Status: One-shot.

Fool's Holiday

Wrap me up like a present and put me away
And when it gets cold I'll be yours
Let the bells ring on a fool's holiday.

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Kellin Quinn and Alex Gaskarth have a dramatic past, a relationship that started and ended within the confines of their shared college campus. Alex left Baltimore for the adventure of the west coast, but when he decides to come back to his hometown in the weeks leading up to the holidays, he and Kellin find themselves thrust together once again. Both conflicted, Kellin hurt and Alex guilty, neither are sure how to react to each other. All Kellin knows is that Alex still turns his world upside down, and all Alex knows is that he'd do anything, give his whole life's worth of hours, to fix what he broke in the first place.

I've always lived too selfishly...
  1. nobody's perfect, babe
    but i never tried to be