The Great Sea Quellin and Other One Chapter Average Stories

Unfamiliar Fresh Ornery

At one minute, I was here. Within the next minute, I could feel myself bathed in a tremendous content.
My blessings had been counted on this path in the woods. The sun broke down over my body and I found the details of gravel and the green veins of life surrounding me.

My world felt slow as my senses were overloaded in peace.
The entire universe of alive beings were by my side, flowing through me, and taking me forward with them.

The sun's softness was elating me ever further in the moment, and telling me that "it was okay." The triangles were a choice of the design element, and my beliefs were connected with the truth in the light.

As the light faded into the dullness of the ordinary, coursing through my blood was the remaining comfort. Positively, the world regained its blur and separation.

I needed to sit down and weep.