Don’t Let Me Let You Go

72: Not Quite Ourselves

“Feliz Navidad, Papa” Viola smiled gently as she sat down on the side of her bed, Arthur cuddled in her arms. It was early, after Arthur had woken up, Viola had refrained from returning to bed, a little excited about the prospect of their quieter Christmas day. It had taken a lot of convincing, both her parents and Iker’s had been insistent that they fly out to Madrid so that they could share in Arthur’s very first Christmas, but the couple had stuck to their guns, wanting to enjoy a quiet day to themselves with their son for company.

Iker, who was just about awake, smiled a little, his brown eyes marvelling at Arthur who stared over at him. He looked adorable, Viola had dressed him in the Christmas outfit that they’d bought especially for him, and Iker couldn’t help but smile. Regardless of whatever happened between him and Viola, they’d made quite the sweet little boy. “Feliz Navidad, Arthur” he mused as he sat up, trying to straightened out his hair “And Feliz Navidad, Lala” he added, kissing her cheek gently.

Viola smiled at the soft kiss before she moved to place Arthur into his arms, allowing Iker to settle him on his chest.

“I figured we could open presents before we make the calls to our relatives. I’ve already cooked breakfast and it is keeping warm in the oven” Viola murmured.

“How long’ve you been up?” Iker posed, shifting his attention away from Arthur who was happily sucking on his pacifier.

“He woke up at about half past 6” Viola replied “And we’ve have quite the productive morning, haven’t we Arthur?” she smiled, kissing the little boy’s head gently.

“You should have woken me, Lala” Iker noted “I could have helped” he added gently.

“I had it covered” Viola insisted gently “Besides, you looked all comfy and I didn’t want to wake you. I was fine, Iker” she noted gently. She knew what he was getting at, since Arthur had come along, she had become a little more insistent when it came to handling things by herself, but she didn’t want him getting worked up. She had had everything under control and would have woken him if she had needed him.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look before he sat up carefully, moving Arthur so that he rested in his arms. “We should have breakfast” he noted “And then we will do presents” he added.

Viola smiled and nodded her head before she stepped out of the room ahead of him, leaving Iker watching after her. He didn’t want to say it, for a couple with a six week old son, they were doing remarkably well, but something felt a little off to him. They didn’t seem themselves, even if they were content to be around one another, and it stuck in his throat slightly.

The last thing he wanted was for things with Viola to fall apart.

“You look wonderful, Viola” Iker mused as he stepped into their bedroom, his dark eyes admiring his girlfriend who stood ahead of the mirror, adjusting the dress he had bought for her. She looked wonderful, the red dress clung to the newly little curves she had from having Arthur, and Iker couldn’t help but marvel at her. She was a beautiful girl and he doubted he would ever find himself tired of admiring her.

“I am not so sure” Viola murmured “It’s a little tight no?” she added, peeking at him over her shoulder.

“Not even slightly” Iker replied “It shows off all of your wonderful pregnancy curves” he enthused.

Viola shook her head a little before she turned to face him. “Where’s Arthur?” she posed.

“Napping” Iker replied “He was starting to get a little fussy so I put him down for a little while. I figured I could spend some time with my beautiful girlfriend” he enthused, stepping towards her a little.

Viola tilted her head. “What are you suggesting?” she posed, her teeth gently nibbling on her lip.

Iker smirked. “I believe Vanessa’s advice was to wait six weeks” he mused as he placed his hands on her hips “And Arthur’s nearly 7 weeks old, isn’t he?” he teased.

“I believe so” Viola played along “What are you suggesting, Iker?” she teased.

“I love this dress on you” Iker teased, tugging the red material lightly “But I think I would like it a little more on the floor. Would you like me to help with that?” he teased.

Viola offered him a soft smile before she turned around, allowing him to gently tug the zip down her back. “You’re so beautiful, Viola” he murmured, kissing her shoulder gently.

Viola blushed softly at his words and allowed her eyes to close, enjoying the contact of his lips against her skin. It had been while, even before Arthur had come along, they’d not been particularly intimate, and she missed it. As silly as it was given that they were together almost all of the time, she missed him. “I can’t believe that you gave birth six weeks ago” Iker murmured, gently pushing the dress to her feet “You’re stunning” he insisted.

Viola smiled at his words before she turned around, her blue eyes peeking up at him. “As sweet are you’re being, you should really stop talking” she teased.

Iker flashed her a grin before he ducked down, kissing her softly. Viola, on instinct, wrapped her arms contently around his neck as she kissed him, smiling at the warmth of it. Iker moved his hands down her legs and hitched them up, wrapping them gently around his waist before he carefully sat her down on the edge of their bed. “You’re beautiful” he murmured, kissing her head softly.

Viola smiled gently and moved to kiss him again, only for the sound of Arthur’s cries to echo away from the monitor which sat on top of their dresser.

Iker sighed a little at the sound of it and pulled away, resting his forehead on hers. “Your turn or mine?” he posed.

“Yours” Viola breathed softly “I’ll get dressed and we can show him the rest of his presents before my sister calls” she mumbled as she pulled away from him, moving to collect her dress from the floor.


“Arthur needs you” Viola interjected gently “You should really go and get him” she added with a small smile.

Iker eyed it, not missing the slight hint of disappointment in her eyes, before he nodded. “We’ll get our time” he noted softly.

“I know” Viola noted, fixing another smile on her lips.

Iker eyed her a little unsurely before he padded out of the room, making a note that he needed to get a night for him and Viola before things deteriorated. He knew that it was going to take them a little to get a balance, but he wanted to make sure that it happened soon rather than later.

He didn’t want to run the risk of his relationship with Viola faltering.
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