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Dear Love


Dear Love,

I’d never been a fan of parties, the loud music and the stale smell of beer that everyone wore as a perfume made me feel sick, but for some reason that night I decided to go. It’s all part of the experience, right? You always told me I never let myself experience life as much as I should.

That night was the first time I really got a good look at you, the way your eyes were always searching around, only stopping when they landed on something particularly interesting. The way that your hair was always pushed over one shoulder, but it would always move and tumble down your back. How you would always put your hand on someone’s shoulder and lean in close when you talked to them, like you were telling some kind of secret.

You walked up to me, with your hips swaying and your drink sloshing over in your hand, eyes searching until they met with mine, pausing just long enough for me to feel like you were looking right through me. You put your hand on my shoulder, leaned in, and told me the only secret I’d ever need to know.