Don’t Let Me Let You Go

87: Keep Your Eyes On Me

Fiddling with the sides of her dress, Viola smiled a little, her blue eyes tentatively admiring her reflection in the mirror which stood ahead of her. It had taken a little while, between the hairdresser and the stylist that Pilar had insisted on hiring, Viola had spent an hour sat in a chair, having people tug and pull at her hair, but she was pleased with the results, something she had been worried that she wouldn’t be. She was pleased with just how nice she looked.

“Are you going to give anyone else a look at you or am I going to have to knock down this door?”

Viola smiled a little at the sound of her sister’s voice and padded towards the bathroom door, carefully undoing the latch before she pulled it open, offering Amelia a small smile. “So, do you think I will do?” she posed, chewing on her lip slightly.

Amelia eyed her sister up and down before she shook her head, a small awed sound falling out of her mouth.

“I am going to need words, Lia” Viola mused gently, a nervous smile on her face “You’re the first person to see me and I need to know whether or not…”

“You look spectacular” Amelia interjected, a warm grin on her face.

Viola smiled softly and ducked her head, a small blush playing on her cheeks.

“This is the dress you chose out?” Amelia fussed “It looks so different now, so much better” she insisted.

“Gracias” Viola mumbled.

Amelia offered her younger sister a warm smile before she offered her a hand, moving to lead her down the stairs. “You know, he’s not going to be able to keep his hands off of you” Amelia grinned as she helped Viola lift her dress, making the walk down the stairs slightly easier.

Viola shook her head. “That’s not the point” she noted.

“No, but it’s a nice bonus” Amelia quipped “You look amazing, Viola” she enthused as they reached the foot of the stairs.

“I do?” Viola squeaked, her voice a little unsure.

“You do” Elena’s voice contributed, causing Viola to whip around slightly, her blue eyes landing on her mother who dabbed her eyes.

“You’re crying already?” the blonde squeaked.

“She’s been crying all morning” Emma mused as she stepped into the hall, Arthur balanced on her hip.

Elena shook her head. “I just can’t quite believe that my baby is finally getting married” she noted, wiping her eyes.

“I would appreciate it if we didn’t use the word ‘finally’, it makes it sound like I’m old” Viola noted.

Elena scoffed. “You know what I mean. You’re the last one, Lala” she insisted, brushing a few stray strands of blonde hair out of her daughter’s face.

Viola smiled at her mother for a moment before Gerardo stepped into the hall way, his eyes widening a little at the sight of his youngest. “Wow” he squeaked, pulling Viola’s attention away from her mother who was cooing at her gently.

“You approve, Papa?” Amelia teased, nudging the older man’s side.

Gerardo glanced at his oldest daughter for a moment before he flicked his stare towards Viola, a warm doting smile on his face. “You look beautiful, Viola” he mused softly “Just like I imagined you would when this day came” he added.

Viola blushed at her father’s compliment.

“Before we make the bride cry, do you think we could get a picture?” Pilar posed.

Viola smiled and nodded her head, carefully taking Arthur out of Emma’s arms. “Smile, Lala” Pilar noted.

Viola shook her head softly before she smiled for the camera, not sure that she would stop smiling for the rest of the day.

“You’re certain about this, aren’t you?” Carmen fussed as she fixed Iker’s tie, her expression soft and concerned. She wanted him to go through with it, Viola was by far the best person for him and Carmen adored her, but she wanted Iker to be certain. Dating Viola was one thing, but marrying her was something else entirely and she didn’t want him to go through with it simply because it would have made the blonde happy. She wanted her son to get married because it was what he wanted.

“I’m certain” Iker replied “Mama, I love her and this is what I want” he explained.

“I know” Carmen noted “I just want to make sure. This is a huge thing, Iker, and I don’t want you regretting it. Neither Viola nor Arthur deserve you changing your mind in a few months” she insisted.

“I won’t” Iker mused “Mama, this is it for me, I know it” he enthused.

Carmen smiled a little at his words and nodded, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “I’m proud of you” she mused.

“You are?” Iker posed.

“Of course I am” the older woman noted “You’ve given me a lovely little grandson and a daughter-in-law I love. I’m proud of the way you and Viola are” she insisted.

“I am a little proud of it to” Iker teased, adjusting the flower which had been pinned to his jacket.

Carmen offered him another warm smile before Sergio appeared, something which caught Iker’s attention. “We need to go?” the keeper posed.

“We do” Sergio smiled “You’re ready?” he posed.

Iker took a little breath in before he nodded, a grin on his face. “More than ready” he mused brightly.

“We’ll see you in there, Lala” Elena smiled as she pressed a kiss against her daughter’s cheek “Congratulations” she added, squeezing Viola’s hand gently.

“Gracias, mama” the blonde noted softly before she flicked her attention to Arthur, smiling gently at the baby. “You’ll be good for your mama and papa, won’t you?” she mused, kissing his chubby cheek gently. Arthur squirmed a little before Elena shifted him against her hip, causing him to pout slightly.

“He’ll be fine” Elena insisted “Don’t worry about him, worry about not tripping over” she teased gently before she stepped away, leaving her daughter with Gerardo who watched her, a few tears in his eyes. He knew that it was coming, from the second that he had met Iker, he had been left in little doubt that the goalkeeper would be the man who Viola ended up, but the idea that the day was finally here had made him slightly emotional. A part of him missed the little girl that he had used to play hide and seek with or who ran up the path to greet him when he got home from work.

“Papa?” Viola noted.

“You look spectacular, Lala” Gerardo enthused softly “And that man in there, he’s a lucky guy because he gets to be with the most amazing woman. I’m so proud of the way you’ve flourished into such a wonderful woman” he noted.

Viola offered him a slightly bashful look before she stepped towards him, kissing his cheek gently. “Gracias, papa” she mused.

Gerardo grinned at her and wiped his eyes before he took her arm. “You ready?” he posed.

“More than ready” Viola nodded.

“Then we should probably get you inside. I think there’s a guy in there who’s itching to see his beautiful bride” he teased before he led her towards the door. Viola followed his steps, her hand gripping at his arm and the bouquet of flowers she clutched tightly.

“Nervous?” Gerardo posed as they stepped into the foyer, his eyes watching as her hands shook as little.

“Maybe” she conceded.

“You have no reason to be” Gerardo quipped “If you look just through here, you’ll calm down” he mused, shifting her slightly to peek through the door, her blue eyes glancing at Iker who stood at the front of the room, laughing nervously with Sergio. Viola watched him for a moment before she turned back to her father, nodding at him.

Gerardo offered her one more smile before he pushed the door open, leading the blonde up the aisle.

Viola held onto him, her eyes scanning the crowd nervously before they settled on Iker who grinned at her, his eyes wandering up and down her body.

“Iker” Gerardo noted “I am trusting you with my little girl. You will take care of her now, won’t you?” he posed.

“Certainly” Iker agreed “I will do my best for her, Gerardo” he smiled.

The older man shook his hand firmly before he pressed a kiss to his daughter’s cheek, wishing her good luck before he ducked back into his seat, allowing Iker to stand ahead of her. “You’re shaking” he noted softly.

“I’m not one for crowds” Viola whispered.

Iker smiled at her gently before he offered her his hand, something she took gratefully. “Don’t look at them” he mused as he led her forwards “You keep your eyes on me and we’ll be alright” he enthused.

Viola nodded her head and followed along with him, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth.
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