What Was to Come


DADDY NO!!!!! PLEASE DON"T HURT ME!!!!! He took off his belt, and wrapped the bottom of it around his hand. I looked up at daddy with big fearful eyes, and his face pulled up into a big evil grin. I knew exactly what was going to happen. I closed my eyes and waited for the blows of the belt. Every sing lick of the belt left more and more welts. Blood was trailing down my back from the open wounds. I wanted to scream out in pain, but I knew that if I did it would only be worse for me. I was trying to hold back the tears and screams so I bit my tongue. In my head I was screaming "Daddy what did I do wrong?" I couldn't help but wonder what I did wrong, I did everything he ever asked me to do, but I guess it would never be enough.
*****END OF FLASHBACK*******