Don’t Let Me Let You Go

73: We’re Fine

“You’ll be Ok, won’t you?” Iker posed gently as he lifted his kit bag onto his shoulder, his brown eyes peeking at Viola who was tidying away their breakfast things. It had been a few days, after Arthur’s cries had interrupted their moment together, Viola had become a little quiet, and it was getting at Iker, even if he didn’t want to let it show, he didn’t like the idea that his fiancée was pulling back from him.

He had been anticipating it, with their families and friend mostly in Madrid, there had been little chance for them to be alone in the 7 weeks that had passed since Arthur had been born, but Iker didn’t want to let things get worse. The notion that he could lose his girlfriend of almost two years had knots in his stomach.

“We’ll be fine” Viola noted “My parents are due not too long after you leave and yours are due about the same time, so they’ll be here” she added, not moving her eyes away from the plates that she was neatly stacking.

Iker nodded. “I shouldn’t be gone too long. It’s only a light session today for the match on the 2nd” he explained.

“Take your time” Viola mused “It’s not like we’re going anywhere” she added with a small smile.

Iker sighed. “Viola” he murmured.

“It’s fine” Viola smiled as she padded towards him “I’ll see you when you get home” she added.

“I love you” Iker murmured as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her gently. Viola held onto him for a moment, relishing the contact which had become more and more infrequent before she stepped back, offering him a kind grin.

“I love you too” she murmured.

Iker nodded his head, slightly reassured by her words, before he pressed a kiss to her cheek, mumbling about seeing her later. Viola held onto him for a moment longer before she allowed him to step back, offering him another small smile that Iker returned softly before he stepped out of the apartment.

Viola listened to the small distinctive thump of the door closing before she let out a small sigh, shaking her head. She didn’t like it, the apparent strain on her relationship with Iker had left her feeling a little unsure, and she just wanted to put it right. As much as she loved having Arthur around, she missed the way she and Iker had been before and whilst she wouldn’t have changed having their son, she wished they could just have a moment where they could be like they had been before.

“Oh, look at how big he’s gotten” Carmen grinned as she moved to show off her grandson to her husband who sat beside her “I can’t believe he’s almost 2 months old” she added. It had been a few weeks, since he’d been born, Carmen and Jose had seen very little of their grandson, but the older woman wasn’t going to waste time. They were due to be in time for a few days and she intended to spend a lot of them with the two month old.

“He’s growing fast” Viola commented, her blue eyes peeking out from behind her mug of tea “We already had to invest in a few new items of clothes” she mused.

“Iker was the same” Carmen noted “One day, the clothes would be perfect, and the next, far too small” she enthused.

Viola smiled a little, but didn’t say anything, instead focussing on sipping on her drink.

“How are you two doing?” Elena noted from her spot beside Jose Luis.

“Me and Iker?” Viola posed.

Elena rolled her eyes. “Yes, Viola, you and Iker. How are you two coping with Arthur?” she posed gently. She knew that they were handling the baby well, from the second she had seen her daughter and goalkeeper with Arthur, she was sure that they would be able to handle the infant, but she was curious about them. She hadn’t been around Viola for long but it was long enough to know that there was something not quite right about her.

“We’re fine” Viola noted “I mean, we’re tired a lot, but we’re OK. Why wouldn’t we be?” she posed, her tone a little defensive.

Elena shook her head. “I was just checking in, Lala. I remember after Lucas was born, me and your papa went through a bit of a dip in our relationship and I wanted to make sure that you and Iker were still alright. We’re all looking forwards to a wedding in the summer, Viola” she enthused, trying to keep her tone light.

Viola eyed her mother a little uncertainly before she sighed, something which made the older woman shake her head. “Viola?” she pressed.

“It just feels a little off, mama” Viola murmured. She didn’t want to say it, especially since she hadn’t said it to Iker, but things didn’t feel the same and it disconcerted the blonde. She had gotten used to the way things were and now that Arthur was around, the dynamic shift had caught her more than a little by surprise.

“I am sure that you’re fine, Viola” Carmen offered softly “It’s just going to take a little time to get used to. Your first baby is a huge thing and it takes a little time to settle down” she explained.

Viola nodded. “I know that” she murmured softly “And I hope things do settle down, but right now, it feels like I barely see Iker and when I do, we’re with Arthur. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mama and Arthur is easily the best thing I have in my life, but I miss how it was before. I guess I didn’t expect the change to be so…so big” she admitted gently.

Elena opened her mouth to speak again, but was cut off as Iker stepped into the room, greeting the gathered relatives with a warm grin. “Hola, mama, papa” he mused as he pressed a kiss to each of his parents’ cheeks.

“How was training?” Viola posed as she stood up, moving to hug him gently.

“It was alright” Iker enthused gently “But I am glad to be home” he added with a small smile.

Viola returned his smile weakly before he pressed a kiss against her lips, something which made Viola sigh gently.

“How was Arthur?” he posed as he stepped back slightly.

“Perfect” Carmen grinned “He’s a well-behaved little one, something I imagine he gets from his mama” she teased.

Iker chuckled gently and nodded. “Obviously” he played along “He gets all of his best traits from his wonderful mama” he mused before he pressed a kiss to Viola’s head.

Elena, who was sat watching them, shook her head a little, not missing the way that their affection seemed a little forced. They didn’t seem like themselves and Elena knew she had to do something to help them out. The last thing she wanted was for her daughter to lose the man that had come to mean so much to her.
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