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Just a Dream!

Chapter 3

“I'm telling you mom, he was being picked on, I gave that boy a good knockin',” boasted Rickie, who was talking to mom rather loudly for the whole house to hear in the kitchen.

I was upstairs, blasting music on my I-pod, while doing Math homework. I didn't want to hear what Rickie was talking about. When we were riding back home this afternoon, I was still shocked of what Rickie did to Bryan.

I replayed what I saw in my head, and then looked up, when Rickie walked in smiling.

He pulled the plugs out of my ears, and asked, “Are you alright bro? That boy didn't hurt you did he?”

Mentally I thought glumly, before giving my older brother a small shrug of my shoulders, “No, he didn't hurt me, I'm fine, thanks.”

He then sat down on the bed, as our eyes made contact, “I don't need glasses to see that you are lying.”

I looked at my school work, and sighed softly, “Yes, I am.”

“Then tell me the truth,” he said, giving me a serious look.

“He didn't hurt me physically, just...mentally,” I said, staring down at my homework.

Rickie nodded, and said, “Well, whatever he said, don't take it seriously, alright? If he ever tries to hurt you again, let me know, understood?”

I nodded, and said, as I smiled at my older bro, “Yea, sure, thanks Rick.”


The rest of evening was spent with Rain in my room; we both were playing with dolls and dragons.

“Oh no, the dragons coming to get me,” I said in a girly voice, to act out the doll, who was dressed as a princess.

“Never fear princess, I Pierre will save you!” said Rain, pretending to give a boy doll a sword and chase the dragon away.

After our little play was over, we both laughed at our stupidity, but it was fun.

“If only this was real,” I said, smiling at Rain who was trying to breathe from laughing.

“What do you mean?” he asked, giving me a curious stare.

“I mean, like what we just did, think it would be cool to do it and see it in action, like for real?” I asked, getting up to put the dolls and dragons away.

Rain shrugged, keeping an eye on me, as he said, “I don’t know, I think that would be weird, the way you’re thinking.”

I chuckled, before smirking back at him, “You think everything I do or say is weird.”

“Well, it’s true. You are a very weird young lad.”

I laughed then, and sat down on the bed, “Yea. Just how weird do you think I am? On a scale of 1-20.”

Not sure how to answer this question, Rain just shrugged, and said as he sat down near me, “You’re just weird…I mean that in a good way.”

He ran his hand through his hair nervously, sighing lightly, until Rickie walked in with a tray of cookies, and said, “Chocolate chip cookies are on the house boys!”

Rain got up quickly, and ran over to grab a few cookies off the tray, while I sat still, thinking about the question I asked Rain. If only...

Rickie then handed me a few cookies, I took them thankfully, and stuffed them in my mouth. Then Rain checked the time on his watch, and said, “Oh man, I gotta go. My mom’s going to have a fit if I’m not back by another hour.”

“No problem, you go ahead then,” Rickie said, smiling at Rain who looked a little nervous.

And just as they both were about to walk out of the room, I said, “Wait!”

They both stared at me with raised eyebrows, “I…wouldn’t you want to stay for dinner, at least?”

They both glanced at each other, and then Rain said, “That’s a good idea. I’ll call my mom, be right back,” he left the room leaving me and Rickie alone.

He walked over, and took a seat next to me, “Everything going well in the attic, little bro?”

I looked up at him, noticing that he had a serious expression on his face. “I’m fine,” I lied, finishing another cookie, before he could say anything.

“Are you sure?” he asked, “You’ve been awfully quiet since I got up here.”

“Yea, I’m sure,” I said, before Rain walked in smiling.

Rickie asked, “What did she say?”

“She said that it was fine, I could even stay over for the night, since her and dad won’t be in until tomorrow evening,” he said, beaming with a bright smile on his face.

I gave a soft smile, knowing that this was going to be, yet again, another sleepover I wouldn’t want to miss.
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