‹ Prequel: In the End


Chapter 11

Andy and I continued taking a walk closely, we had just now left for a run and went on strolling back home momentarily. The forests surrounding us were quiet and the sunlight gleamed cheerfully through the trees. I glance over at him and he clutches my hand before I lay my head on his shoulder with his forearm around me.

All of a sudden, the climate breaks and rain begins to cascade onto the soil so we immediately made an effort to track down some kind of refuge from the rain. We come across an old log house and we snuggle up tight for warmth until we're able to carry on the walk back home.

Then, a powerful piercing bang goes off. I shriek as Andy pulls me behind him, as he does when he thinks that something is going to happen to me. We both see two people- clad top to toe in black, they had piercings and marks and tattoos.

One had maroonish red hair and one had dirty blond hair. One had a skull tattooed on one part of his neck and snakebites and the opposite had a nose and three lip piercings. I suddenly realize that these people look familiar, and I then gasp. It's Blaze's people, the people who fired the pipebombs at me and Andy back in Japan. I stiffened in terror.

Before Andy could let out a simple word, another shot is heard and it hits Andy in the heart. I scream as he falls down to the floor, lifeless and I drop down to my knees beside his dead body before glancing up at the men.

"Please," I wail. "Please. You've shot my husband, please don't shoot me."

"Oh, we're not gonna shoot you, bitch," The red head taunted. "We're gonna give that up to Matt, he's the one who demands to kill you."

Matt? There wasn't enough that I could figure out as I'm pulled by my hair into their silver SUV and at knifepoint and we ride off.

"Faith! Wake up!"

My eyes open as I felt hands holding onto my arms in a secure way and I look at Andy, he has himself leaned over me with his black hair tangled up in an untidy but delightful way because of sleep and my eyes find his crystal blue orbs.

"Light," I reply quietly as I struggle to maintain the sobs as he exhales and cups my face with his palm.

This thought not utterly had me frightened at the idea of losing Andy but also the fact that Matt might be working with Blaze and his people to go after and kill me and my relationship. That's what had me dumbfounded, why would Matt want me to suffer? Was it because I failed to give him a child in the past or is it because of something new?

But then, there's also Andy sacrificing himself to protect me from Blaze's people and getting shot down. The thought alone caused the cries that I have been struggling so hard to maintain, to fall down my face.

Andy notices and he then shifts onto his side so he can pull me gently into his chest. I rest my head onto the dragon tattoo and I start sobbing hysterically as Andy's hand slides down my back and his fingers rub circles into my skin.

"Shh, sweetheart. It's okay," Andy murmurs into my hair as he slightly rocks me back and forth to comfort me. "You're okay, baby. I got you. Shh."

I cling onto Andy like he's going to leave at any moment and Andy isn't phased by it, he holds me closer and presses kisses onto my temple before he starts to nuzzle into my neck.

"It's not okay because I saw you getting killed," I sob and Andy's frozen in shock, I feel his whole body tense up for a minute or two before he lifts my chin up with his thumb and our eyes meet again. "You died trying to save me from Blaze's men, they shot you."

Andy takes my hands and he lays my fingers on his chest, I feel his chest rising and falling with each of his breaths and his strong heartbeat slowly under my palm.

"Do you feel that?" Andy asks and I nod my head slowly. He lifts my hands up from his chest, he kisses each of my fingers gently as his thumbs rub over the back of my hands. "As long as this heart is still beating and there's breath in my chest, you know there's nothing on this planet that can take you away from me or the love that I feel for you. We've been through so much already and not even something like you dreamt about will break us apart, it hasn't before and it won't now."

I couldn't keep the smile off my face, so I did even with a sniffle that makes Andy chuckle as he rests his forehead on mine. He moves slightly to press a soft kiss onto the bridge of my nose.

"I love you, Light." I say as I drape my arm around Andy's neck. "Thank you for reminding me to not worry so much. Things have happened to us in the past that have caused me to have these dreams but they only made us stronger even when they tried to tear us up. I'm glad that I get to love you for the rest of my days, Moonlight. Because I don't think there's anyone who could understand me more than you."

"I love you too, my Faith." Andy's arm rests around my waist and he gives me a tender kiss on my lips. We pull apart and Andy kisses away the last of my tears and I giggle at him. I then rest my head on his collarbone while he nuzzles into me once more, he sings in a soft voice and kisses my exposed skin to make me feel better and relax against him as he does and I fall back asleep again in his arms.

I wake up the next morning and I notice that Andy's not in bed, I slowly get up and stretch before taking the walk downstairs. As I do, I smell something sweet- something that smells like red velvet.

"Andy?" I say as I walk into the kitchen to see my wonderful shirtless man making me a breakfast of red velvet pancakes and I take in the view of his pale tattooed but nicely muscled frame. I then notice that there's a tray next to the griddle with a rose, he's going to make me breakfast in bed. My heart melts and I grip onto the entryway so I don't fall on my face. I then walk quietly up to him and I put my arms around his waist.

"Moonlight?" I whisper in his ear.

He jumps at the sound of my voice because he didn't expect me to be out of bed and I just laugh at his reaction. He turns around after he puts the pancakes on the plate and gestures for me. I wrap my arms around his neck and his hands settle on my waist and his hand rubs my back. He gives me a soft kiss and when we pull apart, he cups my cheek with his hand.

"Hi, my love. Good morning," I feel Andy's breath on the skin of my neck and I shiver, making him grin. "I didn't expect you to be awake, Faith. So, I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed. But, now that you're awake.."

I giggle quietly and peck his lips with mine. "You're so sweet, Light. I appreciate that you always go out of your way to surprise me, but sometimes it's the thought that counts."

"Of course. Anything for my Faith," Andy kisses me again and then he leads me into our living room so we can cuddle while we eat after I call Blayde down for breakfast.

After breakfast, I have a couple music videos that I have to do today, I'm doing a music video for our song 'Oh My God' and I'm also filming a video that will be Andy's Valentine's Day present, since we both will be on tour and won't be able to celebrate Valentine's Day together, which sucks but we have to do what we do. The special video will be an acoustic cover of 'Taciturn' by Stone Sour.

The concept of the video for 'Taciturn' is set during a time when Andy and I are moving into our new home and as we're packing the last of our things, I come across an old black shoebox that has a bunch of photos of Andy and I- of us holding hands or Andy holding me in his arms with my head on his shoulder, us kissing, and there's even a picture that I took of our hands together after we got our hands tattooed, and his letters that he'd give me while he's on tour. He'd always sent me a bouquet of roses and a letter when he'd be away on tour.

I then find a film and I hook it up to the projector and it has clips of Andy and I, I grab my guitar and I start playing the song. It's simple but it's the romantic gesture that counts and I know Andy's going to love it and that's all that really matters to me and as a special treat- I included a video message to Andy, wishing him a Happy Valentine's Day.

After the video shoot, I drive home feeling rather happy with the way the video turned out and as I pull into the garage, I notice some white rose petals on the floor leading inside with a few candles. I gasp softly as I take in the romantic gestures from Andy, I get out of the car and lock it before closing the garage and I walk inside our house. The candles are lit in almost every place imaginable, there are roses and rose petals as well. I continue walking from the garage to upstairs where I change into a pair of black leather shorts and a dark grey halter top and I brush through my hair, I let it lay down my shoulders.

I then walk into the living room and I see my Light, who's dressed up in a black button down shirt, jeans and boots. His hair is slicked back and I can see the slightest touch of black eyeliner on his face. He looks absolutely amazing. It's moments like this that make me realize that I'm a lucky girl to have this wonderful man as my husband.

"Moonlight? What's with all this?" I ask as I walk up to him. He smiles and he puts an arm around my waist and brings me close, I can hear his heart beating and I smell the scent of his cologne as I rest my head onto his heart.

"Well, since you and I will both be on the road for this Valentine's Day," Andy says. "I figured that I'd make tonight our own special Valentine's Day, Faith."

My heart melts at the kindness of his gesture, I slide an arm around his neck and I pull him in for a kiss. He grins as he kisses me with the same amount of passion. When we pull apart, he rests his forehead on mine and he cups my cheek as I bite my lip at him. He gives me a cute side smile and presses his lips to my forehead.

"But, I don't have anything to give to you since this is our 'Valentine's Day', Light." I frown at him and avoid his eyes. I then hear his laughter a few moments later, he takes his thumb and forefinger and lifts my chin up so my eyes meet his crystal blue eyes.

"That kind of stuff doesn't matter to me," Andy murmurs as his hands move to take mine. "All that matters is you're here right now and our love and we're not apart from each other for the time being. As long as we're happy and our bond is unbreakable, that's all that should matter. Not when we spoil the shit out of each other, even though it is nice every once in a while. I don't care about a gift, being in love with you and being the one who you chose to spend your life with is the best gift I could ever have been given in my entire life."

That's when I melt completely and I have to rely on Andy to hold onto me so I don't fall onto the ground, he does catch me with a laugh. He keeps me steady by wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I swear. I'm going to end up dying from your beautiful words one day, Moonlight." I say, as I take my hand and let it rest in his hair. He chuckles as he rests his chin on the top of my head.

"It's not my fault that you're perfect for me in almost every single way, my love," Andy whispers into my hair. "You're the only woman on this planet who deserves to hear every single one of my romantic notions because you're the only woman who exists on this planet, in my case. You have such a beautiful heart and a wonderful soul, you practically went through hell to still be able to survive here in this life. Your strength is remarkable because you and I have had danger thrown at us, but we're still here because of how strong our love is and how I continue to fight for you, to keep you safe and not let a single soul do any harm to you. I will always love you in every way possible and I will always fight for you. And no one is ever going to take that away from me. Not in a million years."

A tear falls down my face and I didn't realize that I'd been crying until Andy wiped it away with his thumb. I then wrap my arms completely around his neck and I kiss him, softly and deeply. His hand moves to cup my cheek as I kiss him and our kiss is full of passion and a hint of romance. It's nice and sweet.

Andy's kisses are, alone, a moment of time that I never ever want to leave from. They're just so perfect in their own special way. Our kiss ends after a few minutes.

"I love you," I whisper. Andy moves to peck my lips softly. "Seriously. I feel like I'm the luckiest woman alive because I have such a wonderful man like you in my life."

"I love you too, Lacey. I love you so much, words aren't even enough to describe how much." Andy murmurs. I smile and he kisses my temple before leading me down into our kitchen where he has made my favorite meal made for dinner. I'm smiling at his romantic gesture before I move to kiss him on the cheek for being so sweet. We eat together and we talk, I love when ever we can talk about things. It makes our special bond that much stronger.

Andy then surprised me with a movie night after our meal and we spent the night watching movies on our Netflix and cuddling against each other. During our movie night, I end up falling asleep in Andy's arms and close to his skin.

Then, the recurring nightmare hits me where I keep losing Andy or something kills Andy and I'm stuck on this earth without him. Last time, it was a gun shot. Now, it was a car accident, but it was so vivid that I couldn't remember the details, all I could remember was seeing Andy dead in a ditch from the car accident caused by Blaze's assailants and I'm on my knees, hysterically crying at the scene around me.

"Love, wake up."

I hear Andy's deep voice whisper sweetly into my ear and I open my eyes at him. The moonlight coming through the windows being the only way I can see Andy's face. I start to panic a little and try to shrug his touch off me, his grip tightens a bit on my shoulders. "Shh, everything's okay. You're okay, baby. You were about to have another bad dream."

"I'm sorry," I say. "I'm so scared that one day, I'm going to end up losing you in the worst way possible. That alone scares me to an extent beyond my own imagination."

"Lacey," Andy murmurs as he presses a few soft kisses onto the side of my neck. "I've told you before, you're not going to lose me. If something bad happens to me, it's because I did it to save your life and keep you safe and protected. Until then, nothing is going to take me away from you. You know that better than anyone."

"B-But, what if it does?" A tear falls down my cheek as I shift to look at him, I drape my arm around his neck. "What if some day down the road, you end up dead because you tried to save my life? Andy, I wouldn't even exist without you. My life wouldn't even mean anything without your love, guidance, you being my rock and support- I can't imagine that without having you by my side."

"Shhh, Faith," Andy whispers as he holds me closer to his chest and he rocks me back and forth. "Sweetheart, nothing's going to happen to me and you aren't going to lose me either. You and I have had hell thrown in our way, day in and day out, yet- here we are through out all the chaos because we believed in each other, we also knew that we could fight through this together and that our bond was never going to break away. And it didn't. Faith, I'm never going to leave your side. I'll be damned if I ever leave you behind on this planet."

Andy moves up to press a soft kiss onto my forehead and he rubs his nose against mine before he moved to press a kiss on the bridge of my nose and then our lips meet in a comforting kiss. He wants me to breathe and understand that nothing will take him away from me. It hasn't before and it won't now.

"Blaze has thrown every element of danger at you and I," Andy says after we break away. "But that didn't stop me from creating a life with you, honey. I have scars on my skin because I sacrifice myself so I'd rather get hurt then having to watch it happen to you. Your nightmares haven't come true because I saved you every time you said that something was bound to happen to you or danger would end up crossing your path. I never did give up on you because I wanted you to have a normal life and a life without having to hide or being afraid of the world around you, love. So, trust me when I say this. I'm never going to disappear on you, not now- not ever. Because when it does happen, it will be when our souls and our destiny departs from this world together. And it's a promise that we both made when we first got married and it will never change. Okay?"

"Okay," I nod my head and Andy holds me closer into his chest as his hand slowly rubs up and down my back.

"Now. Try to go back to sleep, honey." Andy tells me as he kisses my temple and I rest against him and listened to his strong heartbeat. "I'll be here in case you wake up again. Like I always have and I always will."

All I hear is him humming softly in my ear and I close my eyes and fall asleep again in his arms with him squeezing me gently.

The next morning, I get up early so I can go to High Voltage and meet Kat for my first session for a new tattoo that I'm getting- I'm getting a half sleeve tattoo of a forest at night with a full moon and stars, a crow perched on one of the tree branches that has a blue eye (the blue eyed crow being Andy) with two quotes, those quotes being: "She was devoted to the moon, in it's darkness- she found comfort, in it's light- she found hope." and "She held the moon the way she held her own heart, as if it was the only light that could guide her through the darkest nights." It's all going on my right arm, the same arm where I have Andy's nickname in his handwriting on my right hand and his name with the crimson rose on my forearm.

The first session, which was mainly the outline of the tattoo- took at least three to four hours, my phone started to ring and I wasn't able to answer it because I was sitting in Kat's chair, I then heard Kat's phone go off and I heard Andy asking about where I was and it seemed like he was worried but Kat told him that I was out and about, doing errands and then had popped into High Voltage to see her and talk.

After taking a break and going shopping and grabbing lunch, I was able to sit back down with Kat and she finished up the tattoo by adding in all the color. It was close to 6:00 by the time Kat was done. She cleaned up the area and wrapped up the tattoo and gave me some stuff to protect it from infection.

"He's going to love seeing it after it's all healed, babe," Kat says with a smile.

"I think he will," I say as I smile back at her.

"Let me know when you show him," Kat tells me before she hugs me and sends me on my way back home.

I drove home and as soon as I pulled up to the house, the sight before me caused me to freeze. There were multiple fire crews at our home, and they were fast at work trying to put out the flames that were rising from inside. I put my hand over my mouth and tears fell down my face. I then look and I see Andy and Blayde, sitting in the back of the ambulance and I see a cat carrier beside them- Andy must have ran inside and got Crow, Phantom and Willow out.

I park the car, as I step out- I literally pay no attention to the cops that try to stop me as I try to get to where Andy and Blayde are.

"Hold on, Miss. We can't let you through until we have seen some ID." One of the officers says to me. I pause and I reach into my jeans pocket and I pull out my license and hand it to him.

"My name's Lacey Blackburn-Biersack, this is my house that's on fire. That's my husband Andrew Biersack and my daughter Blayde Marie Biersack." I explain as clearly as I can through the tears that are falling down my cheeks. The officer nods as he looks at my license and then he has me come through.

Andy sees me and his face perks up in relief as I run to him and he opens his arms to catch me, he holds onto me tightly as I cry into his skin. He runs a hand through the strands of my hair and his other hand rubs my back.

"I'm so glad you're safe and you're not hurt, baby," Andy murmurs into my hair. "I seriously thought that something bad happened to you or you were dead. Please, please don't scare me like this again, Faith. Because I seriously felt like I was going to have to face this life without you in it and I can't live without you."

"I'm sorry, Moonlight." I sob into his shoulder and sniffle. Andy leans down and presses his forehead to mine as he closes his eyes- breathing me in. I then hear him cough softly because he might have inhaled some smoke while running inside and getting Blayde out and the cats. "I was at High Voltage, getting tattooed by Kat. I had no idea that this was happening."

"I tried calling you, honey," Andy says as he lifts my chin up and wiped away my tears with his thumb. "You didn't answer your phone and I got scared because I didn't know if you were hurt or not. I then tried to get a hold of Kat and she told me that you were out and about."

"I'm sorry, I should've answered my phone sooner," I tell him. "I would have been here in an instant."

"Don't be," Andy whispers as he leans to press a kiss onto my forehead and his arms become a corset around me- hanging onto me as tightly as he can and never letting me go. "You're here now and you were out of harm's way. That's enough for me."

"But, our house is ruined," I say. "What are we going to do? We lost everything!"

"Not everything is gone, sweetheart," Andy tells me as his hands cup my face. "I was able to spare as much as I could. It's all in our car."

He then takes my hand and he leads us over to his Dodge Challenger and I see boxes lined up against the backseat of the car and he opens the trunk, I see more boxes inside as well. I take a breath in relief this time because he made sure to get everything and I lean to kiss him on the cheek, thanking him for being so brave. For the first time since this situation happened, Andy smiles brightly- and that smile is enough hope to show that we'll find a way to get through this.

"I guess we can go to the lake house until we're able to fix the damages inside our house," I suggest and Andy nods.

"Ms. Blackburn?" I turn my head and I see one of the police officers walking over to me carrying a black box in his hand. "I believe this is yours, it was the only thing that wasn't damaged by the fire."

"Thank you," I say as I take the box and I open it and inside are all of the letters, poems that Andy had sent me when he was on tour, pictures of us or even he'd draw my picture sometimes, leave little notes on the bed when he'd leave. The same box that I'd used in the music video I made for his Valentine's Day gift.

"I remember all of these," Andy says as he runs his fingertips across all of the letters, poems, pictures of us and the drawings he drew of me and the notes. He then took one of the drawings out- it was a picture of me, laying on my side- fast asleep and he had written 'My beautiful Faith' on it. He lowers his voice to a murmur so only I can hear him. "I remember drawing this the night that we made love the first time. You and I, you gave yourself to me in every way- the same way as I gave myself to you. I remember how hesitant you were that night, but I showed you that you could trust me and you did. You opened yourself up to me and I treated every flaw that you have as a part of who you are. When you were on your side, asleep- I drew this because you looked so beautiful, so perfect and so peaceful that I had to cherish it in some way. I still do today."

I smile as I melt on the inside and I blush at his words. His hand cups my cheek and his thumb runs across my jawline.

"I kept all of these because I wanted to cherish every part of our love, Light," I begin as I look into his warm ice blue eyes. "Every note, letter, poem, drawing- anything that you sent me that made my heart flutter and melt, I kept it here because it gives me proof that this love will always be real. When I'd have nights where I'd have nightmares, I'd have this box out and laying on your pillow so when I'd wake up in the middle of the night, I'd read one of your letters and it would make me feel better."

"You have no idea how happy it makes me knowing that you have all of these, Faith," Andy says as he puts the drawing back in the box and closes it up. He sets it in the trunk with all of the boxes and he gives me a small but soft kiss. "In fact, it makes me love you more than I can ever imagine."

"I love you too," I say. "Thank you for making love real for me. I will always be grateful to you for that."

After the fire crews were able to extinguish the fire inside our home, they left. I then had to speak to the police about what happened, and they made a decision to call this an attempted arson. Which caused me to have shivers run down my spine because I now had an idea that somebody did this to our home. Andy stands beside me, he lays his arm around my shoulder, he rubs my shoulder with his fingers in comfort. What shocked me was that the officer I talked to told me that the neighbors spotted two men covered in black and they wore masks, they lit up Molotov cocktails and threw them inside the house. Blaze's men were here and we had no idea.

The cops left after they wrapped their investigation and Andy and I got into our cars and headed for the lake house and when we arrived at the lake house, we took the boxes out and unpacked them inside, and we stayed in my parents' room, which we will redecorate and make into a makeshift bedroom for us. I let the cats out of their carrier and they stretched their legs, I took Blayde to bed because she had fallen asleep on the ride over. I then walk over to the window and I take a breath and I made a silent promise that Blaze's men never find this place or cause harm here because this is all I have.

A pair of arms wrap around me and a chest rests against my back. I then feel a pair of lips drag across my shoulder and up the side of my neck and a nuzzle against my cheek. Andy. I turn around and I wrap my arms around his neck, his hands laying against my waist.

"I'm dying to know what's going on in that mind of yours," Andy murmurs as he presses a kiss onto my head.

"Just hoping and praying that Blaze's thugs aren't going to find this place," I say. "I mean, they found our home and they almost burnt it down to the ground. I'm so scared to even sleep tonight because all I'll be thinking about is the fire."

"We're going to be perfectly okay, honey," Andy tells me. "We're safe here, we're off the map. Blaze's assholes have to really be smart to find us. And even if somehow they find us, I'll always be here to protect you."

I nod my head and Andy presses a soft kiss to my lips before leading me to our bedroom so we can sleep for the night, I then walk to the closet and put on a red tanktop and a pair of comfortable black shorts. As I remove my makeup and brush my hair, is when Andy notices the tattoo on my arm. He pulls me by my waist and sits me down on the bed with him.

"Is that the tattoo you had done by Kat?" Andy asks. I slowly shake my head and he's almost in awe by it- the forest at night, the crow perched on the tree branch with the blue eye and he softly reads the quotes to himself. "The quotes are about me, aren't they?"

"Yes," I murmur. "How I find comfort in your darkness, hope within your light. How I hold onto you like I hold onto my own heart, you're the only light that guides me through the darkest nights."

A cute and boyish smirk comes across his lips as he lightly drags his fingertips across the tattoo. He traces the colorful design and I take comfort in his touch, my muscles relaxing of all their tension.

"It's beautiful, baby," Andy murmurs. "Seriously. I love it so much."

"Good, because I love you just as much." I whisper and he kisses me again for a moment and I sink into him. After a while, we both get into bed and Andy holds me in a special way so that way in case I have a nightmare, he's right there to wake me up and comfort me. He sings in my ear and my eyes close, sleep taking over. I hope that justice is served for Blaze's men, even if it's by the police or by Andy- I hope it arrives soon for them. Sooner than later.