Don’t Let Me Let You Go

76: More Like It

Grumbling slightly, Viola tossed onto her side, hiding her face in Iker’s chest in an attempt to ward off the irksome sound of his alarm clock. It was too early, for the couple who had finally fallen asleep just gone one in the morning, buzzing of Iker’s 7am alarm was hugely unwelcome, and Viola merely wanted to ignore it, too comfortable in his embrace to contemplate moving. It had been a good night, having Iker to herself was something which had lifted Viola’s spirits immeasurably, and it had reassured her, even if she wasn’t entirely certain that things would be perfectly alright, she was more sure than she had been before the previous night.

Iker, whose hand was blindly searching for the alarm clock, chuckled a little. “You know we have to get up, don’t you?” he posed, watching her amusedly.

“I know” Viola grumbled “But does it need to be now. It’s 7am and you have a light afternoon session” she added, not moving.

“I do” Iker confirmed “But we have a son who needs to be collected from his grandparents and I may have promised that we’d join your parents for breakfast” he mused, pushing his fingers contently through her blonde hair. He didn’t want to move, for the first time in a while, he had Viola to himself and he was reluctant to let it go, but he knew that he had to. As much as he had enjoyed being alone with her, they did have to get back to Arthur who was more than likely to have kept his grandparents up for most of the night.

“Why would you do that?” Viola complained, kissing his chest gently.

Iker chuckled. “Your mother insisted. She and your papa are going to spend tonight with my parents and Arthur and Mollie whilst you and I go out with your siblings and their spouses, she wanted to see you at some point today” he mused.

“You’re too nice” Viola huffed gently as she leant up a little, kissing the side of his neck.

“You love me for it” Iker countered brightly.

Viola mumbled something beneath her breath before she carefully pulled herself away from him, moving to pull on the shirt of his which she had been quick to discard onto the floor the night before. Iker watched her amusedly before he leant across the bed, capturing her had before he pulled her back to him. “We’ve still got a little while” he murmured “I told your madre that we would meet her and your papa at the hotel restaurant at 9, that leaves us about an hour to spare” he added, offering her a smirk.

Viola tilted her head. “Is that so?” she played along with a coy smile.

Iker chuckled gently to himself before he carefully tugged on her hand, causing her to settle down on the mattress beside him. “What do you say?” he teased.

Viola offered him a gentle smile before she moved to fiddle with the few buttons she had done up.

Iker chuckled gently, more than a little glad that they had had the night before.

“You’re late”

Viola, who was trailing alongside her boyfriend, rolled her eyes a little at the sound of her mother’s voice. She knew that they were late, what was supposed to have been an hour had quickly become 90 minutes, and even with the rush to get dressed, they were still lagging behind, something she knew had her mother’s face filled with a smirk.

“They’re not that late” Gerardo mused “Besides, look at those smiles” he added.

“Papa” Viola squeaked, not missing the smirk on her father’s face.

Gerardo chuckled. “It’s fine, Viola” he mused.

Viola offered him a slightly warning look before she moved towards the pushchair which sat beside her mother.

“He was perfect, Lala” Elena smiled as she watched her daughter collect Arthur “He woke your papa up a couple of times, but he was otherwise perfect. You’ve got a wonderful son there” she enthused.

“We know that” Iker grinned as he pulled a seat out for Viola, helping her to sit down “Are you sure that he was no trouble?” he added.

“Certain” Gerardo enthused “Besides, one night of disturbed sleep is worth seeing the two of you grinning so much. Last night went well I take it?” he noted.

Viola’s cheeks warmed a little before she nodded. “It was a lovely night” she enthused.

“The best night we’ve had in a long time” Iker contributed as he placed his arm around Viola’s seat, warding off the look of the waiter who stood a little away from them “Thank you for allowing us to take it” he added.

“It was not a problem” Elena mused.

Iker offered her a small smile before he turned his attention to Viola and Arthur, cooing over the little boy who stared up at him, kicking his little feet happily.

Elena watched her daughter and the goalkeeper for a moment before she shared a smile with Gerardo. She couldn’t quite believe how at home Viola looked with Arthur in her arms and Iker’s arm around her.

“Have you two given any more thought to a date yet?” Elena posed after a couple of moments of quiet.

“A wedding date?” Viola peeped.

“Yes” Elena mused “I know we’re not quite in January yet, but you’re still only 6 months away from June and very little progress has been made. I was wondering if you’d come up with anything yet” she posed softly.

“We’ve not really…”

“June 10th” Iker cut in gently.

Viola tilted her head. “June 10th?” she posed.

Iker smiled. “It’s a Saturday” he mused “And it’s early enough that I would be able to take a couple of weeks off with you before I was needed back here since I’ve taken up the option of the extra year they offered. It sounds good, no?” he posed.

Viola studied his face for a moment before she smiled. “You’ve really thought that through” she teased.

“I was going to bring it up last night but we didn’t exactly do a lot of talking last night” Iker returned.

Viola blushed.

“So, June 10th?” Gerardo mused, trying to shift the topic of conversation away from what his daughter and her boyfriend had gotten up to the night before. Whether they had a son together or not, the older man doubted he would ever be comfortable with the notion that his daughter slept with Iker. It was merely something he didn’t want to think about.

Viola looked at Iker for a moment longer before she nodded her head. “June 10th” she agreed.
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