Don’t Let Me Let You Go

89: You Have No Idea

“Do you have any idea how much longer we’re expected to sit here?” Iker mumbled softly as he ducked his head, kissing the bare skin of Viola’s shoulder. It had been a long night, after dinner and the speeches, Iker’s attention had swiftly switched to the moment that he and Viola left and he was slightly irked that it hadn’t happened yet. As far as he was concerned, with the formalities and traditions of the day out of the way, there was nothing stopping them from making their way towards the room that he had rented for the night.

“A little while yet” Viola mused, her fingers messing with his hair softly as he rested his head on her shoulder “We’ve still got a cake to cut” she added.

“We could do that now” Iker protested tiredly “It would only take a couple of minutes and then we could leave” he insisted softly.

“We could, but my parents are still enjoying themselves over there and I don’t have it in me to interrupt. I don’t think I have seen them this happy in a while” Viola noted with a look towards her mother and father who were slowly dancing around the dancefloor, swaying to the soft acoustic music that she and Iker had picked.

Iker huffed a little. “I kind of want you alone, Lala” he murmured “It’s been hours since you showed up at the church and I don’t think we’ve had longer than those 5 minutes alone together we got in the hall earlier” he complained.

“We’ll get out soon” Viola insisted “But until then, do you think you could start smiling again? You’ve got awfully pouty all of a sudden” she teased, poking the side of his face playfully.

Iker offered her a mildly unimpressed look, poking his tongue out slightly before Viola kissed his cheek, making him laugh a little. “There’s that smile” she teased softly.

“You’re lucky” Iker mused, kissing her shoulder “I’m having a good day” he added.

“Hm?” Viola played along “And what makes this day so good?” she teased.

Iker smiled at her gently and kissed her shoulder once more before he shuffled out of his seat, offering his hand out to her. “Do you think you could spare me another dance before we cut the cake?” he posed gently. It wasn’t the first one, after Sergio had finally concluded his speech, Viola and Iker had shared their first dance, but they had had more than one since then, something which made Viola smile. She doubted that she and Iker would ever dance together again and wanted to enjoy it whilst it lasted.

Offering him a smile, she placed her hand in his and allowed him to lead her towards the dancefloor. “You know, you’re not the most terrible dancer” she teased, her arms wrapped happily around his neck.

“You’ve danced with me before” Iker countered “At Henry and Emma’s wedding” he added.

Viola nodded. “I know” she mused “But you weren’t exactly sober then and it wasn’t as flawless as you remember it” she noted.

Iker scoffed. “I did a wonderful job” he protested.

“Not entirely wonderful, but not awful either” Viola shrugged.

Iker offered her a slight pout, something which made her giggle. “You’re adorable” she teased.

Iker rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes” Viola teased, offering him another impish grin “You married me” she added.

Iker nodded, laughing a little. “I did” he agreed.

“Are you sure that you don’t mind taking him?” Viola fussed as she stood in the lobby of the hotel, her hand brushing through Arthur’s hair as he rested sleepily on his grandmother’s shoulder. It had been a long day for the little boy, but Viola doubted that she could have been prouder of him. He had been remarkably well behaved and Viola was pleased, amazed that he had only cried a couple of times during the day.

Carmen, who was softly rubbing the 8 month old’s back, smiled. “My son would never forgive me if I left Arthur with you two tonight” she teased.

“He’d get over it” Viola noted “If you really don’t want to take him, you can leave him with us” she insisted softly.

“It’ll be fine” Carmen smiled “Your parents insist he sleeps through now and you and Iker deserve the night alone. We’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning for breakfast with your family?” she posed.

“My madre would kill me if I didn’t offer her the chance to wish us a happy honeymoon” Viola noted with a small playful eye roll.

Carmen smiled. “Congratulations, Viola” she mused “I’m very happy to welcome you to my family” she enthused.

“I’m glad to be a part of it, Carmen” Viola insisted gently “You’ve raised a thoughtful and caring son and I am a lucky girl that he chose me” she added.

“He’s a lucky man too” Carmen complimented gently before she moved away towards her husband.

Viola watched them go before she felt an arm wrap around her waist, causing her to startle slightly.

“You’re OK” Iker’s voice murmured gently “Was that my madre?” he posed, kissing the back of her neck gently.

“Hm” Viola hummed “She and your papa took Arthur for the night” she mused.

Iker smiled against her skin. “So, we’re alone?” he posed.

“We’re still in a hotel lobby” Viola pointed out “But in essence, we’re alone” she agreed.

Iker shook his head a little as he pulled back from her, offering her his hand. “We should get upstairs” he noted gently as he laced their fingers together.

“You’ve been waiting to say that all night” Viola teased.

Iker shook his head. “You have no idea” he noted.

Pushing the door of their hotel room open, Iker grinned to himself, pleased to have more than 5 minutes alone with his new wife. It had been a long time coming, after hours of smiling for pictures and conversing with relatives, he was pleased to have her to himself, even if they did only have a night before they were due to spend more time with their families, he intended to take full advantage of it.

“Are we just going to stand here?” Viola commented.

Iker rolled his eyes. “You’re so impatient” he commented as he placed the key card back into his pocket.

“I’ve been in heels for hours, I need to get them off of my feet” Viola noted.

Iker shook his head and stepped towards her, lifting her up with ease.

“What are you doing?” Viola posed.

“Carrying my bride over the threshold” Iker replied “I’d do it to our home, but we’re not going to be back in Portugal for another few weeks, so this will have to do” he mused before he carefully stepped inside, making his way towards the bedroom where he sat her down on the end of the bed.

Viola rested back against the plush mattress for a second before she stretched her legs out, kicking the heels off of her feet.

Iker watched her, his dark eyes studying each and every slight movement intently before he stepped forwards, his hand gently resting beneath her chin, preventing her from removing any more of the hairclips she had been pulling out of her blonde hair.

“Iker?” Viola posed.

Iker stared at her for a moment long before he leant down, pressing his lips to hers in an intense kiss, the most intense one they’d shared all day.

He had been waiting for it, the moment he got her to himself, and he had little intention of letting it slip by.
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