Status: Ongoing

Blue Age

Superheroes were real. But they're gone now, and our world has been destroyed in an apocalyptic war they fought to save us. In the far future, a young scavenger named Blue discovers a troubling message that may lead him to the whereabouts of the last surviving superhero. He must travel across the ruined world with a knight haunted by a dark past, and a cocky, devil-may-care cowboy.

Along their journey, Blue begins to develop conflicting feelings for his two protectors...
  1. Chapter One: Starlight
    A young scavenger named Blue meets a cocky, mischievous cowboy, and encounters a cosmic phenomenon that may change the course of his life.
  2. Chapter Two: Risk of Rain
    Blue and Ellis spend a night in the frontier city of Exeria, where they encounter Duken, an honorable if somewhat suspicious knight.
  3. Chapter Three: Born Unto Trouble
  4. Chapter Four: Just Like You Imagined