The Great Sea Quellin and Other One Chapter Average Stories

Disappointment in the Breeze

The time it took for me to get home from one apartment to the next was only less than ten minutes. However, at the moment, the walk was really a task that I did not want to do. The presence of these three women were so comforting. I really wished that I had been able to live with them at the moment so I didn't have to walk.

But, I really like to sleep in my own bed, so I needed to walk. I stepped out of the building, the alarm blared into my ears, and I yelled "Fuck!" into the air. A man across the street looked at me and kept walking and smoking in the opposite direction I needed to go. I was wary. There was a wet wind. The recent rain doused the winter.

I walked to the corner like a good pedestrian, and the streetlights rang through my ears. Their buzz blew the sense away from my mind. The only other sounds were sirens in the distance. But this was a familiar buzz, I walk this path alone at night quite often, to say, and each time, the buzz terrifies me deep down.

Crossing the street, a car pulled up to the buzzing red light, and stopped short. A woman whipped out a cellphone and began touching it as the light turned green again, and I needed her to move so that I could walk behind her.

On this other side of the street now, the wind became stronger. My hair flew across my face. No matter how many times I brushed it away, I couldn't see. Eight months ago this wouldn't have been a problem, but at least now my ears aren't cold. I passed the blue light on the corner. I was hoping that the strange white man was not going to follow me tonight like he had so many other women. I averted my eyes from every pair of headlights.

I stepped up a hill. With each step the gale became even stronger. I knew I would be able to fight as I know I can. My heart was in terror through the familiar walk. Every tree swayed along. Petals danced to the ground. A lonesome girl was sitting on a picnic bench in the middle of a field. I called out to her, "Are you okay?" but she made no movement. I walked away towards where I needed to go. I was grateful that the buzzing had ended. My eyes were puffing up. I usually do not notice when that happens.

At my building, I head a familiar beep, and the door unlocked for me, and I was comforted.