Don’t Let Me Let You Go

75: You’re The Only One I Want

“Iker?” Viola called as she padded into the apartment. She hadn’t been gone for long, after a morning spent with Iker’s parents and Arthur, Viola had headed to the local supermarket to collect something for dinner, but she was surprised by how quiet the apartment seemed. As far as she had known, Iker and Arthur would be waiting for her when she got back. Frowning a little, she moved to place the bags down in the kitchen before she padded towards the nursery, frowning slightly when she found it empty. “Iker?” she repeated as she moved towards their bedroom “Iker, are you still here?” she added as she pushed the door to the bedroom open, noticing that that room was empty too, bar the large box which had been set at the foot of their bed.

Frowning, Viola padded towards it and lifted the post-it note which had been stuck to the top of it, the two words ‘wear me’ written in thick marker. Viola studied the brief note for a moment before she moved to lift the lid off of the box, a small sound of surprise falling out of her mouth as she spotted the pretty black dress which sat inside. It was one she had pointed out, before Christmas, she and Iker had spent a little time purchasing gifts for their relatives and she had spotted it, but she had assumed that Iker had forgotten it, something which made it more than a little surprising to find it stowed at the foot of their bed.

Pushing her hair out of her face, she moved to pick the dress up and smiled, holding it against her gently. “I don’t know where you are, but you’ve surprised me this time” she murmured to herself before she moved towards the bathroom. She didn’t know what Iker had planned out for that evening, but she didn’t want to keep him waiting.

Applying the last hint of makeup to her face, Viola startled a little at the sound of the doorbell. Checking her appearance over in the mirror, she pushed her blonde hair off of her face before she padded towards the front door, pulling it open to Iker who grinned at her, his dark eyes admiring the dark material that covered her. “It fits” he mused.

“Perfectly” Viola agreed “Can I ask why you left it at the end of our bed and disappeared?” she posed.

“I wanted to surprise you” Iker noted “And I had to drop Arthur off with your parents. I wanted to give you a little time to get ready” he mused softly.

“You dropped Arthur off with my parents?” Viola posed, leaning her weight against the door frame.

“Your madre offered to take him last night when you got back from dinner and I took her up on it. It’s been a while since I got to see you all dressed up or take you out for a night that didn’t revolve around Arthur. So, for tonight, you’re all mine” he mused softly.

Viola tilted her head. “We’re going out?” she posed.

“We are” Iker confirmed “I’ve got dinner reservations and then I figured we could go for a drink before we came back here and I got a glimpse of what the remarkable dress looks like tossed on the floor” he enthused before he pulled his hand out from behind his back, offering her a bouquet of pink roses.

Viola admired the flowers for a moment before she shook her head. “Flowers too?” she posed.

“Always” Iker grinned.

Viola giggled gently and took them out of his hand before she pushed herself up on her toes, kissing his cheek gently. “Gracias” she mused.

Iker held onto her for a moment, enjoying the embrace, before he let her go, allowing her to place the flowers in vase of water. “You ready to go?” he posed holding her coat out to her.

Viola slipped her arms into the sleeves and nodded. “I’m ready” she confirmed “Are you sure that you want to go out?” she added, offering him a soft smile.

“I am sure” Iker confirmed “I want to spend the evening with my lovely girlfriend” he enthused as he took her hand.

“Fiancée” Viola corrected with an impish smile.

“Fiancée” Iker agreed, kissing the side of her head.

“You really do look amazing, Viola” Iker murmured softly as he sat down beside his girlfriend, pressing another soft kiss against her cheek. It had been a pleasant night, dinner had gone off without a hitch, and Iker was pleased to find himself in a small bar with his smiling girlfriend for company. It was a marked change to the slightly distant behaviour she had shown to him in the weeks that had passed since Arthur had been born.

Viola, who was nursing a glass of champagne, smiled. “You’ve said that about 20 times since we left home” she murmured.

“I can’t help it” Iker mused, his arm sitting protectively around her waist as a group of men wandered past “You’re a very beautiful woman and I am lucky you’re mine” he babbled.

Viola giggled. “You’re really quite awkward, aren’t you” she murmured softly.

“It’s one of the things that you love about me” Iker mused “At least, that was what you said when we first started dating” he added, pressing a kiss to the spot beneath her ear.

Viola giggled gently before she swatted him back slightly, allowing her to kiss his lips gently. “I can’t believe we’ve made it to almost two years” she mumbled as she pulled back.

“Neither can I” Iker agreed gently “But I know I am happy that we have. It’s been a little bit of work, but I think it’s worth it” he enthused.

Viola nodded. “It is worth it” she assured him “I’m very happy” she insisted.

“Are you sure about that?” Iker posed, his tone shifting to one which was a little more serious.

Viola sighed.

“I want to keep you happy, Lala, you know that, and I will do what it takes, but you need to talk to me when you’re feeling like you have been for the last few days. I am a lot of things, but I am not a mind reader” he insisted gently as he took her hand, squeezing it gently.

“I don’t want to complain” Viola murmured “I love where we are, that we’re engaged and new parents, but it’s a little odd. I almost miss the slightly awkward phase we went through when we first started seeing one another” she explained softly. She didn’t want to complain, the way things were was amazing and she was happy, but it had felt strained, something it hadn’t felt since she’d joined him in Porto.

“We’re never going to be a new couple again, Viola” Iker noted gently, his fingers messing with hers “But we can still be happy. It’s just going to take a little more work than we thought it would. We’ve got tonight and New Years’ Eve where my parents have offered to take Arthur so that we can go out with your brothers and sister, but we can make it work. It’s just going to take a little learning” he mused as he ducked down, kissing her hand lightly.

“I don’t want to mess up now” Viola murmured softly.

“You’re not” Iker insisted “You’re still the only person I want to wake up next to. You’re the girl I want to marry” he grinned.

Viola smiled a little.

“You’ll talk to me if this happens again, won’t you?” he pressed.

“I will” Viola confirmed “And you’ll still marry me?” she added, her blue eyes peeking up through her eyelashes at him.

“I will” Iker teased gently before he fished his wallet out of his jacket, placing some money on the counter “You ready to get out of here?” he posed, offering her a smirk as he extended his hand to her.

Viola smiled bashfully and nodded her head, lacing her fingers with his. “I love you” she mused softly as he moved to lead her out of the bar.

Iker smiled at those three words and pulled her close, kissing the side of her face as he whispered the same 3 words in reply.
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