My Life Is a Cliché

My name is Morana. Just Morana. No last name. I’m the owner of a business that is growing faster than I can handle. I was simple looking with shoulder length dyed black hair and grey eyes. I stood at a whopping 5’3”. I’m 23 and, according to my publicist and best friend, Katie, it was too old to be single.

His name is Thaddeus Hatch. I won’t deny he’s handsome with short brown hair and bright green eyes. He’s part of a wealthy family, old money, and had an ego to match.

What bothered me wasn’t that Katie kept trying to hook me up with a rich bachelor. It wasn’t that my business was shooting forward fast. It wasn’t that I had no social life. What bothered me was my life had turned into a cliché all because I met Thaddeus Hatch.