‹ Prequel: BlackHeart.
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My feet rested on the small brown coffee table in front of me, the television played the soft sound of the recent news as I sipped on the Luke warm coffee I held in my hands. My eyes occasionally leaving the television to glance at the guards walking outside of my room, they never got to close but were never far enough away from me.

A few weeks ago I had woke up in this god forsaken room that they made me call home, it wasn't my fucken home; not like I knew where my real home was. I've come to the conclusion that I had some kinda of memory loss, well they did and I got used to it.

They also came to the conclusion that I was classified as highly dangerous, I wasn't allowed near the other cell mates nor was I allowed to be handled by any of the guards who weren't experience with me.

Easy to say that a few tried and those few left with either a few broken bones or dead, most of them left dead; really dead. My eyes went back to the television and I took another sip of my coffee, they were talking about some crimes that were happening and about a very annoying Merc of the mouth named Deadpool.

My tongue glided over my lips as I felt something twist inside of my mind, as if it was trying to break loss from the cell it was locked in. Pulling my legs from the table and leaning forward I stared at the screen, eyes narrowed as I stared at the image of him.

"Ayy" There was a clank against my cell door causing me to flinch away from the screen and stare at the newest guard, a smirk playing at my lips. He was young, a blonde haired boy with blue eyes and a stank attitude, as if he didn't owe anyone anything.

Pulling myself up I slowly walked towards the door, my hips swaying in the loose sweat pants I had. My black shirt clung to my body moving with every step I made, my brown hair in small curls that bounced as I walked.

"You're the new kid?" My fingers slowly wrapped around the cool metal bars, leaning my face forward to where my head rested on them.

"Yeah, you're not so dangerous." He scoffed as he stood with his gun at his side, my smirk never faltered as I stared at him with my blue eyes.

"Why don't you come a little closer"

I watched as he hesitated and then took in a deep breathe, slowly putting one foot out and then putting the other one out. His fingers gripped his gun so tight that his knuckles were turning white, blinking slowly I watched him take another step just in arms reach.

My body twisted to where my arm was through the bars gripping the edge of his shirt, the look of pure horror on his face made me smile as I pulled him closer. His face smacked between the bars as his gun hit the ground, his fingers wrapped around the bars trying to push himself away but it was no use.

"You're a cocky little bitch," my finger grazed over his short cut soft blonde hair, then slowly over his cheek feeling the warm touch if his skin. I could see the tears in his eye ducts as he watched my every movement.

"Jesus Christ!" My eyes moved from him over to the guard making his way over to us, then back to the young boy in front of me.

"A lucky little bitch." My fingers slowly ungripped his shirt as I took a step back, the older guard known as Mike gripped his shoulder and yanked him back. His eyes glared at me after he took a look over the new guard, tilting my head to the side I smiled.

"Come on Mike, I wasn't going to hurt him...That bad." Moving to sit on my bed I crossed my legs and looked at the both of them, The new guy looked terrified and ready to piss his pants and Mike looked annoyed. "He knew the rules."

I got no response from Mike, a small shake of his head as he gripped the fallen gun and shoved it towards the young guard. Not long after he scolded him and had him leave so he could take over.

"You're the only inmate that can't have contact and I don't even fully know why, your whole file is classified." Mike fixed his gun to rest over his shoulder as he glared at me. "I don't care how dangerous you are, just please stop killing my new recruites."

"Tsk, I only kill them because they break the rules. I mean it's fun and all, but really Mike, they are all young horny, cocky fools." My arms rested behind my head as I had leaned back, my response didn't get one back as Mike sighed in defeat and turned his back to me.
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