A collection of Skits

The Gift
A skit by: Angela Peterson
Scene: A man with wrapped box stands in front of a church calling out to people passing by.
Jesus (or God or a preacher): Sir! (He calls to a man walking leisurely past the church the man is dressed in a business suit)
Man in suit: What?
Jesus: I have something for you. Will you come and receive it?
Man in suit: No, no, I’m much too busy for your silly gifts and gimmicks! (Man rushes away angry)
Jesus: (sadly) Father, forgive Him. He doesn’t understand.
Some minutes later a tired looking woman rushes past with a child on her hip
Jesus: Mrs.!
Woman: Oh! (Startled) I’m sorry did we disturb you? We’ll just be on our way! So sorry! (She rushes past shushing the child without even glancing back at him or hearing what he has to say.
Jesus: Father, you know she’s got her hands full with that little one and all her household tasks. Just be patient with her.
A bit later a teenager comes by kicking rocks and grumbling about his parents.
Jesus: Young man, (he calls)
Teen: Yeah? (Defensively) What?
Jesus: I have a gift for you. (Holding out box)
Teen: Yeah, right. You don’t even know me why would you give me a gift?
Jesus: Because I love you.
Teen: Uh… Yeah I’m going to go now. (Walks away quickly)
Jesus: Well… Father… He is young. (Said sadly)
A couple walk by with a young child.
Jesus: Hello!
They turn toward him and before the couple can blink the child runs to Jesus.
Child: Hello, what’s in the box? (Asked with a hopeful voice hoping up and down with curiosity.)
Jesus: It’s a gift. (Said while bending down to child’s level.) Would you like to have it?
Child: (reaching for the gift) I sure would!
Just then his parents reach him and jerk him away walking quickly away grumbling about strangers and lecturing the child on stranger danger.
Jesus: (sighing) Father, they just don’t know me here. (He sits down and waits)
Finally a slightly older woman walks up to the church singing softly a worship song.
Jesus: (smiling at her) Sister?
Woman: Yes?
Jesus: I have a gift for you.
Woman: Oh! Thank you. You shouldn’t have! (She humbly accepts the gift and opens it, looks in and smiles hugely) Oh my! Why would you give me such a precious gift?
She turns to speak with him.
Jesus: (smiling at her) because I love you my child.
The woman hugs him and thanks him again.

The Warning
A Skit by: Angela Peterson
This could be an include the audience skit where we have them walk the path and make the right choses...
Scene: A long path (that splits often?) (It can possibly wind thru the aisles or go up on stage and back down…) At the end of (one of) the path(s) is a huge fire (we can use lights and construction paper to make it) with screams of agony and agents of the devil pulling anyone close enough into it. The other end of the path if we do more than one path will either be heaven or just Jesus and angels or we can just have it implied that anyone who got off the path to destruction (Hell’s fire) was on the path to heaven..? There will be a person or two every so far on the path and in the case of it being two one will dress in dark colors the other in light as one will be trying to talk the person walking the path into go on the path of destruction the other trying to get them off it and onto the path to heaven. In cases of just one it could be every other one in dark then light or just light trying to get the path-walker to do the right thing.
Agent of darkness at first stop on path: Tries to get path-walker to drink with him/her
Angel at same stop: Tries to convince path-walker not to
Path walker picks and the angel or demon ushers them onto the next part of the path (or if there is only one path angel walks ones who listen to him/her off stage assumingly into heaven.
1st Drunkenness
2nd lying
3rd disobedience
4th bullying
5th stealing
6th Ignoring injustice
7th Suicide

The Judgment
A Skit By: Angela Lea Peterson
Scene 1 (For dark dressed): Dark alley a large darkly dressed figure lurks deep in the shadows, you see a knife flash, and then a well-dressed person walks by the alley.
Dark dressed person- Hey you! (Stepping into well-dressed person’s way and blocking their escape)
Well-dressed person: (with wavering voice) What do you want?
Dark dressed person: Give me your money.
Well-dressed person: Here take it, it’s all I’ve got. (Handing over a small hand full of cash)
Dark dressed person: (Angry) You have more I know it! (Threatening with knife)
Well-dressed person: (Really scared now) N… No… honest I don’t. That’s it…
Dark dressed person stabs well-dressed person and well-dressed person falls to the ground just as police sirens round the corner dark dressed person gets arrested and goes to jail.
Scene 2 (For dark dressed): A prison with several other inmates in other cells. A prison ministry team comes in with bibles and songbooks preaching repentance.
Prison preacher: (to prisoner who was dark dressed man) Sir, do you remember me?
Prisoner: Yes. You were at my trial. (Shrugging)
Prison preacher: The man you killed was my brother.
Prisoner: Oh, great, what do you want to get revenge or something?
Prison preacher: No, no. I wanted to tell you I forgive you.
Prisoner: (Shocked) What do you mean you forgive me?!
Prison Preacher: Well, you see my brother was a preacher before me. He was the one who introduced me to the saving power of Jesus Christ. He wouldn’t want me to lose my soul over his death. Jesus would want me to forgive you.
Prisoner: But… I never asked you to.
Prison preacher: I know… Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?
Prisoner: No, not much. I’ve heard you all talking about this Jesus and forgiveness and stuff but it’s not for me… I’ve done too much.
Prison preacher: No one is beyond God’s saving grace. Would you like me to explain? Explain why we come to the prisons, how God’s saving grace works, and how Jesus is involved?
Prisoner: (confused) Yes… If you think your God could care about one such as me.
Prison Preacher: God loves you very much.
Prisoner: (humbly) Then please tell me about him. What must I do to be…Saved?
Prison Preacher explains God sending His Son to die for our sins and how you must accept Him as your Lord and Savior and ask Him to forgive your sins then he prays with the prisoner.
Prisoner: Thank you! Oh! Thank You! (Sobbing)
Prison Preacher smiles and shakes his hand thru the bars before leaving.
A few days later the prisoner dies in prison accident.
Scene 1 (For Church-goer): A small chapel full of people with a preacher at the front calling all to repent. You see the people in the pews some get up and kneel at the alter some keep their seats including church-goer. Preacher finishes his sermon and the people start to file out. Some stop to talk to the preacher on the way out.
Church-goer: Great sermon Pastor… As usual.
Pastor: Thank you. You’re always so kind.
Church-goer: Here, (hands the Pastor some cash) take this Pastor. I felt lead to give you a gift.
Pastor: No, no you don’t need to do that. You’ve been coming to my church for the past five years and you give regularly to the church and other charities, you help the poor and homeless, you are the kindest person I know, and added to that you constantly give me gifts… You are a saint.
Church-goer: No, no it’s nothing.
They leave and Church-goer has a heart-attack and dies.
First Common Scene: A line of people in white robes with varying degrees of dark splotches some almost black some just a few flecks of black on them Prisoner in the line in a solid white robe Church-goer in an almost completely white robe just a few specks here and there. There is a judge’s podium and God is in the judge’s chair with a light on him so you cannot see his face just a glowing presence in gold. To one side is a pearly gate to the other a dark pit with flames coming up an angel sits beside God and an angel and a demon stand in front of the line one on each side. A man in white is ushered into the pearly gate then a woman dragged screaming and begging telling of all her good deeds dragged into the pits of hell.
Angel beside God: (Looking thru the golden book in front of him) Sorry it’s not here. (shaking head and looking to God)
God: Depart from me I know you not.
Church-goer: NO! No! No, I’ve been Your faithful servant for many years! (as the demon is dragging him/her away)
Prisoner in white robe: (steps trembling to the front of the line) Oh! No, no, no, I’m not ready…
Angel beside God: Here it is… Right here My Lord. (pointing to a name in the book)
Prisoner: Please, I’m so sorry!
God: Enter in my good and faithful servant
Prisoner: (stunned) You mean..?
Angel to side of line: Follow me. (Ushering him to the pearly gate)
Prisoner: But… I’ve done so much wrong in my life… How…?
Jesus: (on other side of gate) Because you accepted me.