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Dear Love


Dear Love,

Do you remember when we first met? It was the middle of the suffocating hot summer, you were in that bright orange sundress, your hair was put up but you kept fiddling with it and you looked absolutely miserable. I remember because I thought the expression on your face looked so out of place compared to the rest of you.

A carnival is such a cliché place to meet someone, it’s like we were in some god dammed romance novel. Except we didn’t fall in love at the top of the Ferris Wheel, we ran into each other and you threw up all over my shoes. I didn’t blame you, really. The guys that took you on the Tilt-a-Whirl four times and thought it’d be funny to let you loose on the sea of carnival goers can take the fall for that. You just shrugged, lazily wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and walked away.

You left me standing there, confused and intrigued. Maybe a little bit in love with the idea of you. You were always so damn interesting.