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Just a Dream!

Jason has always dreamed of having his dreams come true. Not a wish like, "I wish I had more money," or "I wish I was sick so I won't go to school..." no, Jason wanted the dreams he had each night to come to life.

He always thought of his dreams, making them up as he went during the day when he would remember what his dreams were about.

He even Role played his dreams with his older brother, who loved him dearly, and was always by his side.

And one day, Jason got his wish. An old lady came out of nowhere, and gave him a bag of magic cookies, "Use them wisely for if you make a mistake, your life will be full of disaster."

Jason promised this, but what happens when a wish goes wrong...what will Jason do?

Any exclusive warnings?

Just make sure you're prepared for the story. I'm not giving out any spoilers. xD

Author's Note:
This was a story I had put up some years ago, and never got around to finishing. I took it down, because I saw a lot of errors that needed to be fixed. I also noticed, that I needed to keep up with the content of the story, instead of going off track. So, if anyone has any comments, questions or concerns about this story, please say so in the comments.
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    Just A Thought