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Dear Love


Dear Love,

I’m not sure if I could pinpoint the exact moment you started to change – when your smile no longer reached your eyes or when your laughs felt tight and forced. It was a slow progression, I think, a slow-growing rain cloud blocking out your own personal sun. But I didn’t notice the slowness of it all; I only noticed how quickly everything descended into chaos.

It didn’t fully register that something was wrong until you refused to leave your bed. No matter how many times I banged on your door, you wouldn’t let me in. I was so selfish, feeling hurt by something that didn’t even concern me, and left you alone for two days. When I finally saw you again, you acted like everything was right with the world. But something was different – something in you had changed and I knew things would never go back to how they were.

I couldn’t escape the regret I felt every time I looked at you.