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The Stories That Once Were!

I wish that some could only see what I have seen, during the days of Kings and Queens, Hunters and the Hunted, Good vs Evil. There was so much to do, so much to say, and yet, so much to remember. For history have not repeated itself, as of yet, and now, here we another world, where rulers have no say, peasants are no longer roaming the streets, and markets are no longer full of life. Nothing stands here, but piled up wood, ashes of the deceased, gold hidden from greedy eyes; and one person, who's seen it all.

What I am about to tell you, is of the utmost secretive. Stories that haven't been told until now, only have been lived once, and once alone. I will tell you The Stories That Once Was! So, come in, sit down on a comfy chair, grab a tankard of rum, if need be, for this will be a long while; before I'm finished; and you'll see all that have happened, before the world change for better or for worse.

Hello everyone!

Alright, so here's how it's going to go down. This is going to be a series of stories, written by me, that deals with medieval stuff. xD

Most of these will be One Shots.

Comment on what you think of them!

I hope you enjoy! ^^
  1. The Mission
    Logan has a mission: Will he succeed or Fail?
  2. An UnHappy Wedding
    A Princess is not happy she's marrying someone, who is evil to her.
  3. A Deal Is A Deal
    Randafer has a deal to keep...will he keep his word? (Very short)
  4. What was that?
    Curiosity Kills the Cat