Status: In which a mixed WoC stops whitewashing.

Between Here and There

November 16, 2011

Studying for the AP Psychology exam had commenced though the semester final was a ways away. Our desks were pushed together in groups for note-taking. "Why don't we each do a chapter, then make copies for everyone?" I suggested. "If we each do two, we'll spend less time writing and more time studying. And I already have these." My ring of word cards with every last vocabulary word landed on the table with a thud and everyone suddenly nodded in agreement with my idea.

It was in the midst of re-formatting my prior notes for Chapter 18: Social Psychology when my phone buzzed. One look at the screen made my heart leap a little.

Image New Message: Anthony
How goes the studying? They've set me up for
more training this week, but I'll answer any
questions you have asap. Rooting for you!
Image 7 notifications.
Image You have 17 unread notifications.

The level of notes to be done meant social media could wait until after class. Anthony was a slight exception though, because he was always travelling for the military. At first he was around often. But then he got a bunch of assignments in different states. Despite all that he was still making time for me, and so I swore to myself that I'd always make time for him. Our conversations ranged from short, meant for catching up, to hours long, exploring the deepest parts of ourselves with one another.

Image Add text
That's cool, but thank you ♡
Stay safe, yeah? And let me know you're here
as soon as you get back!

Image New Message: Anthony
Only if you dye your hair back to black
...Lani ;)

Image Add text
Watch it! I'm actually at school today >///<
And I told you that in confidence, Big Poppa

Image New Message: Anthony
I know, I know. But consider it at least.
You'll feel so much better, less weighted
(This comes from experience)

Image Add text
We'll see...
But put your phone away before you get
into trouble again x
♠ ♠ ♠
Thank you to each of you that have read this so far. The numbers are small, but I am beyond grateful. I'd like to take a lil moment to recommend a contest to you all, since the one this entry was for closed: In Honor of Quizilla - Cliché Contest. Happy writing! (Or reading, there's about 15 entrants.)