she added.

Elena, who’d started to wipe her eyes, nodded, quickly moving to take the little boy from Iker.

“Congratulations, nana” Iker teased gently.

Elena smiled at him and pressed a brisk kiss to his cheek before she padded back towards the others, allowing Iker to sit down beside Viola. “You know, we’re never getting of them” he mumbled as he kissed her temple.

“No, we’re not” Viola murmured “But they’re excited about their grandson” she added.

“Our son” Iker mused proudly.

Viola’s cheeks warmed a little at his comment.

She doubted she would ever be completely used to the notion that they had a son.
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