Don’t Let Me Let You Go

70: The Three of Us

“I still cannot believe that you have one of these, Viola” Gerardo smiled as he looked up at his daughter, diverting his stare away from Arthur who was resting in Elena’s lap, his blue eyes peeking around the room curiously. It had been a couple of days since the little boy had come along and, as they had each day since he had been born, Gerardo and Elena had come by to check on their daughter and grandson, wanting to make sure that they were alright.

They didn’t have any doubts, from the moment they had seen Viola with Arthur, they knew she would be alright, but they wanted to make sure. The first few days were always going to be a little difficult and they wanted to make sure that Viola was coping, especially since Iker had had to leave that morning for a match in Lisbon.

Viola, who’d been folding some of Arthur’s clothes, smiled. “You’re not the only one” she noted “But thus far, he’s proved to be a well-behaved baby. Last night, I only had to get up twice” she enthused.

“He is a good one” Elena smiled “Your brothers were nightmares. When we first had Henry, whenever he would cry, Lucas would cry too and it was a challenge. Henry loved to wake up at least 4 times a night” she mused.

Viola smiled. “That doesn’t sound unlike them” she mused “I think if they lived together now, they’d still be the same” she added.

“Undoubtedly” Gerardo agreed.

Viola smiled a little before she turned back to the pile of clothes, folding them neatly before she stowed them in the basket which sat beside her.

“Have you and Iker talked about what you want to do for the holidays?” Gerardo posed after a moment of quiet. It wasn’t something they’d talked about, with Arthur’s birth having come along a little later than expected, Gerardo had wanted to wait before he broached the subject, but he was hopeful. He wanted to spend his grandson’s first Christmas with the little boy.

“We had a baby two days ago” Viola pointed out “The extent of our conversations range from who’s turn it is to change Arthur’s nappy to what we’re going to eat” she mused.

“Well, we have room for the three of you at home” Gerardo mused “I’d love to spend Arthur’s first Christmas with him” he added.

“We’ll think about it, papa, but there is a chance that Iker and I will decide to just stay here. The notion of a flight with a one month old doesn’t appeal to me greatly” Viola noted gently.

Gerardo nodded his head softly before Arthur made a small noise, something which made Viola move towards him, carefully pulling him out of her mother’s arms. “He needs his feed” she murmured softly “I shouldn’t be gone long, but if you want to go, I’ll call you tomorrow before you go home” she insisted.

Elena smiled. “We’ll wait for you to come back. I’m not going to see this little one for a little while and I want to make the most of it. Do you mind?” she posed.

Viola shook her head. “Of course not, mama” she mused before she padded away, leaving her mother and father alone.

“Can you believe how at home she looks?” Elena fussed gently. It was a mild surprise, just how well Viola had taken to having Arthur around, but Elena doubted she could have been much prouder. The blonde was a natural, even if she had been a little hesitant at first, and Elena was amazed. Viola seemed to have taken everything in her stride.

“No” Gerardo replied gently “But she does. I’ve never seen her so content” he enthused.

“Our little girl, the mama” Elena smiled.

Gerardo smiled a little and nodded his head, more than a little proud of their little girl.

“How were your parents?” Iker posed as he moved to settle down on the couch, his dark eyes marvelling a little at Viola who sat in the armchair, Arthur contently curled into her shoulder.

“They were as excited as they have been for the last two days” Viola noted “They spent a lot of time fussing over him before they eventually went back to the hotel ahead of their flight home tomorrow” she explained.

“You can’t blame them” Iker smiled “He’s very easy to fuss over. I mean, look at his handsome little face” he fussed.

Viola smiled. “You’ve not stopped cooing over him yet” she mused.

“And I am not going to either, at least not until June when I will get the chance to coo over my blushing bride” Iker enthused, moving to kiss her palm gently. It wasn’t something they’d talked much about, after Viola had revealed that she was pregnant, any talk of their impending wedding had been pushed to one side, but he hoped, with Arthur having arrived, that they would talk a little more. They were already in November and with them having agreed on a June date, he wanted to get things in motion.

Viola shook her head. “We’ve got a lot of work to do” she murmured “We’ve not even picked an actual date, just a month” she pointed out.

“Then we will pick one” Iker mused “Lala, we’ve got months, and it’s all under control. For the next few weeks, we should just enjoy the fact that we are new parents to the most adorable little boy. He should be where our focus is right now” he assured her as he moved a little closer, kissing her head gently.

Viola smiled. “My parents want us in Madrid for Christmas” she murmured.

“Did you say yes?” Iker posed.

“I told them that I didn’t want to get on a plane with a one month old in tow. I know it’s not the longest flight, but I don’t want to do it so soon” she murmured.

“Then we will have Christmas here, me, you, and Arthur” Iker enthused “We will fly your family and mine out for a couple of days afterwards, but I think the idea of a little celebration, just the 3 of us, sounds perfect no?” he mused.

“It does sound pretty perfect” Viola mused.

“Then I will tell them that that’s what’s going to happen” Iker assured her.

Viola smiled up at him. “You know, you’ve been pretty perfect since he was born” she fussed softly. She knew she didn’t say it enough, since they’d found out about her pregnancy, Iker had been nothing short of wonderful with her, and she wanted to make sure that he knew she appreciated it. She wanted him to know that she appreciated all of the little gestures he had made.

“Perfect?” Iker snorted “I think that’s a little strong, nena” he added.

“I don’t know” Viola mused “You’ve been attentive and thoughtful. You’re a natural at looking after him and you’ve handled our parents brilliantly. I think that’s nigh on perfect to me” she grinned.

Iker chuckled modestly.

“I love you, Iker” Viola murmured.

Iker grinned and pecked her lips before he pressed a kiss to the top of Arthur’s head, causing him to wriggle a little against Viola’s shoulder. “I love the two of you too” he enthused softly before he pushed himself to his feet, musing about making them something to eat.

Viola watched after him and smiled to herself.

She knew she was lucky to have him.
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