Don’t Let Me Let You Go

80: With A Little Help

“You know, we have been apart for a week, you could at least act like you’re interested in spending time with me” Iker noted as he rested against the doorframe, his dark eyes fixed on Viola who sat on their bed, jotting notes into the binder that sat to her side. It had been a quiet reunion, unlike the times before they had Arthur, the most affection that Viola had shown him was a brief kiss on the lips when he’d collected her from the airport, and Iker found himself a little irked, even if he knew that the thing which was on her mind was their impending wedding, he was a little irked that she hadn’t spared him a little more time.

Viola, who’d been studying something on the screen of her laptop, looked up, her forehead furrowed slightly. “Huh?” she posed.

Iker shook his head. “Did you even notice that I was here?” he posed.

“Of course” Viola noted “You picked me up from the airport. Why are you asking?” she posed.

“Because you’ve hardly acknowledged my existence since you stepped off of the plane. I know you’ve spent the week wedding planning, but I was expecting more than a brisk kiss” Iker noted as he stepped into the room, sitting down beside her “I’ve missed you, Lala” he added gently.

Viola sighed. “I’m sorry” she murmured softly “I spent the last week with my mama and she’s insistent that I get things finished. I know I’ve been to weddings before, but I had no idea that planning one was such a pain. Do you know how much I know about flowers?” she complained gently.

“How much do you know about flowers?” Iker posed, his hand rubbing her back gently.

“Nothing” Viola countered “I don’t know anything about flowers, or about seating charts, or bridesmaids dresses…”

“Ok” Iker interjected.

Viola sighed. “It’s a lot of work” she murmured softly “A lot of effort for a day and I am a little snowed under. My mama is doing a wonderful job as my wedding planner, but she’s set all these deadlines and I am trying to get it all done. We’re due to walk up the aisle in 4 months” she murmured softly. She did feel bad, since she had stepped off of the plane in Porto, she had barely said two words to her boyfriend, but she didn’t want to get distracted. Once things were in place she could relax and she wanted to get it in place sooner rather than later.

Iker, who’d moved to trace soothing circles into her back, leant forwards, kissing her shoulder gently. “Let me help” he noted softly.

Viola closed her eyes, leaning back against him slightly. “You know about flowers?” she posed.

“No” Iker noted “But I do know you and I know that if I leave you to it, you’re going to stress yourself out and do something stupid, something I would like to avoid. So, why don’t you show me what you’ve got and I will give you my input. Maybe, between the two of us, we can get this done quicker and we can focus on saying hello in the way we do” he fussed, kissing the side of her neck gently.

Viola smiled a little at the contact. She had missed it whilst she had been away.

“What sort of flowers do we need to be looking for?” Iker mumbled as he positioned himself behind Viola, settling her laptop in her lap.

“We need bouquets for me and the bridesmaids and buttonholes for you and your groomsmen. That’s without mentioning centrepieces for the tables at the reception” Viola babbled.

“That’s an awful lot of flowers” Iker noted as he scrolled through the florists’ website.

“It is when you consider that I have 4 bridesmaids and you have 4 groomsmen” Viola replied.

Iker nodded. “Remind me why we decided not to elope again?” he mumbled as he pressed another kiss to her shoulder. It wasn’t the first time he’d mentioned it, after announcing their engagement to her parents, he had suggested that they merely run away and get it done, but Viola had shot the idea down, not waiting to deny his parents the chance to see their oldest son get married or hers the chance to see their youngest get married.

“You want to explain to your mother why she didn’t see her little boy get married?” Viola countered.

“It seems preferable to looking through dozens of florist websites right now” Iker mused.

Viola rolled her eyes. “You know it would break her heart” she murmured “And my papa would never forgive you for denying him the chance to walk me down the aisle” she added.

“I suppose” Iker mused as he flicked through another page “Have you thought about pink roses?” he posed.

Viola tilted her head. “Pink?” she posed.

“Our flower, Lala” Iker reminded her “I give them to you all of the time and they mean something. I am not suggesting that we only use them, but I would like to incorporate them” he mused.

“I think that would be nice” Viola agreed gently.

Iker nodded. “See, I can help” he teased softly.

“I never said you couldn’t” Viola countered “You were the one who asked me to take the lead” she added.

“I did” Iker confirmed “But I do want you to come to me when this stuff is getting at you, Lala. I want the day to be perfect and if I can help, even if it is merely as a sounding board, I want to do it. It’s our day, Lala, the one we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives, and I want to be able to say I played a part” he insisted gently. He knew he wasn’t going to be great at it, as far as he was concerned, he would have married Viola any time, any place, but he wanted her to know that he was there to help, even if his input was minimal, he wanted her to come to him when she needed someone to talk to.

Viola nodded. “You can help as much or as little as you want to, Iker” she mused “I would love to get your input” she added, offering him a small smile.

“I’d love to help” Iker mused “But right now, I would like to spend our time doing something else. Arthur’s sleeping soundly and I have missed you, Lala” he enthused as he carefully moved his hand down her back, tugging gently at the hem of the sweater she wore.

Viola giggled and set her laptop down before she turned around, gently nudging her nose against his. “I have missed you too” she smiled gently.

Iker smiled at her warmly before he pressed a kiss to her lips, relishing the feel of it for a moment. He knew that they still had a way to go, from what he could gather, there was still a lot more planning to be done, but he wanted to help Viola, even if it was just to keep her from stressing out, he wanted to help perfect their day.
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