Status: drabble

I Gave You All


They were a mess of limbs; slender arms wrapped around long torsos, legs intertwined with one another, not sure where one ended and another began. He breathed in slowly, feet melting into the floor, deeper and deeper. He felt her body shift, a sudden rush of air passing over his bones as she moved away, inch by inch by inch. His eyes were closed and he squeezed them, willing her to come back, wishing that their limbs were stuck in sinking sand below them.

But she backed away, rigid arms slipping from hunched torsos, legs separating from each other. He felt a hand run along the back of his neck, fingers passing over his chest, and then he felt empty. He couldn’t feel the blood running through his veins, couldn’t feel the organ beating in his chest.

He stood and watched as she left, taking with her all of himself, as he felt the life draining from his body.
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I focused on the "gave you all" part of the song, clearly. Yay for half decent descriptions though?