A collection of Skits

The Gift

The Gift
A skit by: Angela Peterson
Scene: A man with wrapped box stands in front of a church calling out to people passing by.
Jesus (or God or a preacher): Sir! (He calls to a man walking leisurely past the church the man is dressed in a business suit)
Man in suit: What?
Jesus: I have something for you. Will you come and receive it?
Man in suit: No, no, I’m much too busy for your silly gifts and gimmicks! (Man rushes away angry)
Jesus: (sadly) Father, forgive Him. He doesn’t understand.
Some minutes later a tired looking woman rushes past with a child on her hip
Jesus: Mrs.!
Woman: Oh! (Startled) I’m sorry did we disturb you? We’ll just be on our way! So sorry! (She rushes past shushing the child without even glancing back at him or hearing what he has to say.
Jesus: Father, you know she’s got her hands full with that little one and all her household tasks. Just be patient with her.
A bit later a teenager comes by kicking rocks and grumbling about his parents.
Jesus: Young man, (he calls)
Teen: Yeah? (Defensively) What?
Jesus: I have a gift for you. (Holding out box)
Teen: Yeah, right. You don’t even know me why would you give me a gift?
Jesus: Because I love you.
Teen: Uh… Yeah I’m going to go now. (Walks away quickly)
Jesus: Well… Father… He is young. (Said sadly)
A couple walk by with a young child.
Jesus: Hello!
They turn toward him and before the couple can blink the child runs to Jesus.
Child: Hello, what’s in the box? (Asked with a hopeful voice hoping up and down with curiosity.)
Jesus: It’s a gift. (Said while bending down to child’s level.) Would you like to have it?
Child: (reaching for the gift) I sure would!
Just then his parents reach him and jerk him away walking quickly away grumbling about strangers and lecturing the child on stranger danger.
Jesus: (sighing) Father, they just don’t know me here. (He sits down and waits)
Finally a slightly older woman walks up to the church singing softly a worship song.
Jesus: (smiling at her) Sister?
Woman: Yes?
Jesus: I have a gift for you.
Woman: Oh! Thank you. You shouldn’t have! (She humbly accepts the gift and opens it, looks in and smiles hugely) Oh my! Why would you give me such a precious gift?
She turns to speak with him.
Jesus: (smiling at her) because I love you my child.
The woman hugs him and thanks him
( end)