What Was to Come

The Unsupervised Weekend Visit

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I jumped out of bed, and went to the bathroom. After I was done I came out, grabbed my phone, and started to call my best friend Ashley. On the second ring she answered. "Hey Girly, what's up?" Ashley said. "Not much, just bored as ever" I said. "Hey Charlotte, Do you wanna hang out today?" I was about to say yes, but then realized I had to go to my parent's house for the unsupervised weekend visit. I went from high to low in a matter of seconds. "I got to go, I'm sorry". Bu-----. I hung up so quickly. I could not believe I forgot! I was so furious. But before I could react impulsively, Karen called up the stairs. "Charlotte, come downstairs with all your things please, They are here to get you". I quickly grabbed my phone, charger, and bag. I walked as slowly as I possibly could. I wanted to take all of this in so I could get through the weekend, that I was for sure was going to feel like an eternity. I was now at the bottom of the stairs and I could feel their eyes burning holes through my face. I looked up and the first thing I could see was my dad's evil smile. The next thing I knew I was pulled into a horrible memory..... A flash back.