Don’t Let Me Let You Go

78: Any Longer Than I Have To

“Do you really have to go?” Iker mumbled as he held onto Viola, his forehead resting on hers softly. It had been a few weeks, after their anniversary, Iker had been distracted by Porto’s hectic schedule, but he was still a little irked that Viola had agreed to fly out to Madrid for a week, even if it was to get a jump on planning their wedding, he didn’t like the idea of spending a week without her or Arthur.

“My mama wants to show me a few venues she and Amelia have scouted” Viola mused “And I’d like to look them. It’s almost February and other than a date, we’ve got nothing sorted. It’s about time someone got a start on it” she explained softly.

“But a week?” Iker protested.

“You’ve got two away matches” Viola countered.

Iker sighed a little.

“I’ll call you when I land” Viola murmured as she moved to kiss his cheek “And I will make sure that me and Arthur video call each night so that you can say goodnight. It’s 7 days, Iker, not an eternity. There really is no need to pout” she added, smiling at him gently.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look, something which made the blonde smile. “You’re an idiot” she teased gently.

“Maybe” Iker countered “But I am going to miss you, both of you” he fussed as he turned his head a little, checking on Arthur who contently laid in his pram, his blue eyes watching his parents.

“I’ll be back Monday morning” Viola enthused as the tannoy crackled into life above them “And I will call you as soon as I touch down. Adios, mi amor” she smiled gently.

Iker offered her another slightly hesitant look before he sighed, conceding. “Alright” he murmured.

Viola offered him a soft smile before she kissed him, moving to take Arthur’s nappy bag off of his shoulder. “I love you” she mused impishly.

Iker ducked his head, trying to supress the grin that itched to grow across his features.

Viola watched him for a moment before she shook her head, moving to press another soft kiss against his lips. “I’ll see you in a week” she mumbled before she moved to steer Arthur’s pram away.

Iker watched her go briefly before he let out a small sigh. He felt a little pathetic, before Viola, he had enjoyed spending time alone, but the idea of spending 7 days without her, or Arthur, unsettled him slightly. He didn’t like the idea of returning home to an empty apartment.

“I still cannot quite believe that you have one of these, you know, Lala” Amelia smiled as she peeked over at her sister, her arms wrapped happily around Arthur who babbled happily in his aunt’s arms.

Viola, who’d been studying the notes that her mother had made, looked up. “You mean my son?” she posed.

Amelia nodded. “I thought for sure that you’d be last. I mean, you were last to be born, and last to find someone to marry, I figured you’d be last to have a baby too” she teased.

Viola rolled her eyes a little before she turned her attention back to her mother’s notes, studying them interestedly.

“You’re still going to marry him then?” Amelia posed.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Viola countered “Lia, the man is everything I want” she insisted.

Amelia nodded. “I know he is” she noted “But I also know that things took a dip after Arthur came along and that they’re only just back on track. I am just trying to be sure, Lala. Marriage is a pretty big deal and I want to be sure that it is what you want” she insisted gently. She didn’t want to create doubt in her little sister’s mind, for two years, all Viola had wanted was to be with Iker, and she was happy for them, but she wanted to make sure. Marriage was a massive step forwards and she wanted to be sure that Viola knew it.

“It is a big deal” Viola agreed, not shifting her blue eyes away from another page of notes.

“And it’s an amazing thing” Amelia enthused “When you get married, you’re agreeing to spend the rest of your life with someone. You give everything you have to them and they give everything they have to you. It’s not easy, me and Max are proof of that, but if it works, Viola, it will be the best thing you do and I just want you to look at me and tell me that Iker is the man you want to do it with” she added, offering her sister a small smile.

Viola nodded. “He is” she confirmed softly “When I think of my future, I think of it with him, and now that Arthur is here, I don’t want to wait around for longer than I have to. That’s why I am here this week, I want to look at venues and visit a boutique to get an idea of what sort of dress I want. I want to send out save the date cards, Lia” she enthused.

Amelia grinned, not missing the spark in her sister’s eyes.

“I know we struggled a little after Arthur came along” Viola murmured “But we got through it and I’d like to think we could do it again. This is what I want, Lia” she insisted.

Amelia smiled a little before she leant down, kissing the top of Arthur’s head. “You’re mama and papa are very much in love” she teased.

Viola rolled her eyes. “You like him, don’t you?” she posed gently. It didn’t matter, even without her older sister’s approval, Viola was going to be with Iker, but she wanted to know that he was liked. As silly as it was, she wanted him to be accepted by her family.

Amelia snorted. “How can we not like him, Lala?” she posed “For the last two years, he’s been the nicest and the kindest man, and I know that I speak for our relatives when I say that I am glad you found him, even if it did come through Pilar who beat your own sister to being maid of honour, I am glad you’re happy” she insisted with a smirk.

Viola smiled. “She found me Iker, Lia, I couldn’t tell her no” she noted.

Amelia nodded her head. “We’re happy as long as you’re happy, Viola” she mused as she moved to place Arthur into his pram.

“I am happy, Lia” Viola noted.

Amelia smiled and nodded. “I know you are” she noted before she peeked down at her watch “We ought to get moving. Mama’s got at here 3 venues booked for viewings this afternoon and I promised I would tag along” she enthused.

Viola nodded her head and pushed herself to her feet before she wrapped her arms around her sister, mumbling a small thank you.

Amelia shook her head quietly and hugged the younger woman back, mumbling about how there was no need to thank her.

Whether Viola was married or not, Amelia was always going to have her back and that wasn’t going to change.
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