Don’t Let Me Let You Go

83: To One Last Night

“Are you sure that you don’t mind this, Viola?” Sergio smiled as he leant against the door of Viola’s parents’ living room, patiently waiting for Iker. It was the end of May and, after the conclusion of the football season, Iker and Viola found themselves in Madrid, making the final preparations for their wedding which lingered a little over 2 weeks away.

Viola, who was sat on the couch with Arthur, smiled. “You’re offering to keep him out of this house for longer than 20 minutes. You have my full support” she mused.

Sergio chuckled. “He’s getting on your nerves?” he teased.

“I love him” Viola noted softly “And I am looking forwards to our wedding day, but if I have to sit with him, I fear he will not make it up the aisle. He’s like a little kid at Christmas” she mused gently. She was pleased that he was so excited, for weeks, all Iker had been able to talk about was their wedding day, but she needed a break, even if they were still two weeks out from the big day, she needed a little time without him around.

Sergio smiled. “You excited?” he posed.

“More stressed” Viola countered “I mean, I am looking forwards to it, of course I am, but I will be glad to get the next two weeks out of the way. I am not enjoying the anticipation” she mused gently. She was looking forwards to it, with the season having ended, there was only a couple of weeks between them and the big day, but already, Viola was wishing them away. As much as she wanted to enjoy the moment, a little part of her simply wanted to get it out of the way.

“It’s only a couple of weeks now” Sergio commented “And then you’re stuck with Iker for the rest of your life” he added with a grin.

“Says the man who’s been with his girlfriend longer than I have been with Iker” Viola countered.

Sergio offered her a slightly sarcastic smile before he shook his head. “I am happy for the pair you” he noted sincerely “I mean, he gets on my nerves when all he wants to talk about is you and Arthur, but I am glad that the two of your ended up together. You two are good for each other” he enthused softly.

“Aww” Viola grinned as she pushed herself up, moving to pull him into a hug.

Sergio wrinkled his nose a little before the sound of Iker clearing his throat reached them, causing the defender to pull back from the blonde.

“Do I need to be concerned?” the goalkeeper noted, his eyes darting between his girlfriend and Sergio.

Viola snorted. “You think I would pick Sergio to leave you for?” she teased.

Iker offered her mildly unimpressed look, something which made her giggle.

“You’re ready now?” Sergio posed.

Iker, who’d been glaring slightly at his fiancée, nodded. “I am. Do I need to bring anything with me?” he posed.

“It’s all taken care of” Sergio replied.

Iker nodded his head gently before he turned his attention back to Viola. “You’ll be Ok?” he posed.

“You’re going to be gone for a few hours. I think I will be fine” Viola noted as she settled Arthur into his rocker “You make sure that you have fun” she added with a small smile.

“Just not too much fun, right?” Iker teased, not missing the slightly nervous expression she wore.

Viola nodded her head before she pushed herself up onto her toes, kissing him gently.

“As sweet as this is, we do have somewhere we need to be, Iker” Sergio noted, tugging on the goalkeeper’s sleeve.

Iker nodded his head and stepped back a little. “I’ll see you later” he noted softly.

Viola offered him grin. “Enjoy it, Iker” she mused before she allowed him to follow Sergio out to the car.

“Golf?” Iker posed, his eyebrow lifted a little in amusement.

Sergio nodded. “You’ve never been much of a drinker, Iker, and I know for a fact nightclubs aren’t your style, so we went for something a little more sophisticated. A round of golf, a few drinks, and then some poker before I am allowed to return you to Viola, all in one piece” he grinned.

Iker shook his head. “This was your idea?” he teased.

“Not my first” Sergio shrugged “But Henry and Lucas thought it was a good idea. You like it?” he posed as he moved to lead the keeper towards the course.

“It’s not what I was expecting” Iker admitted.

“We can do something else” Sergio offered “But Viola, and Pilar, were remarkably clear about what would happen if I let you get into any trouble and I kind of like my face the way it is” he insisted.

Iker chuckled. “You’re scared of your girlfriend?” he teased.

Sergio offered him a look, something which made the keeper shake his head. “For what it is worth, this isn’t the worst plan you could have come up with” he mused as he offered a slight wave towards the group of friends that Sergio had invited “Although, I don’t think I’ve ever played a round of golf in my life” he noted.

“Most of us haven’t” Sergio admitted “But it can’t be that hard. Swing club, hit ball” he enthused.

Iker smiled a little. “I’ll remind you of that when you lose and are pouting like a little boy” he grinned.

“That sounds like fighting talk, Casillas” Sergio noted as he moved to take something out of one of the golf bags which had been stood up beside the first tee.

“I am merely confident that I could beat you, Ramos” Iker replied, offering a nonchalant shrug.

Sergio scoffed. “You want to bet?” he posed.

“What do you want?” Iker shrugged.

“You’ll pay for drinks all night when you lose” the defender commented.

“It’s supposed to be my bachelor party” Iker argued.

“Don’t lose” Sergio grinned.

Iker rolled his eyes a little before he jutted his hand out, allowing Sergio to shake it. “Good luck” the defender smirked.

Iker shook his head and moved towards the first tee, collecting the golf club that Gerardo held out to him. If he did one thing that day, he wanted it to be beating Sergio.

“You must have cheated somehow” Sergio complained as he sipped on his drink, his dark eyes glaring at the goalkeeper who sat across from him, enjoying the drink that Sergio had bought for him. It had been a good day, even despite not knowing what they were doing, Iker had enjoyed the round of golf, even more so when he had beat Sergio who hadn’t stopped pouting.

“How can you cheat at golf?” Iker teased.

“I don’t know, but you must have done” Sergio insisted “There’s no way you’d have beaten me otherwise” he added.

“Maybe, he was just better, Sergio” Cristiano teased.

The defender grumbled to himself for a moment, something which made those around him laugh. “You pout more than my 7 month old son” Iker teased, kicking Sergio’s shin.

The defender poked his tongue out briefly before he lifted his bottle, signalling his want to make a toast. “I don’t want to say too much” he commented as he stood up, capturing the attention of their party “After all, I’d love to save some material for my best man’s speech, but I do want to say a few words before we get the next round of drinks in” he enthused.

“You mean, you get the next round of drinks in” Iker grinned, patting the defender’s shoulder jovially.

Sergio rolled his eyes. “For some reason, this idiot is the best friend I have” he noted “And for some other reason, he wants to find himself with the same girl for the rest of his life, but I have to admit, I admire him for it. What he and Viola have…it’s pretty amazing and I am more than happy that he found her, even more so because it gives me a reason to gloat” he grinned.

Iker shook his head. He doubted he would ever hear the end of the fact that Sergio and Pilar had set him up with Viola.

“On a serious note, I think I speak for us all when I say that I am very happy that he found someone who can make him happy, something that Viola undoubtedly does. You found yourself a keeper, Iker” he mused “And I wish you the best of luck with your marriage. To Iker and Viola” he grinned as he threw his bottle up, toasting the goalkeeper.

Iker smiled a little and pushed himself to his feet, pulling Sergio into a tight hug. “Gracias, hombre” he murmured softly.

Sergio patted his back a couple of times before he pulled away, offering him a warm smile. “I mean it, Iker” he noted “I am so happy for you and I hope it works out for the two of you” he grinned.

“Enough” Henry noted “Save the sentimental stuff for the big day. We’re supposed to be celebrating one of Iker’s last nights of freedom” he grinned, pressing another drink into his future brother-in-law’s hand.

Iker took it and toasted. “To one last night” he grinned, earning a rousing a cheer from those around him.
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