‹ Prequel: BlackHeart.
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The duffle bag that I was holding hit the wooden floor with a loud thud, echoing around the small studio apartment that was given to me. It was plain, the kitchen was on the right, connected to a door which was the bathroom, to the left was a bed and a small television.

It was simple.

Taking a few more steps into the studio, the floor beneath my boots creaked causing me to stop, this was good because I would know if someone broke through the font door. My body swayed back and forth for a moment listening to the creek of the floor boards, then I moved towards the two windows in front of me.

It gave me a small view of the streets below, I could see who entered the building and who left, along with the apartment complex across the street. It was there that my target was living, Deadpool or more formally known as Wade Wilson, the merchant of the mouth.

My fingers rubbed my temple slightly as the name peirced my mind, it was again that it felt like a memory was trying to escape from a locked cage.

Pushing the thought back, I quickly got started. Placing the blinds and curtains on the windows to give me some cover, setting up the telescope that was given to me so that I could spy when I needed, not like I really needed it. I was able to hear everything going on around me, even things going on a few miles away.

Gripping the sniper gun I placed it to face their apartment bedroom window, I was told that he spent most of his time in the bedroom either reading, jerking off or doing something ridiculous. Once everything was in the proper place and set up, I took a quick shower.

My body felt cool as I stood in the Luke warm water, if there was one thing I enjoyed in life it was showers, they were relaxing and you were laying in your own dirty bath water. My mind traveled back to the cell, I had been in there for a while with no knowledge of what happened to me. How I became what I was and why did I feel so lonely? Why did I feel I was missing something? Why did it feel so good to kill people?

Wrapping the towel around my body I stepped out of the bathroom, allowing water to drip as I walked towards the window. Looking at the window I concentrated on the bedroom to see if j could hear anything.

"I can't find her."

"Keep looking, I need to find her, I need her back in my life."

"I'll keep looking man, if I find any trace of her or Ajax I'll let you know."

The sound of a button being pressed ending the call rang through my ears and my eyes narrowed, why were they both looking for Ajax and what female was this that they were looking for as well? Sitting in the chair I placed next to the window, I folded my arms and stared at his bedroom window.

Curiosity was pulling at me hard.

I wanted to know who she was and why she was so important, I guess i'll have to ask him face to face then, after I cut off his limbs.
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