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Dear Love


Dear Love,

You didn’t remember me the first time you saw me on the street. You were wearing a baggy shirt promoting a band you didn’t care about and shorts that looked like you had cut them yourself. You had your headphones in and you were mouthing all the words to the song, the lyrics coming out in blunted whispers, and you walked straight into me. We kept meeting like that, in unintentional and accidental ways.

It’s strange to think that was the first time I really felt your body against mine.

You looked down at my hands on your shoulders, keeping you from falling, and up at me and smiled. “Sorry!” you yelled, clearly not aware of how loud your voice was, and strolled away, swaying your hips and moving your body in time with the song only you could hear.

I watched you go, silently cursing myself for not making more of an effort. You always made me second guess myself.