Don’t Let Me Let You Go

85: One More Night

“You’re sure that you want to spend our last night as an engaged couple at this dinner, aren’t you?” Iker posed as he fixed the tie that sat around his neck. It had been coming, since they’d arrived in Madrid, they’d been counting down the days that stood between them and their wedding day, but the notion that they were only a night’s sleep away from the big day unsettled the keeper slightly. He was excited, for a while, he had wanted to address Viola was his wife, but he was equally nervous. They’d spent months on planning the big day and he was worried that something could go wrong.

“How would you like to spend it?” Viola commented as she padded towards their bed, settling Arthur into his car seat.

“I was thinking, alone” Iker replied, trying to tuck his tie beneath the collar of his shirt.

“You’re not sleeping here tonight” Viola commented as she padded towards him, helping him to straighten his tie “And besides, my mama was insistent, as was yours. They want to celebrate this, Iker, and I am not going to be the one who tells them that they can’t” she noted, smoothing his collar. People were excited, they had been for a while, and Viola wanted to give them a chance to enjoy the build-up a little before the big day arrived, even if it did mean skipping out on a private night with her boyfriend, Viola wanted everyone to feel involved.

Iker sighed. “Do I really have to stay with Sergio?” he posed.

“You do” Viola noted “But look at it this way, one more night, and then you can call me your wife and I can call you my husband” she enthused, a small smile on her face.

Iker nodded. “I do like that idea” he mused softly “You’re going to be Mrs Casillas” he added, stepping towards her slightly so that he could rest his arms happily around her waist.

“I might not take your name” Viola teased softly “I might want to be Mrs Viola Garcia” she added.

Iker snorted. “You know you want my name” he insisted “But even if you didn’t, I would make sure that everyone knew that that was what you were. My Viola, my wife” he grinned.

Viola’s face lit up with a small smile as he spoke before she leant up on her toes, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “I can’t wait” she murmured softly.

Iker mumbled in agreement and moved to kiss her again, only for the sound of Gerardo clearing his throat to reach them, causing him to pull back.

“You might be about to marry my daughter, Casillas, but not under this roof” the older man noted, his eyes fixed on Iker’s hand which had moved to the back of Viola’s neck, messing with the zip of her dress.

“Lo siento, Senor Garcia” Iker spluttered, moving his hands away from his fiancée.

Viola rolled her eyes. “Did you want something, papa?” she posed as she moved towards the bed, cooing at Arthur who grinned up at her widely.

“We’re ready to go” Gerardo noted “Your madre sent me up to collect the three of you” he added.

Viola nodded and moved to lift Arthur’s seat, only for Iker to take it out of her hand. “We’re ready too” the keeper noted softly.

“Great” Gerardo grinned “We should go” he enthused before he padded out of the room.

Iker watched after him for a moment before he leant down, pressing a kiss against Viola’s lips, making the blonde smile.

She doubted that she would ever find herself tired of the way he kissed her.

“I cannot quite believe that this time tomorrow, you’re going to have a wife” Unai teased as he nudged his brother’s side, pulling Iker’s attention from Viola who sat across the table, fussing over their son. It had been a quiet evening, with Viola’s parents and his having gone halves on renting out a restaurant for their party, the mood had been humming and calm, and Iker was pleased. As soon as they’d left Viola’s parents’ home he’d reached the conclusion that he merely wanted to get that night out of the way.

Iker nodded. “I know” he mused.

“Have you got cold feet yet?” Sergio teased.

“No” Iker replied “In fact, I am not nervous about the idea of marrying her. I am worried that something might fuck the day up, but I know I want to marry her. I have done for a while now” he enthused.

“Really?” Sergio noted.

Iker nodded. “I knew I loved her early on, but the day she showed up in Porto with her bags packed…that was the moment I knew I wanted to marry her. She gave up everything she had for me and that wasn’t something she did lightly” he explained gently. He knew that they were only trying to make sure, a lot of people seemed genuinely concerned by the idea that he could leave her at the altar, but he wanted to make it abundantly clear that it wasn’t even a thought that had crossed his mind. He knew what he wanted and he knew that he wanted it with Viola.

“She does love you” Henry contributed “More so than I think she’s loved anything or anyone before” he added.

“No doubt” Amelia grinned.

Iker smiled. “I’d like to hope so” he enthused “If not, I am going to look awfully stupid tomorrow” he added, his voice a little nervous.

“No chance” Lucas mused, patting the keeper’s back gently “Viola’s been dreaming of this moment for too long. She was always the one of us that talked about getting married, for the rest of us it just happened, but she’s been waiting for this moment since she was a little girl that used to play dress up” he enthused.

Iker nodded.

“You have nothing to be worried about, Iker” Amelia mused, her eyes glancing at her sister who was engaged in conversation with Iker’s mother and father “You’re the one” she added.

Iker grinned a little at the sentiment, something which made Amelia coo, fussing over just how sweet he was.

“You’re sure that you want to marry into this family?” Henry joked “You could still run” he added.

Iker shook his head. “I’m sure” he insisted “You guys could be worse” he added with a grin.

“Who could be worse?” Viola peeped as she padded towards them, settling on the edge of Iker’s seat whilst he set an arm around her waist.

“I was merely making sure that Iker here knew what he was marrying into” Henry commented.

“And offering him the chance to run” Amelia peeped.

Viola lifted her eyebrow a little. “You’re telling my fiancé to leave me at the altar, Henry?” she posed.

Henry blinked. “No” he insisted “I would never do that, Lala” he added.

Iker chuckled and moved to press a kiss to the spot just below Viola’s ear. “I’d never do it” he insisted softly.

Viola nodded. “I know” she mused as she turned her head, meeting the stare of his dark eyes.

Iker studied her expression before he leant forwards pressing a kiss to her lips which earnt a few cheers and hoots from those who were sat around them, something which made Viola giggle. “Imagine how they’re going to be tomorrow” she mumbled, contently resting into Iker’s side.

Iker grinned at the prospect. He was already counting down the seconds.

“Are you sure that you and Arthur are going to be alright tonight?” Iker posed as he rested his head against Viola’s, enjoying the last few moments that they’d share before they arrived at the church the following day.

“We can cope without you, Iker” Viola teased “Besides, my madre has offered to keep an eye on him overnight so that if he does wake up, I don’t necessarily have to handle him. Her, Emma and Aurelia are keen to help out” she insisted.

Iker nodded slightly.

“Are you going to be Ok?” Viola posed, peeking over his shoulder at Sergio who waited patiently behind them.

Iker quirked a little smile. “I’ll be fine” he noted “I just don’t love the notion of spending a night apart when there is really no need. I kind of like cuddling up to my girlfriend” he enthused.

“Well, tomorrow night, you’ll be able to cuddle with your wife” Viola pointed out.

Iker nodded. “I do like the sound of that” he mused “Though, I would be hoping for something more than hug tomorrow night, Lala” he teased.

Viola’s cheeks warmed a little.

“Iker, I’d love to get home at some time soon” Sergio commented.

Iker rolled his eyes a little, something which made Viola smiled. “He’s right” she noted “You should go. I don’t want you looking tired tomorrow” she fussed.

Iker nodded his head. “I should” he agreed “I guess I will see you tomorrow, Viola” he mused.

Viola smiled and nodded. “I hope so” she noted.

Iker offered her a warm smile before he placed a hand against her cheek, drawing her into a gentle kiss which was more than happy to return.

Sergio, who stood behind them, rolled his eyes and stepped forwards, gripping the keeper’s sleeve and pulling him away. “You’re going to be apart for a night” he complained, herding Iker towards the taxi he had waiting.

Viola watched the two men walk away before she smiled to herself.

She doubted that the next day could come quick enough for her.
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