Don’t Let Me Let You Go

77: Enough For Me

“You’re sure that you don’t mind coming tonight?” Iker posed gently as he sat down at the foot of the bed, his dark eyes peeking up at Viola who was trying her hardest to settle Arthur. It wasn’t the ideal scenario, with Porto due to play that night in the Portuguese cup, it meant that his plans with Viola to celebrate their second anniversary had needed to be put on hold, but he was hopeful that she would attend the game, something she had done fleetingly since they’d started to date.

He knew she didn’t like it, after the first match she’d attended, she had been reluctant to attend many more just in case his reaction was as volatile as it had been first time around, but the idea of her, and Arthur, being at his game was something that excited him, even if it was just the early round of the cup, he wanted to include his little family in the biggest part of his life.

“You wanted us there, didn’t you?” Viola commented as she gently bounced Arthur’s small frame, trying to calm down his sniffles.

“I do” Iker insisted gently “And it means a lot to me, but if you don’t want to…”

“Why wouldn’t we want to?” Viola interjected, smiling softly.

Iker shrugged. “It’s not exactly the most romantic way to celebrate our second anniversary” he noted gently.

“It’s not” Viola agreed “But we can’t help the scheduling and I want to see you play. You’ve been here for a while and I don’t think I’ve been to a match” she mused.

“You have not” Iker smiled “And I would love tonight to be the first” he enthused, moving to pull Viola a little closer.

Viola smiled at him gently and pressed a kiss to his forehead before Arthur made a little sound, pulling her attention back to him.

Iker leant back a little on the bed and watched his girlfriend and son, something which he had steadily grown used to since the little boy had come. It was frequent, since Arthur had come along, Iker had developed a love of watching his girlfriend and son together, and he doubted that it was something he was ever going to grow tired of, especially as the little boy grew. He was already counting down the days until Arthur spoke and took his first steps.

“You’re staring” Viola commented as she moved to lay Arthur on his changing mat.

“I’ve got a very beautiful little family” Iker mused.

“You say that all of the time” Viola noted gently.

Iker nodded. “Of course I do” he enthused “But I am feeling particularly affectionate tonight. It’s my second anniversary, you know” he teased with an impish smile.

“A girl managed to put up with you for two years?” Viola teased “She deserves a medal” she added.

“She does” Iker agreed as he stood up, moving to collect his bag from beside the bed “But instead, she’ll have to settle for a summer wedding” he noted.

Viola smiled at the mention of their big day, something Iker had noticed her doing more and more frequently since they’d set a date. They hadn’t made massive strides forwards, other than picking a date, very little had been done, but Iker liked the way she smiled whenever he bought it up in conversation. It wasn’t something she’d done when he’d first proposed and it reassured him that they were doing the right thing.

“I am just going to put him down for the night” Viola murmured softly as she padded through the door, her hand gently brushing up and down Arthur’s back. It had been a long night, the match, which had been the second leg, had gone to extra time before Porto had snuck a win, and Viola was pleased to be home, even if Arthur had spent a lot of the time asleep, she herself couldn’t wait to find herself beneath the duvet.

Iker, who was trailing along behind her, nodded. “Ok” he murmured softly before he moved to press a kiss to Arthur’s head. “Buenos noches, Arthur” he mumbled.

Viola offered him a little smile before she padded out of the room, affording Iker the chance to pad towards a cupboard where he had stowed Viola’s gift. It hadn’t been the most romantic anniversary, with the match that night, their time together had been limited, but Iker wanted to mark the occasion. He wanted to mark every significant moment when it came to his relationship with Viola.

“What are you doing?”

Iker startled a little at the sound of Viola’s voice before he turned around, offering out the single pink rose he had thoughtfully bought for her.

Viola shook her head. “Every time?” she teased as she took the flower out of his hand, pressing it gently to her nose.

“It wouldn’t be an anniversary without one” Iker mused “I also got you this” he added as he extended a neatly wrapped parcel to her.

Viola shook her head. “I thought we agreed no gifts?” she murmured as she took the gift out of his hand.

“You and Arthur being there tonight was enough for me” Iker smiled.

Viola offered him a light glare before she turned her attention towards the present, unwrapping it gently to reveal the silver photo frame which housed four of her favourite pictures of the two of them together.

“They’re from four of our most significant moments” Iker explained gently “There’s one after our first date” he noted, pointing to the picture of Viola sat in his lap, kissing his cheek “One after you moved here to be with me” he mused, moving his finger to a picture of the two of them holding up his Porto shirt “One after I proposed” he continued, moving to a picture that Viola had taken of the two of them kissing “And one of the two of us with Arthur just after he was born. I know it’s not very much…”

“It’s perfect” Viola interjected.

Iker tilted his head.

“I love it, Iker” Viola insisted gently.

“You do?” Iker posed softly.

Viola smiled at him and nodded, carefully settling the frame down on the side. “I love it, Iker” she repeated “It’s a thoughtful gift and I am a little amazed that you came up with it” she added.

“I have my moments” Iker grinned as he stepped towards her, settling his hands at the base of her back.

“You do” Viola agreed.

Iker smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Happy two year anniversary, Lala” he murmured softly.

Viola smiled. “Two years” she murmured “You know, after you ruined my dress on our blind date, I was convinced that we’d not make it two minutes” she noted.

“But I won you around” Iker contributed, kissing her nose softly “And now you’re stuck with me” he added, kissing her cheek.

Viola squirmed a little at his touch before she tilted her head, pressing a brisk kiss against his lips. “As happy as I am to be stuck with you, I need to get to sleep. Can we postpone our anniversary night until tomorrow?” she posed, sparing a small yawn.

Iker nodded his head. “Of course. Buenos noches, Lala” he mused, kissing her head once more.

Viola flashed him a grin before she padded out of the room, leaving him with a warm smile on his face.

He couldn’t quite believe that he had been with the girl that Pilar and Sergio had set him up with for 2 years.
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