Don’t Let Me Let You Go

81: Time Out

Resting her head tiredly in her hands, Viola let out a small sigh, her hands gently rubbing at her eyes to alleviate some of the stinging that had appeared. It had been a couple of hours, with Arthur and Iker having headed out for a walk, Viola had opted to distract herself with a spot of wedding planning, but almost 2 hours into it, she was regretting it. She wanted to get it finished, the sooner the plans were all in place, the sooner she could find herself looking forwards to the big day, but still she found herself a little frustrated. It seemed that no matter what she did, something else came up and it had left a little irked.

“You should really stop” Iker commented as he stepped into the room, settling a mug of tea down beside his girlfriend “You’ve been staring at the seating chart for at least an hour and it’s not going to fix itself. Take some time, come back to it” he enthused as he leant across, moving the chart out from ahead of her.

“I didn’t realise that seating people would be so hard” Viola noted as she moved to collect the mug of tea he’d bought.

“Why is it?” Iker posed “As long as you and I are sat together, does it really matter where everyone else sits?” he added.

“Normally, I’d say no” Viola noted “But that was before I got the RSVP from my uncle. He doesn’t get along with one of my aunts so they have to be separated” she explained gently.

Iker nodded along with her before he stowed the seating chart in the binder which sat on the coffee table ahead of her. “I think you’ve done enough of that for today” he mused, moving to stow the binder on the shelf behind them “I think, you could use a little time out of here and I might just have the thing. You should get you coat” he smiled gently. He liked that she wanted to work on their wedding, if anything, he found her insistence on planning their wedding day more and more reassuring, but he wanted her to relax a little. She had been home for almost a week and aside from a few moments she had spent looking after Arthur, Iker doubted he had seen her without something to do with their upcoming wedding in her hand.

Viola tilted her head. “Why do I need my coat?” she posed.

“Because I am going to take you out for a little while to get your mind off of our wedding” Iker replied “I love that you want to perfect it, Lala, I really do, but I think you could use a little time out. Do you think that that is something we can do?” he posed.

Viola nodded. “I do” she agreed softly “In fact, that sounds like something I would like” she noted.

Iker smiled. “Then I will get Arthur ready and then we can go” he mused as he pushed himself up to his feet.

Viola watched him before she reached out a hand, stopping him from walking away. “Iker” she murmured.

“Hm?” he hummed softly.

“Thank you” Viola noted gently.

Iker shook his head and leant over, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “It’s my job to keep you sane for the next few months, Lala” he mused gently “I love that you’re working so hard on our day, Lala, and if I have to step in a few times, I don’t mind. Just know that I really don’t care how it goes. I just care that it is me and you” he enthused softly before he stepped away, moving to get Arthur ready.

Viola watched after him and smiled a little to herself, grateful that he was around.

“You put this together this morning?” Viola posed as she walked alongside Iker, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. It had taken a lot of thought, Iker had packed them a picnic and selected a specific spot in the park, and Viola was a little touched that he had gone through so much effort just for her. It was one of the things she adored most about him.

“I’ve been toying with it for a few days, but when you turned down the chance to take a walk with me and Arthur this morning, I figured the time was right. Someone’s missed having his mama’s attention fixed solely on him” he noted with a look towards Arthur who laid happily in stroller, babbling and smiling.

Viola smiled down at the infant before she stepped a little closer to Iker, wrapping her arms around his as he pushed the stroller.

“He’s got the cutest smile, hasn’t he?” Iker mused as he carefully led Viola towards the spot he’d picked for their picnic.

Viola nodded. “He’s an adorable little boy” she agreed gently “I still can’t quite believe we made him” she mused gently.

Iker nodded. “I know what you mean, but he’s certainly got a lot of you about him. Aside from his dark hair, he looks more like you than me” he insisted gently.

Viola shook her head. “He definitely takes after his papa in looks. I hope he gets a lot of your personality too” she enthused brightly.

“You do?” Iker teased as he moved to lay out the blanket he’d bought with him.

“How could I not want him to be as thoughtful and kind as you are?” Viola mused as she lifted Arthur up, resting him against her hip.

Iker smiled modestly before he turned back to setting out their picnic for them.

Viola watched him briefly before she turned her attention to Arthur, babbling at him gently.

Iker smiled at the two of them. He doubted that he would ever find himself tired of watching Viola and their son together. “You two look good, you know” he mused.

“You think?” Viola teased.

“I know it” Iker grinned as he offered his hand out to her, helping her to sit down gently at his side “You two are very cute together” he fussed.

Viola smiled a little at the compliment before Arthur tugged at the scarf she was wearing, pulling her attention back to him.

“Have you thought about having another?” Iker mumbled as he adjusted the woollen hat which sat on the baby’s head. He knew that it was soon, Arthur was barely 4 months old, but it was a thought that had crossed his mind. He already knew that he wouldn’t mind having another couple of babies in the future.

Viola tilted her head.

“Not now” Iker spluttered, not wanting to worry her “I mean, at some time in the future. I could easily see you with a little girl” he added.

“You could?” Viola mused, her tone even.

“Of course” Iker insisted “I imagine a little girl with blonde curls” he enthused.

Viola bit her lip, trying not to smile.

“I am not suggesting that we do anything about it now. We’ve only just had Arthur and we’ve got a wedding to get through first, but I just want to know that it is on your radar, even if it is a couple of years down the line” he babbled, trying to make himself clear. He knew that it tended to worry her, their future wasn’t something that she liked to talk about a lot, but he wanted to get a little idea of what she wanted. He already knew what he wanted and he wanted to know if their ideas still lined up.

Viola giggled. “You have no idea how adorable you are when you babble” she teased.

Iker frowned.

“I’d love another baby one day, Iker” Viola noted gently “Maybe in a couple of years, when Arthur is a little older, but I do like watching you babble. I thought you’d have gotten over it by now” she teased.

Iker rolled his eyes, something which made Viola kiss his cheek. “You’re adorable” she insisted.

Iker tried to keep the frown on his face, but failed, something which made Viola grin. “See, Arthur” she mused as she lifted the little boy up slightly “Your papa can’t stay mad at us” she grinned.

Iker shook his head and smiled, feeling more relaxed than he had done in a while about them.
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