To Become a Knight

An (almost) Epilogue

The moment Kylo stepped foot onto the sands of Jakku, he felt a tug, as though someone had torn his heart from his chest. For the briefest moment, he felt her… Eon. Then, as quickly as it came, the feeling was gone. He sensed someone new. Another woman, whose force powers were just beginning to awaken.

Kylo bit his lip, and told himself he would save this one. No matter the cost, no matter the trials and the hardships, he was determined to find this new force user, and he would save her. But first, he had to deal with an old friend.

Lor San Tekka knew he was coming; something about the air of the village told Kylo as much. And with luck, Kylo would get the piece of the map that led to Luke Skywalker before the Resistance even had a chance. How else could he redeem himself in the eyes of the Supreme Leader, how else could he forgive himself for what he had done?

He sensed her every moment from then on. He sensed her as he tortured the Resistance Pilot, as the stormtrooper helped that pilot escape, and as he sought her out on Tokodana. Every movement, every step, he sensed the girl who would somehow save him, redeem him for what he had done.

Now as he approached her, every footfall bringing her closer to him, he sensed the same sensation, the same tug. Their eyes met, clouded by his mask, and he saw her. And for the briefest of moments, Eon was there with him again, bright eyes alight with love and laughter. The second lasted an eternity, and then, she was gone. Rey stared at him, frightened as she looked at what she perceived to be a monster, but it didn’t matter.

He would save her.